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Walmart Hidden Clearance (Trick To Find Bargains)

walmart hidden clearance

Are you looking for an easy way to save money on your shopping?

Walmart is known for offering great prices and deals on the more than 10,000 items they sell. However, the store offers smart shoppers in the know a secret way to save even more money. While many people are unaware of it, each store offers a huge number of hidden clearance items. These items are usually deeply discounted for a limited period. 

So, let’s take an in-depth look at Walmart hidden clearance deals to find out more…

About Hidden Clearance

Each store features a special clearance aisle, which can usually be found in the middle of the store. The aisle boasts hundreds of items that come from most departments of the store. These items range from perishable food items to small electronics, bedding, and toys.

However, you have to be quick off the mark to score these items because every shopper knows about them. If you arrive at the wrong time, you are likely to find that the best deals have already been snapped up. Fortunately, there are hundreds of other reduced-price items that are not featured in this aisle.  

Marked Clearance

Rather than being moved to the special aisle, these items can be found scattered throughout the store. They feature bright yellow stickers to make them easy to spot. They are usually mixed in with the regular items and tend to be snapped up quite quickly.

These items are not moved to the special aisle because they are too large and heavy or need to be monitored. 

Unmarked Clearance

As the name suggests, these items are not marked with special stickers, which makes them more difficult to spot. Although these items have been reduced by the corporate office, their price tags have not been changed. Most shoppers only find out about the price reduction when they get to the checkout. However, people in the know can also use their Walmart app to scan for these deals

Using The App To Scan 

Using The App To Scan 

The unmarked deals will be revealed when you use your app to scan the shelves. To get started, you need to open your app on your smartphone. Select the barcode scanner and scan the tags on the store shelves.

When you use the app to scan certain items, you may find that they have been reduced. Discounted items can change quickly and vary from store to store. Therefore, managing to find one is like finding treasure. It is worth scanning the items you are planning to buy as well as products from your wish list. 

Walmart Hidden Clearance – How To Find Deals

If you are a savvy shopper, you will want to maximize your chances of getting a good deal. Although the company regularly offers great deals on their already low prices, these deals are not always announced. Here are some ways to know when you are likely to get the best deal on your favorite products.  

1 Pay attention to announcements

Pay attention to announcements

When deals are announced through the company’s social media, make sure you visit a store as soon as possible. These deals are only available for a limited period, and you don’t want to miss out. It is best to visit your nearest store on the same day that the deal is announced. 

2 Don’t forget to use the app

The app provides a quick and easy way to find items that are not visibly marked. Randomly scanning the shelves as you make your way through the store is a great way to get an extra bonus. You never know what bounty is just waiting to be found. 

The app also often treats you to lower prices than those displayed on the shelves. If you find a cheaper product while using the app, the deal has to be honored at checkout. Make sure you have the evidence in your app ready to present in case it is questioned. 

3 Visit the Walmart website 

The company’s website features a special section of reduced-price items that many people overlook. All you have to do is type clearance into the search bar to access this special section. You will then be able to find all the discounted items that the store is currently offering.

You can refine your search by typing the name of specific products in the sidebar. This section of the website also allows you to select the price range that matches your budget. To find deals valued at $10 or less, all you have to do is type clearance under $10 in the search bar. 

4 Look underneath tags

You might already think you’ve struck gold if you spot a bright yellow sticker on your favorite item. However, it is possible that an even better deal is lurking just underneath. Make sure you use your app to scan the shelf to see if the item is even cheaper than advertised. 

5 Price match at the checkout

The company is committed to providing shoppers with the lowest prices around. As a result, you will receive savings if the item is cheaper on the company’s website. Doing a quick search before heading to the checkout could save dollars off your shopping bill. 

6 Pay attention to price tags

Pay attention to price tags

Price tags come with a special code that indicates when further reductions are going to be made. If you spot a yellow sticker, check out the number on it. When the number of the price tag ends with a 0 or a 5, this means it has been reduced once.

If a lot of those products are sitting on the shelf, there is a good chance that they will be reduced again. Returning to the store in a day or two could net you even more impressive savings on that product. However, numbers on price tags that end in a 1 indicate that the product has been reduced for the last time. If the deal looks good, grab as many of those products as you can immediately. 

7 Take advantage of free delivery

Take advantage of free delivery

Both the company’s website and app allow you to purchase products from the comfort of your own home. Not only are there great savings to be made through the special section of the site, but you can also enjoy free delivery.

This deal is available to anyone who spends $35 or more when they checkout, even if they purchase discounted items. Your items will be delivered right to your door, saving you time and gas money. 

Check the shelves carefully…

Even though the stickers are bright yellow, they can be difficult to spot if you are not looking carefully. Reduced items are often placed at the ends of aisles, and it can be easy to walk past without noticing them. Having a keen eye and scanning shelves carefully is a great way to save money. 

Check social media

The company’s social media pages are great places to find information on the latest deals and discounts. While the company often posts information about deals, satisfied shoppers also do the same thing. If you spot the #walmartclearance hashtag, you can click on it to be redirected to information on the deal. 

However, you need to be quick off the mark because these deals tend to run out quickly. 

Share the knowledge

Most people love a great deal, and sharing information is a great way to bond with other smart shoppers. Many people post information on deals on their social media pages, and you should always return the favor. Certain websites are also dedicated to providing the latest information on deals and discounts.

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Walmart Hidden Clearance – Final Thoughts

Now you know the trick to finding bargains at Walmart; you will want to use it every time you shop. This is a great way to save money on the products that you buy regularly. Some people also purchase discounted items and resell them to make a tidy profit.

Timing can also make a difference when it comes to finding the best deals and discounts. You are likely to find the largest number of deals on the first five days of the year. If you have just picked up your paycheck, it is worth stocking up on these heavily discounted items.

Enjoy bargain shopping at Walmart!

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