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Walmart Interview Questions

walmart interview questions


Interview Template for Walmart

Congrats, you are shortlisted for an interview with Walmart. Interviews assist you to assess your skills required for a particular career opportunity of your choice. You can easily crack the interview with proper preparations and research about Walmart as an organization.

The questions present in this interview template act as a tool for you to address all questions logically so that you can secure a decent job of your choice with Walmart. Walmart also assesses candidates for a smart personality and your ability to handle customers and contribute well towards business success.

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Questions Based On Your Personal Information

Q -1. What Can You Tell us About Yourself?

Ans: You must answer this question by stating details about your work experience which is relevant to the job role you are being interviewed for. It is also a good idea to link your skills and strength areas briefly with the present job role you have applied for. Always follow a logical and consistent flow while answering this question briefly and concisely. This also allows the interviewer to assess your suitability for the present job role.

Q – 2. Describe Yourself in Few Words?

Ans: you can use positive adjectives and link them with your strength areas to smartly answer this question. Always however be brief and honest. This also facilitates the interviewer to understand you better as a professional and this increases your chance to secure a better job with Walmart.

the walmart interview questions

Q – 3. Why Do You Wish to Work for Walmart?

Ans: You can structure your answer and talk about the learning opportunities and why does Walmart’s organizational profile interests you. You can also add value by stating how you would like to develop a long-term career with Walmart. You can also talk about the diverse and inclusive work culture offered in Walmart for the interviewer to understand what is your objective behind joining Walmart.

Q – 4. How Well Do You Know Walmart?


  • Walmart is a popular retail chain across the world.
  • It offers groceries and clothing as the main product line.
  • Walmart stores also offer pharmacies and vision centers along with photo booths
  • Customers can shop both offline and online
  • The founder of Walmart is Mr. Sam Walton.
  • Walmart’s philosophy is “Save Money Live Better”.
  • Walmart also sells trendy clothing for customers
  • Walmart offers a shopping card to Walmart customers which can be used to purchase different goods and services from Walmart.

Q – 5. What is Your Career Strategy for Walmart in The Next Few Years?

Ans: You can logically structure this answer and talk about possible career opportunities and professional skills you can develop to achieve personal and professional business goals to contribute towards the overall success of Walmart. You can also use employee qualities, inclusive work culture, core values, and strategies to satisfy customers to provide a proper structure to your answer. Your career aspirations must also get linked with the business success of Walmart.

Q – 6. What Makes You a Suitable Employee for Walmart?

Ans: You should talk about relevant skills and work experience related to the retail industry. You can also mention how you can be a part of the inclusive and diverse work culture offered by Walmart. Take pride in letting your hiring manager know that you will work at Walmart as if the business is owned by your family. Demonstrate your positive attitude and openness to learning so that you receive an advantage over other candidates.

Questions for Assessing Your Professional Expertise at Walmart

Q -1. What is Your Relevant Work Experience in The Retail Industry?

Ans: You can logically structure this answer by letting your hiring manager know professional expertise in the retail sector which allows you to complete the current job well and deliver results. You can talk about the product knowledge and relevant skillset which contributes to shaping your experience while you work with Walmart.

Q – 2. How Will You Add Value to Customers and Employees?

Ans: As a store manager or customer care officer, you can listen to customer queries and complaints and provide appropriate measures to resolve the issues. It is also your responsibility to ensure customers receive all products and services promptly. You can also use relevant examples and situations to answer this question smartly which works in your favor.

walmart interview question

Q – 3. Are You Flexible to Work Rotational Shifts?

Ans: You should always demonstrate flexibility to work in rotational shifts since the nature of the retail industry demands so. It also gives your hiring manager to recommend your name and consider you for a suitable job with Walmart.

Q – 4. What Kind of Product Knowledge is Required for Working with Walmart?

Ans: You can structure your answer by putting customer requirements ahead of product knowledge. The product knowledge should be able to resolve customer queries and complaints related to products offered by Walmart. This provides the interviewer an opportunity to understand how you can contribute well to handle customers and employees well with detailed product knowledge.

Questions for Delivering Excellent Customer Service

Q – 1. According to You, What is Excellent Customer Service?

Ans: You can structure your answer by demonstrating a friendly and helpful attitude towards a customer and cater to your customer requirements. You must ensure customers avoid long queues to complete the billing cycle. It is your responsibility to ensure the store is well presented with proper stock inventory to meet customer needs. Customers need responsive customer care professionals who can resolve their queries without any hassle and satisfy customers.

Q – 2. How Will You Deal with an Annoyed Customer?

Ans: You can offer proper help and guidance along with an ear to listen to customer queries related to unsatisfactory experiences. As a Walmart employee, you can try and identify the possible reasons that led to an unsatisfactory experience. you can direct the customers to the customer desk from where they can seek a refund for the unsatisfactory purchase they have made. It is good to read the refund policy by Walmart before you appear for the interview.

Q -3. Do You Know Anything about The Competitors of Walmart?

Ans: You can structure your answer well by conducting proper research about various competitors of Walmart. You can use this question to your advantage and talk about how you can contribute to Walmart’s success keeping in mind healthy competition.

Questions to Know More About Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Q -1. Can You Tell us Something about Your Strengths?

Ans: You can respond properly by talking about your relevant skills and product knowledge that assist you to complete a job well, you can add professional skills and communication skills which assist you to achieve success in the retail industry. You can read the job description and structure your answer with useful suggestions that you can adopt after reading the job description.

walmart interview questions guide

Q – 2. Let us Know Your Weaknesses in Your Career?

Ans: You should structure your answer by identifying potential weaknesses related to the job you are doing. You should also suggest methods or strategies to improve your weaknesses and turn them into potential strengths in the future. Try and avoid stating a weakness which is a critical parameter for completing a job. You should avoid making statements like you don’t have weaknesses or at the moment you can’t remember a weakness.

Q – 3. What Are Your Potential Motivators?


  • You can meet deadlines timely
  • You can facilitate mentoring and coaching other employees in your team
  • Have a creative bent of mind to enhance customer experience
  • Being a team player
  • You can find new strategies to resolve issues.

Q – 4. What are The Possible Reasons for a Gap in Your Resume?

Ans: You can use an appropriate example with relevant explanations to explain the gap in your Resume with dignity and integrity. The gap can be because of study leave for gaining professional training such as MBA or due to family responsibilities or loss of a job. There can be a gap in your Resume.

Q – 5. What Are The Strategies You Will Use to Handle Stress?

Ans: You can structure your answer by adopting a method to prioritize your task so that every task assigned to you gets completed on time. You can talk about how you will achieve job satisfaction while working at Walmart on a stressful day.

Q -6. In What Ways Will You Handle a Conflict at Work and Resolve it Amicably?

Ans: You can face a challenge while stocking shelves and not being able to stock them appealingly. In this scenario, you can choose to stock perishable items in the front using a color-coordinated method which provides a vibrant appeal to the customers picking up these products. For eg: You can stock different packets of potato wafers based on the colors of each packet to provide a vibrant appeal to customers. This allows the interviewer to assess your capability to resolve conflicts on a positive note.

Q – 7. If You Had To Be an Animal, What Qualities Will You Choose From The Aanimal?


1 Dogs can help you learn loyalty

2 Ants assist you to become hardworking team players

3 Elephants are physically strong

4 You can be a good leader if you choose a Gorilla

5 You can choose childlike and friendly nature from dolphins

6 Be smart like an Eagle

Q – 8. What is Your Preferred Area for Working To Handle Customers?

Ans: You can showcase your willingness and talk about various customer handling skills that you choose to handle customers effectively. You can share your preferred area of working either on the floor or at the cash register dealing with customers effectively.

Situational Interview Questions for Walmart

Q – 1. How Did You Know About This Job Role?

Ans: You can structure your answer well by stating, you were actively looking for a suitable role at Walmart through the official website, Facebook, LinkedIn, and employee referral groups. This lets the interviewer know that you are keen to work with Walmart as an employee.

Q – 2. If Walmart Hires You, Do You See a Long-term Career Path at Walmart?

Ans: If you join Walmart as an intern to gain some professional experience during your winter or summer vacations, you can honestly let the hiring manager know your period of stay with Walmart depends on when your college reopens. If you join as a new employee, your focus should be on a long-term career path and you should be open to new career opportunities within Walmart extending your tenure with the company.

walmart interview question guide

Q – 3. What Do You Know about Shopping Cards Issued by Walmart?

Ans: You can say customers receive multiple benefits by using the Walmart shopping cart and it is your duty as a customer care officer to educate customers about benefits offered to them through this card. You can add value to a customer’s shopping experience by encouraging them to take this card as a Walmart membership.

Compensation and Benefits at Walmart

Q – 1. What Kind of Pay Package Are You Looking at?

Ans: You should complete a pre–research about salaries offered for a particular job role with relevant industry experience. this gives you a fair chance to negotiate the best salary with your hiring manager at Walmart. If you have limited years of experience, you can say you are open to new learning opportunities and salary should be something to add value and provide financial assistance to meet your daily expectations.

Interview and Attire at Walmart

Q – 1.  What Are Interview Strategies Followed at Walmart?


1 You can arrive 10 to 15 minutes before your interview begins.

2 You should speak at a good speed neither too slow nor too fast.

3 It is a good idea to switch off your phone or any other smart gadget to avoid disturbance.

4 You should be aware of Walmart’s information to answer confidently and consistently.

Q – 2. What Kind of Attire You Can Follow for Walmart?

Ans: You can dress formally for a managerial or senior management role. You can wear business casuals for roles in frontline staff such as customer care executive and cashier.


Walmart encourages applicants to apply for different positions. You can use this interview template to prepare yourself well for the interview before it is scheduled. Interview questions provide you an opportunity to understand more about the company in a better manner. You can use interview questions to formulate and structure your answers well as this will increase your chances of getting a suitable job at Walmart.

Walmart takes care of its employees and takes care of its customers. It allows you to seek better learning opportunities if you join the company. All employees must take proper care of customers and contribute towards achieving better results for the business.

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