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Walmart Late Policy (2023 Updated)

walmart late policy

For most people in the US, Walmart is literally just down the road. The company operates discount department stores and grocery stores that sell all your convenient products.

 But did you know that Walmart is the largest company in the world by revenue? Approximately 230 million customers visit its stores throughout the world. What a loyal customer base! Behind this multinational company is a team of employees who help the company run smoothly. 

As a Walmart employee, being on time for work is important. Therefore, if you’re planning on working at Walmart, or you’re just curious, here’s everything you need to know about the Walmart Late Policy.

What Is Walmart’s Late Policy?

As one of the largest retailers in the world, Walmart employs millions of people. And it uses an interesting method to keep track of its employees’ performances – a point system that discourages tardiness and absences. Here’s how it works!

If you’re late for work by 15 minutes to two hours, you’ll get half a point added to your record. Anything beyond two hours means you’ll get one point, and if you miss your shift, that’s two points added. Once you reach five points, you could be terminated from your job.

Walmart became stricter in 2019…

Walmart used to be quite lenient when it came to the point system. Before updating their policy in 2019, an employee only faced termination after nine points instead of five. If you leave work early without permission, you’ll also get half a point added. If you’re unexpectedly absent during a holiday or busy period, you could get a maximum of three points.

The system has received quite a bit of backlash. Some think that it’s unfair, especially if an employee faces a situation that forces them to be late. While others think it has helped with time and team management among employees. I’ll let you be the judge of that.

What Is The Walmart Point System?

What Is The Walmart Point System?

The point system is part of Walmart’s Late Policy. Walmart also takes disciplinary action against employees. If you’re a Walmart associate or plan on working there, make a note of the following…

If you arrive more than ten minutes late, not only will you get half a point added to your record, but one hour of pay will be deducted for that shift. Some people struggle with being on time because of their sleep cycle. If that sounds like you, The Chill Pill is perfect for you. It’s a brain massage machine that relieves anxiety and insomnia.

Be accountable for your actions…

The policy is designed to encourage employees to be present for their shifts on time so that the store operates efficiently. It helps the store to start its day on time and not inconvenience customers. Besides, the workflow is better when there’s a sense of organization among employees. 

Walmart’s late policy and the point-based system help the stores to hold employees accountable for their absences. Keeping track of time is a must, and relying on your smartphone isn’t always the best solution. Get this Stiive Smart Watch for men and women. It comes with a full touch screen and a heart rate and sleep monitor. 

How To Report An Absence Or Lateness At Walmart

How To Report An Absence Or Lateness At Walmart

When you arrive at Walmart, you’ll need to report your arrival and check-in using OneWalmart. You’ll also use the GTA Time Clock app, and on the home screen, you sign in with OneWalmart. Then you’ll enter your unique user ID and password to verify your identity. Once you’re logged in, simply select “Clock In” to start your shift. 

If you know that you’ll be late, another option is to call in and inform your store manager. You could also call the Walmart Associate Information Line at 1-800-775-5944. You’ll still get penalized for being late, but it’s always best to be courteous in this case. 

How Long Do The Points Last On Your Record?

Here’s the good news! Each associate’s points are reset after every six months. Just aim to get less than five points during that period, or better yet, get to work on time. The points are reset to allow for any unexpected emergencies that employees may face. 

There are instances where Walmart will not penalize employees if they’re late or absent. These authorized absences won’t be counted in the point system. 

Take note of when you won’t be affected by the point system:


  • Family and Medical Leave (FMLA).
  • Pregnancy.
  • Medical-related appointments.
  • Bereavement.

Walmart Late Policy – How Many Absences Are Allowed?

Walmart defines an absence as working less than half of a scheduled shift. As an employee, you’ll receive a maximum of three points for an unexpected absence. This only applies during holiday shifts. Simply put, you can only afford one unscheduled absence during a busy season. 

If you’re absent for a standard shift, you’ll receive one point. Either way, you have a maximum of five points before you face termination. 

What Are Walmart’s Good Attendance Rewards?

While there are penalties for being late, Walmart also rewards those who have good attendance. If you have good attendance, you’ll be rewarded with points that can be redeemed for a variety of things in the store’s online catalog. 

Both full-time and part-time employees are eligible for quarterly increased cash bonuses. For example, if you’re an $11-an-hour entry-level sales associate, you could get an extra $550! If you have perfect attendance for an entire year, make room in your wallet for a $1,000 bonus. 

Bonuses are performance-based…

The bonuses are based on several factors, and one of them is store performance. Did you know that in 2019, hourly wage employees earned almost $800 million in bonuses? Getting to work suddenly seems easy when you know there are monetary rewards that you’re eligible for. 

Other Working Info To Know About Walmart!

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Walmart Late Policy – Final Thoughts

While Walmart has a strict late policy and point system, it helps stores to start the day on time. In essence, employees are encouraged to be organized, and there are rewards for good attendance. If you’re interested in working at your local Walmart, why not pop in with your resume and request to see the store manager?

Alternatively, you could go to Walmart’s Career Page and browse to see what suits you best. Within Walmart, there are different sectors where you could work, including corporate, technology, stores, and clubs.

All the very best with your new job at Walmart!

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