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Walmart Merchandising Fee

walmart merchandising fee

If you are a regular shopper at Walmart and enjoy buying things both online or in-store. Then it’s very likely you have been hit with a merchandising fee. This is a small (though it can sometimes be quite large) fee that some third-party sellers apply to items available on the Walmart.com website.

However, the Walmart merchandising fee is also applicable to some items in store, which might seem rather ambiguous. I know I’ve been subject to it a few times before. 

So, I decided to research exactly what the fee is and what it means for us, the everyday consumer. 

Walmart’s Third-Party Merchandising Fee

Walmart’s Third-Party Merchandising Fee

The merchandising fee is included by some third-party sellers in Walmart’s Marketplace. The fee is actually already included in the transaction and is a separate charge along with the delivery fee. The reason it’s there is that the majority of these sellers or their items are based overseas. 

It’s not the sellers themselves that issue these fees but, in fact, the United States Customs and Border Control. These fees cover the U.S. Customs and Border Protection charge associated with most imports entering the United States. Plus, a lot of the taxes and labor involved.

How Much Is The Walmart Merchandising Fee?

Many factors culminate in the exact price of the fees. The overall cost of the item itself, plus its weight and size, are the main factors. Another is if the item is considered fragile or not, as a lot of extra care and packaging will be needed if it is.

As it currently stands, the merchandising fees equate to 0.3464% of the item’s total worth. So for most items, it would usually fall in the range of $1 – $12 each. It is capped at $25 for orders under $2500. However, if your order exceeds this, then you will be looking to be charged anywhere from $25 to $300, or possibly even more. 

The Merchandising Fee When I Buy Something In-Store

Some in-store products also have a merchandising fee at Walmart. It depends on the state jurisdiction in which your store resides. Ever wondered why mattresses, batteries, TVs, and most electronic devices have an extra charge on them? 

This other type of merchandising fee or tax is in place as it’s very hard to recycle them once you have finished with them. They can’t simply be put in the trash like most other items and therefore cost a lot more to dispose of. 

The Merchandising Fee When I Buy Something In-Store

Walmart Disposal sites…

Walmart is one step ahead of this issue, however, because if you return the used item to be recycled at one of Walmarts disposal sites, then you will usually be refunded the extra fee that you have already paid. 

A perfect example of this, and something I’ve written about previously, is the car battery and its specific extra fee. The car battery, no matter where you buy it from, has an extra fee attached to it, known as the “Battery Core Charge.” As a car battery needs to be recycled in a very specific way to preserve the iron core, each consumer is charged with this when purchasing it.

Core charge refund…

This core charge will then be refunded when it is dead and brought back to be recycled. Amazingly, a car battery is 99% recyclable, but only when it’s been disposed of at the right place, with the right people for the job. 

When Will I Be Charged With A Merchandising Fee?

Suppose the product you ordered is being held outside of the United States and needs to be delivered internationally by air or sea and is required to go through Customs and U.S Border Control. Then you will have a merchandising fee included in the final transactional amount. 

It’s important to remember that this fee is separate from the shipping fee, which might also be higher than something already in the United States due to the distance it must travel from its original location to your door.

When Will I Know If I’ve Got To Pay A Merchandising Fee?

If your item is going to incur a merchandising fee, you will be able to see the additional charges during the final stages of your online checkout procedure. As always, it is important to review your online purchases and details before completing the checkout process. 

What Happens If I Choose Not To Pay The Merchandising Fee?

If you don’t want to pay for it, then don’t order the product. The fee is included in the final amount and is itemized within your transaction. So to order the item, you’ll either need to pay the amount in full or not pay it all. The item will not be considered “purchased” by the third-party seller if you try to only make a half or partial payment, so therefore it will not be shipped.

Will I Be Charged A Merchandising Fee In Other Stores?

Absolutely. The merchandising fee is not something explicit to Walmart, or another fee they’ve conveniently invented to get more money from their customers… It’s something that’s set in place by the US government and applies to every single item and/or store where you can purchase something that is located outside of the U.S.

Merchandising fees are always a part of shopping from third-party vendors and cannot be opted out of. So no matter where you shop, if you have fallen in love with something that has been produced overseas, then you will need to pay the fee that will already be attached to it.

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Final Thoughts

The merchandising fee at Walmart is a charge that covers the extra costs of shipping items to the United States from other countries. The fee is capped at $25 for items under the value of $2500. 

The fee amount is determined by the U.S. Customs and Border Control and can not be opted out of. It’s something that must be paid if you wish to receive your items. Even if you shop from somewhere other than Walmart, you are still going to pay merchandising fees if you’re buying products from overseas.

Enjoy shopping at your local Walmart!

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