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Walmart Point System

walmart point system

If you have just landed a job at Walmart or are thinking about applying, you may want to know more about the Walmart point system. But how does it work, and what are the rewards?  

Well, let’s get started and find out how the system works and the benefits of earning points!

What Is Walmart?

Walmart is a multinational retail corporation founded in 1962 by Sam Walton. The company is headquartered in the United States, but it also operates through subsidiaries, stores, and distribution centers located around the world. 

Walmart sells everything from groceries and electronics to home décor and apparel. It is well-known for offering “Everyday Low Prices,” no-frills shopping, and great value for money on its products.

In-store and online expansion…

Interestingly, the store has a unique place in American consumer culture due to its unique business model of stocking mostly non-brand items made at low cost by manufacturers. Over the years, Walmart’s website and online presence have continued to expand, making it easier than ever for people to take advantage of their wide range of product offerings.

What Is The Walmart Point System?

Walmart uses a point-based attendance system to track employee absences and encourage punctuality. The system is designed to reward employees who consistently turn up to work by avoiding the accumulation of points. Points are accrued for each unexcused absence until the number reaches a predetermined threshold, after which further disciplinary action may be taken against the employee.

 This could range from a warning to suspension or termination, depending on the severity and number of absences. By keeping employees aware that they may be disciplined if they do not come to work regularly, Walmart ensures that its staff remains productive and motivated throughout the year.

What Is The Walmart Point System

How Do You Report an Absence at Walmart?

Reports of absences or lateness at Walmart should be made promptly and accurately so the company is aware of any issue. The good news is there are three easy ways to report an absence or lateness:

  • Through the mobile app.
  • Online on the Walmart website.
  • In-person (this can be done at your local store’s management office during regularly scheduled hours).

Management has detailed policies that all associates must follow when reporting an absence or lateness; however, every situation is different, and if needed, you may need to speak directly with someone in upper management who will have the ability to review your case on an individual basis.

Keeping reports up to date ensures that Walmart can maintain its high customer service standards while helping associate members better manage potential obstacles in their schedules.

How Do You Report an Absence at Walmart

The Steps to Take

If you are using the mobile app, you will have to click on the report time-off option, fill out the information, and submit it. Online, you will have to log in to your account on Walmart’s website and follow similar steps. In person, you will have to check in with your local store’s management office and provide the necessary information related to your absence or lateness. 

Do Points Reset?

Yes, your points as a Walmart employee will reset annually based on your anniversary date. This resets the point accumulation process and gives each employee a fresh start for the upcoming year. However, if you reach the predetermined threshold of points for the year, you may be subject to disciplinary action as outlined in Walmart’s attendance policy.

How Many Points Until You are Terminated?

For every unexcused absence, you will receive 1 point. Once you reach six points within 12 months, you may be subject to disciplinary action ranging from a warning to termination. It is important for associates to remain aware of their own point level and to report any absences or lateness promptly so that it does not accumulate. 

Are you Rewarded for Good Attendance?

Walmart encourages its staff to maintain a high level of attendance, offering tangible rewards for individuals who demonstrate outstanding commitment. Walmart employees are rewarded with points as soon as they log in twelve consecutive months of perfect attendance, entitling them to a $1000 bonus. 

Even one absence doesn’t go unnoticed – but they will still receive a smaller gift card of $50 and can continue to accumulate points. The points can be spent on fun items from Walmart’s online catalog, ranging from electronics and apparel to home goods and food. By incentivizing good attendance, Walmart ensures that its stores remain staffed with reliable workers who show up on time and are ready to take on the day’s challenge.

Do You get Points for Being Late?

Yes, Walmart takes lateness very seriously, and associates will receive points for any instance of tardiness. How many points will depend on the type of lateness and can range from 0.5 to 1 point per instance. It is important to keep in mind that these points can accumulate quickly.

Do You Get Points for Leaving Early?

Yes, the store also takes early departures seriously. If an associate leaves before their scheduled shift is finished, they will receive 0.5 points for every instance. This point policy is in place to ensure that their customers are not left without assistance and that associates are maintaining the highest standards of customer service. 

What Happens if You Reach the Maximum Points?

If you reach your six points for the year, you may be subject to disciplinary action. This includes a verbal or written warning, suspension, and, ultimately, termination of employment. Therefore, it is important to keep track of your points and report any absences or lateness promptly so that it does not accumulate. 

Can I Take Sick Leave?

Yes, the company provides associates with paid sick leave. However, if you are absent due to illness more than three times in 12 months without any prior notice, you may receive one point per instance. It is important to document any absence due to illness and provide a doctor’s note if necessary. 

Can I Take Sick Leave

Can I Take Time Off for a Vacation?

Of course! The grocery store does provide paid vacation days for employees. The number of holidays and vacation time you are eligible for depends on the length of your employment and can be up to 80 hours per year. 

Are There Any Problems With The Point System?

It is definitely not a perfect system. It can be problematic for some employees because it does not take into account individual circumstances that may lead to absences or lateness. For example, an employee may be dealing with a family emergency or medical issue and still receive points. 

Additionally, some employees may feel that the point system is too strict and can be discouraging for those who are making an effort to be punctual and reliable. It is important that companies have some flexibility with their attendance policies and that they take into account individual situations.

Do Other Stores Use A Points System?

Yes, many other large retailers, such as Target, Amazon, and Home Depot, use a points system to measure attendance. The policies may vary slightly, but the concept is the same. An employee can be subject to disciplinary action if their attendance does not meet company standards. 

Employees need to stay informed about their respective company’s points policy to avoid any unwanted disciplinary action.

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Final Thoughts

Walmart’s attendance policy is designed to promote reliable and consistent attendance amongst its associates. Walmart employees are rewarded for a year’s perfect attendance with a $1000 bonus. They will still receive smaller rewards even if they miss work. It also provides paid sick leave and vacation days as benefits to its employees. 

However, associates need to be mindful of the points system. It can result in disciplinary action if their attendance does not meet company standards. By understanding the system, associates can ensure that they remain in good standing with Walmart.

Good luck in your new career at Walmart!

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