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Walmart TV Return Policy (2023 Updated)

walmart tv return policy

Are you getting ready to pick out a new television? Walmart is known for offering great deals and discounts on TVs and other electronic products, which can often be found both in stores and on the company’s website.

However, the last thing you want is to pick out a new model only to discover it is the wrong fit. If this happens, you will want to send the product back and receive a refund.

 So, let’s take an in-depth look at the TV return policy at Walmart to find the best way to do this. 

The Walmart TV Return Policy 

The company sells a wide range of different types of televisions both online and in physical stores. These include LCD, LED, QLED, and OLED models from the major brands. They also offer a range of accessories such as remote controls, wall mounts, and television legs.

Generally speaking, you can return these products within thirty days of purchase as long as they are in good condition. You must bring back the television in its original box and with the receipt. In these cases, customers will receive a full refund of the money spent on the television with no questions asked. 

After thirty days

There may be a case where you are unable to return your television within thirty days of purchase. In this case, whether or not you receive a refund will be up to the discretion of the store employee. If the television is in perfect condition, the member of staff may still decide to accept it.

If your television is not accepted, you may get better luck at a different company store. Alternatively, you can ask to speak to a store manager. If the manager also declines your television, you can make a formal complaint about the store to the corporate headquarters. Announcing this intention may persuade the store manager to accept your television and give you a full refund. 

Without the box

It is a good idea to keep the box from your television and any other large purchases. However, you can still return your television if the box has got lost or damaged. You must have the receipt and return your television within thirty days of purchase. The television also has to be in perfect condition with all the accompanying accessories to warrant a full refund. 

Without the receipt

Without the receipt

No matter how careful you are, that tiny yet important slip of paper can easily get lost. Usually, the receipt is needed to receive a full refund. However, you can still receive a refund if your television is in perfect condition.

To receive your refund without the receipt, you have to bring back your television within thirty days. The only catch is that you will not receive your refund in cash without the receipt. You can exchange it for store credit or another item of equal value, such as another television.

You’ll need the original box and packaging…

If you do not have the receipt, you will have to bring back your television in its original box and packaging. You also need to present a valid form of ID when taking back the television. You also need to present the debit or credit card that you used to make the purchase. A store employee will scan the barcode and use the information to find your order. 

If you bought the television online, it is also possible to send it back without the receipt. You can either send the television back by mail or take it to a company store. Again, you will receive store credit for the value of the television. 

Refurbished Televisions

Refurbished Televisions

The store sells a range of refurbished televisions that are designed to work exactly like new models. The rules for returning refurbished televisions are the same as those for new models. To receive a full refund, you usually need to bring it back within thirty days with the receipt. 

Third-party sellers

You can purchase refurbished televisions from third-party sellers through the company’s website. If you need to send back the model you have purchased, you will need to contact the customer service team. They will then contact the vendor on your behalf, and it may take up to a week to receive an answer. 

If you purchased your television through a third party, you could not simply take it back to a store. After you have made a request, you need to wait for instructions. You will be advised on the best way to send back the television and how to receive your refund. 

Without the box

The box that your refurbished television came in featured a sticker or barcode to identify the product. While it is possible to send back a refurbished television without the box, you need to show the receipt. You also need to make sure that the television is in perfect working order and features all the original accessories. 

Walmart TV Return Policy – Damaged Televisions

Walmart TV Return Policy - Damaged Televisions

Generally speaking, your television needs to be in perfect condition when you give it back. If the television is broken or damaged in any way, the conditions of the company’s policy are void. However, there are some circumstances where you may still get your money back.

Ultimately, the deciding factor is how your television got damaged. You may discover that it is faulty as soon as you take the television out of the box. This is likely to be due to poor workmanship or bad handling by store staff. In this case, it is best to hand over the damaged television in person with all the original packaging. 

If you mishandled your TV…

When you hand over your damaged television, a member of staff will carefully inspect it. If they determine that you damaged it through improper handling, you are unlikely to receive a refund. Therefore, it is essential to take extra care when bringing your television home and setting it up.

The In-Store Return Process

Before you take your television back to a store, make sure it is in good working condition. If the television has been out of the box for a while, it is a good idea to carefully wipe the surface. Also, inspect the surface for any tiny scratches or marks that could cause your television to be refused.

Carefully place the television in its original packaging and make sure you include all the accessories. Close the box and take extra care when lifting it in and out of your car.

Check the customer service hours…

Make sure you have the original receipt as well as a form of ID before heading over to the store. Don’t forget to head to the store when the customer service desk is open. When you contact an employee, they will carefully inspect your television and receipt. If everything looks correct, you will receive a refund. 

The Online Return Process

The Online Return Process

If you purchased your television through the Walmart website, you can bring it back to a store. Alternatively, you can send back the television by mail. If you choose to mail back the television, it is best to contact the customer service team first. They will discuss the issue with you and guide you through the process. 

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Walmart TV Return Policy – Final Thoughts

Walmart has a fairly lenient policy when it comes to returning televisions and other products. While there are certain rules in place, there is always room to maneuver. There are several ways to send back your unwanted television, such as by mail, in person, or through the website.

If you don’t meet the set criteria, there is no need to despair straight away. Turning on the charm when bringing back your television to a store can make a big difference. The store manager is likely to be more understanding than a member of staff, and remember that you can also make a formal complaint if things do not go to plan.

Good luck in returning your TV to Walmart!

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