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Wawa Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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Wawa gas stations and convenience stores are some of the most prominent private companies in the United States. It serves shoppers along the East Coast and employs over 20,000 individuals at its store locations. Wawa generates approximately USD 9 billion in revenue and thrives for entry-level associates for smooth and efficient operations. It offers both hourly and in-store job roles along with corporate functions for aspiring candidates.

The company is based out in Pennsylvania with a chain of gas stations and convenience stores. Wawa operates in over 700 locations across the United States’ east Coast. Candidates can fill out the online job application forms as explained in the guide below.

Scroll down additional facts of the roles and responsibilities required by Wawa with its description, eligibility criteria, salaries, and much more Wawa offers to its employees. So, let’s go through this guide and learn more about working with Wawa.

Work Requirement and Scheduling at Wawa

Wawa looks for individuals with a minimum age of 18 to initiate their career with the company. The work schedule and shift timings at Wawa is as per its location and hour may vary accordingly.

Future Job Scope at Wawa

Wawa does not need formal qualifications or requirements except possessing reliable transportation from its entry-level employees. Candidates with high-school diplomas, GEDs, or equivalent qualifications or certification may impress hiring staff for their candidature. It also needs a minimum age of 16 for the candidates while applying for the job positions at Wawa.

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Wawa also continually and frequently launches new store locations since 1964 and seeks many candidates for smooth operations. It offers many perks and benefits to eligible employees and offers career advancement. Approximately 40% of Wawa shares lies with its workers.

Job Positions Offered at Wawa

Wawa offers various job roles for prospective candidates, including General Managers, Assistant Managers, Fresh Food Managers, and Customer Service Managers. It also seeks applicants for Customer Service Associates, Store Maintenance Associates, and Fuel Service Associates.

Customer Service Associates

  • The primary duties and responsibilities of Customer Service Associates at Wawa include general housekeeping, food preparation, and checkouts of customers.
  • They should maintain Wawa’s physical policies of lifting around fifty pounds during their shifts.
  • Their wage usually starts at approximately $8.25 at Wawa and may reach $11.50 with promotions.

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Fuel Service Associates

  • These Associates are responsible for serving shoppers in classic settings of full-service gas stations.
  • Their duties also include cleaning fuel stations, processing payments, and pumping gas for the shoppers.
  • These Associates should also be capable of physical work, including lifting around five pounds frequently, consistent walking and bending, and lifting around fifty pounds.
  • Their pay is like Customer Service roles at Wawa with additional frequent tips for these associates.

Management Roles at Wawa

  • Management opportunities at Wawa consist of General Managers, Assistant Managers, and also Shift Leaders.
  • Assistant Managers also complete the incomplete tasks of General Managers.
  • Head Store Managers are also responsible for overseeing merchandise, developing sales plans, and maintaining vendor relations.
  • General Managers at Wawa usually earn around $12.50 to $16.25 per hour along with bonuses upon reaching sale goals.

Benefits of Working with Wawa

Wawa offers an assortment of employee perks and benefits to those working for over 34.5 hours per week. Their employee benefits and perks from Wawa include the following:

  • Wawa offers life insurance, dental, medical, and vision coverage with 401 (K) retirement plans.
  • Wawa employees also benefit from disability coverage, educational assistance, and paid time off.
  • They also receive discounts on merchandise, coaching without extra costs, and wellness screenings from Wawa.

The Online Job Application Process of Wawa

Candidates looking for hourly or in-store job roles offered by Wawa should fill out the online job application form. To learn more about filling the job application form for Wawa, candidates can go through the below-mentioned steps.

  • Initiate your job application form for a job role available at Wawa by its online career webpage.
  • Scroll this webpage and tap on the link referred to as “Apply Now.”
  • Search for any job titles here for a suitable position at Wawa by entering your ZIP code, city, or state preference.
  • You can choose your preferred location from the list that appeared on this webpage.
  • Tap on the job role or available position you want to apply for at Wawa.

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  • You need to enter the sign-in details of your account at Wawa or create a new Wawa account by entering your details.
  • Agree and give consent to your pre-application details.
  • Fill up your personal and contact info in this section.
  • Complete your online job application form for Wawa by answering previous employment and EEO questions.
  • You must also review your job application form for Wawa before submitting it. Read all the information, disclosures, and other necessary details carefully, and tap on the “Submit” tab.

Checking Job Application Status of Wawa

The General Managers at Wawa often select candidates. The eligible candidates are further taken for the interview process with the hiring personnel. It takes a few weeks for the hiring staff to select employees for Wawa.

Some More Information about Wawa

In 2014, the non-profit foundation, Wawa, was founded. The gas station chain created this corporation to facilitate the mission of the company. It focuses on people who serve, hunger, and health. It also grants monetary requirements to military charities, food banks, and hospitals.

In 2015, Wawa Foundation also planned to offer services for many events for the Special Olympics. It specifically supports the polar plunges for Special Olympics to create a sense of community and raise awareness of diving into chilled waters.


Candidates seeking a job with Wawa can go through the job application process as mentioned above. It takes around 30 to 40 minutes to fill up the online job application form. However, it is convenient and effortless to fill out the online job application form for those who have a strict schedule and cannot visit Wawa stores. It would also help if you talked to hiring managers at Wawa stores and know the selection process and available job positions. Visiting in person can make Wawa’s hiring managers consider your application for the required job role.

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