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What airlines fly out of Rick Husband International Airport?

**What airlines fly out of Rick Husband International Airport?**

Rick Husband International Airport, also known as Amarillo International Airport, is served by several major airlines. These include American Airlines, which offers flights to Dallas/Fort Worth and Phoenix; Southwest Airlines, which serves Dallas Love Field, Las Vegas, and Denver; and United Airlines, with flights to Denver and Houston. Additionally, there are smaller regional carriers that operate out of the airport, providing connections to other destinations within the United States.

What are the parking options at the airport?

There are several parking options available at Rick Husband International Airport. These include a short-term parking lot located directly in front of the terminal, as well as a long-term parking lot situated adjacent to the short-term lot. There is also a cell phone lot where drivers can wait for arriving passengers. All parking areas are well-lit and patrolled by airport security to ensure the safety of vehicles and passengers.

Are there any dining options at the airport?

Yes, there are several dining options at Rick Husband International Airport. Passengers can choose from a variety of fast-food outlets, coffee shops, and sit-down restaurants offering a range of cuisine. Whether travelers are in the mood for a quick bite or a leisurely meal, there are options available to satisfy their cravings. Additionally, there are convenience stores and vending machines throughout the terminal for those in need of snacks or beverages on the go.

What are the transportation options from the airport to downtown Amarillo?

Travelers have several transportation options available for getting from Rick Husband International Airport to downtown Amarillo. These include taxi services, ride-sharing apps, airport shuttles, and rental car companies. Many passengers also opt to arrange for private transportation in advance, ensuring a seamless transition from the airport to their final destination. The airport is conveniently located near major highways, making it easily accessible by car.

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