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What Are Freelance Jobs? (2023 Guide)

what are freelance jobs

Many workers are turning to freelance as either their sole source of income or what is now known as a side hustle. Freelance jobs give people opportunities to branch out into other areas of work. These jobs are remote, giving freelancers flexibility to balance work and life. 

Freelance is at an all-time rise. There’s no lack of these on the market. According to Upwork, a freelance marketplace, the number of full-time freelancers went from 28% to 36% in one year. It’s estimated that half of the US workforce will be freelancing part-time or full-time by 2027. 

So, let’s take an in-depth look at “What are freelance jobs?”

Let’s Get Started

Freelance jobs are done from home or just about anywhere else outside of a company’s place of work. This means a person is self-employed but takes on projects and contracts from companies and organizations. They can set their work hours and choose work based on their passion and skills. 

There are different terms used when referring to freelance jobs. These include contract jobs, independent contractors, and contract work.  

Freelance Industries

The boom in freelance work has seen the growth of six industries. While freelancing is referred to as the “gig economy,” 60% of freelancers who’ve left traditional employment now earn more. The freelance sector generates an annual income of $1.2 trillion. So, which freelance industries might you want to keep a lookout for because of their marketplace value and opportunities? Check this out…

1 Computers and IT

Computers and IT

The majority of us are logged in on some device every day. Digitalization has become indispensable, and technology has become a necessity. There’s a surplus of projects available for web designs, web maintenance, programmers, and cyber security. If you want to also guarantee cyber security on your own, invest in Malwarebytes’s antivirus software. 

2 Customer and Administrative Services

With many people working and shopping from home, there is a higher demand for virtual services. Amazon has different services offered under its service sector to guarantee customer satisfaction. Virtual Assistants offer services that are in high demand. 

3 Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Marketing is one of the most lucrative industries within the freelance economy. Companies rely on it to reach a wider online audience. The marketing industry is a broad umbrella because several jobs fall into this category. This includes promoters, brand managers, and data analysts. 

4 Design

Jobs range from illustrative designers to graphic designers. Advantageous skills include typography, iconography, and web design. If you’re thinking of joining this industry, you won’t go wrong with an adjustable laptop stand in your workspace.

5 Wordsmiths 

Writers and Arts majors are the backbones of content shared on websites. In this fast-paced world, information needs to be updated and made suitable for different audiences. If you have a knack for writing, try out freelancing in editing, creative writing, content writing, or blogging. 

6 Media and Arts

Media and Arts

Having knowledge in the art field or being passionate about media can open doors for you. You could freelance for various publications and channels. Your options include websites, blog posts, internal corporate communication, and more. If you’re going to tap into this industry, you’ll need cloud-based tools for spelling, clarity, and grammar. Grammarly should be at the top of your pick while you type away.  

Top Freelancing Jobs

Top Freelancing Jobs

Freelance jobs continue to flourish and redefine how we work. There are top jobs that will grab your attention. These are at the top of the list because of their demand on the market. They fall under one or two of the freelance industries mentioned above.

Web designers are a necessity for any company that wants to build and maintain its online presence. They work with companies and individuals to plan, design, and code websites. Graphic designers that are Adobe Certified attract companies and major independent contracts. There’s an Adobe Certified Associate Exam Preparation Guide to help designers interested in polishing their skills.  

Virtual Assistants offer administrative services for clients. The services include bookkeeping and filing. Freelance writers and editors can work on a diverse range of projects. Another top freelancing job is in social media management. A social media manager uses media and websites to create rapport between the company and its customers. 

Why Many People Are Freelancing

Freelance jobs have pioneered us to take on a different approach to work and life. This approach lets us prioritize life experiences that are otherwise difficult to have with a 9-5 job. In a survey done by Upwork, almost 46% of freelancers said the flexibility allowed them to provide care to a family member. 

Freelance jobs are no longer just a positive step for professionals only, but the economy. 78% of freelancers indicated that they earned more freelancing within a year of joining this industry. In the US workforce, freelancers contribute 5% of the total American GDP, a total of $1.4 trillion. With more people joining freelancing, there must be a few perks to this, right?

Why Companies Are Hiring Freelancers

Why Companies Are Hiring Freelancers

Apart from freelance sites like Fiverr and Upwork, companies are directly hiring freelancers for projects and contracts. Here’s an interesting fact. Google’s workforce consists of 54% freelancers. Just 46% of employees are permanent. 

Companies now see how freelancers have specialized skills and expertise. It’s cost-effective since companies can hire freelancers for the project, pay them, then part ways. For freelancing in projects, the Organiser Smart Planner and App are ideal for management. It converts handwritten notes to digital text.

What Are Freelance Jobs? – The Pors and Cons



These jobs are not only a means of sustenance but there are numerous benefits of working remotely. Millions have switched from working from a work desk to a laptop in bed. Here’s a compilation of these perks, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg!

With freelancing, you break monotonous cycles. There are opportunities to showcase or develop your creative skills. You also set your work hours. You get to learn something new when you take on a new project or task.

The best part? You are not bound by geographical restrictions. You could work on projects or for companies that are halfway across the globe. This exposes you to different cultures and people. A good read before getting into freelance work is this complete guide on which freelance services you should provide.  


While the benefits of freelancing are enticing, there are also some cons. Freelancing can be isolating as most people do this from home. There are limited benefits outside of the contract or project payment. This means you won’t get health insurance or a 401k through the company. 

As a freelancer, your workload and income may vary monthly. This is normally the case when you’re starting your career. You must also invest in equipment and software that meets your projects’ demands. If you’re still considering freelancing, here’s a simple step-by-step process on how to get into freelancing. 

How to Get into Freelancing

The first step is to decide whether this is really for you. Next, find platforms that suit you. In addition to Fivver and Upwork, check out Guru and Freelancer. Choose a platform with a model that meets your skillset and salary expectations. 

So, what’s next?

 You should build your profile and portfolio to illustrate your skills and experience. If you don’t have enough experience, you could accept some jobs at a discounted rate for the experience. With a portfolio in place, determine your price, and start finding work.

As a new freelancer, you need to build your reputation. Start by applying and accepting jobs you are confident you can do. Lastly, focus on client relationships so that you can have returning clients. For a better understanding, reading about client relationship management will go a long way. 

Looking for some fantastic Freelance Opportunities?

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What Are Freelance Jobs? – Final Thoughts

Freelance jobs allow people to build flexible careers on their terms. This gives them a healthy balance and rhythm in life. Individuals can find work based on their passions, skill set, and desired lifestyle. 

If you’re looking to pivot to freelancing, choose an industry that compliments your interests. Some freelance jobs are gracious enough to let you learn as you go. Now that you’ve been acquainted with enough information on what freelance jobs are, you can make informed decisions. You could be on the lookout for opportunities and join this growing industry. 

If freelancing is for you, all the best in finding suitable opportunities!

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