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What are Walmart Intercom Codes? (Step By Step Guide)

What are Walmart Intercom Codes

Have you ever heard the supermarket intercom go off when you are doing your shopping?

 The sound of disembodied voices carrying across the store can be very strange and eerie. To make things even stranger, many of the communications you hear will not make a lot of sense. Large companies such as Walmart use special codes when communicating about different situations.

These codes can sound very strange and intriguing if you don’t know what they mean. However, if you are wondering, ‘what are Walmart intercom codes?’, then it’s time to find out…

The Meanings

The Meanings

Four different types of ciphers are used in different types of situations. These are phrases, colors, numbers, and letters. New employees are taught the meaning of these different ciphers when they start work and have to listen out for them. These ciphers are used to send important messages to employees across stores without alarming shoppers.


Color ciphers are often used to alert employees about potentially dangerous situations. These colors are used to indicate to employees that they need to take action without worrying shoppers. If you understand the meaning of some of these colors, it is best to react quickly and calmly. Showing visible panic could alarm the other shoppers and help to escalate the situation. 


This color means that an accident or another type of incident has occurred in the store. When employees hear white over the intercommunication system, they need to be alert. While the accident may not be serious, employees should be ready to help if they are available. 


This color indicates that an employee needs to report to their manager. The color may be said if the employee is unable to leave their post to find their manager. It indicates that the manager needs to come and talk to the employee as soon as possible. 


If you hear the color red spoken over the store communication system, it means that a fire has broken out. After the color is said, it is likely to be followed by a number. The number refers to the aisle or other part of the store where the fire has broken out. 



This color indicates that there has been a chemical spill either inside the store or outside. After the color is said, the location of the chemical spill is usually given. Any employees that are free at the time of the announcement are expected to help take care of the spill. 


This color indicates that there are severe or dangerous weather conditions in the area. Employees who are charged with taking care of the parking lot may need to take extra care. If you have nearly finished your shopping, it is a good idea to get some as quickly as possible. 


If you hear the color brown said over the Walmart intercom, get ready to leave the store. This color indicates that there is a shooter on the premises, and you should make for the exit if possible. If you are not close to the exit, remain calm and follow any instructions provided by employees to the letter. 


If you hear this color spoken over the system, it means that a hostage situation is taking place. If you can do so safely, you should call the police and request help. Remain as calm as possible and make sure you are in a safe area of the store. 

What Are Walmart Intercom Codes? – The Numbers

What Are Walmart Intercom Codes? - The Numbers

Numbers are sometimes used when communicating information about an event in the store. The numbers that are said usually relate to a particular store department. Here are some of the numbers that you are most likely to hear. 

300 and Department 51

300 and Department 51

Both of these codes are intended to be heard by the store’s security team. After the number is read out, it is followed by an extension number or store area that needs to be called. This refers to the fact that a member of the security team is needed in a particular location. 

15 and 60

These numbers are used by the security staff to announce that they are going on a break. The chosen number specifies the length of the break that is going to be taken. This lets associates know that there will not be any surveillance in a certain area for the time specified. 

The Letter C

This letter is usually said over the system when an associate needs assistance. The letter is usually followed by a number that relates to the department or area of the store. This species that a free associate should go to the department to assist. 

The Secret Code Words

There are two main phrases you may hear while you are doing your shopping. These phrases are usually used to communicate with the store manager. They are requests for assistance from the manager as well as other store associates. 


You are likely to hear this word announced when a store is particularly busy. It is likely to be said by an associate at a checkout counter when they need assistance. This alerts associates in other departments that they should go and help the cashier. 



Losing a child in a store while shopping is something that every parent dreads. You may hear this word announced if a parent has reported their child missing. This alerts all store associates to keep an eye out for an unattended child.

This code is named after a child called Adam Walsh who went missing in a Sears department store in 1981. Sadly, it was discovered that the child was abducted from the store and he was later found murdered. When Adam is announced, it indicates to security personnel that they need to monitor the doors and exits. If the missing child is not found within a short amount of time, the police will be called. 

What Is Walmart All About?

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What Are Walmart Intercom Codes? – Final Thoughts

Like most other companies, Walmart uses special codes to communicate different events to employees. 

In most cases, these ciphers are benign and simply relate to the need for staff in different locations. As you hear most of them, you can continue shopping without concern.

However, some of these ciphers are used to communicate serious and even life-threatening situations. Understanding these ciphers can help you to stay safe in high-risk situations. If you hear a color like green or brown, it is important to remain calm and avoid worrying other shoppers.

Good luck learning all the intercom codes at Walmart!

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