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What Does Amazon Jobs Application Under Consideration Mean?


Do you have your sights set on working for Amazon?

This leading company offers numerous job opportunities in the careers section of their website. There are job opportunities for people of all educational backgrounds and skillsets to apply for.

The best way to apply for a job at Amazon is by finding the position you are interested in and submitting an online application form.

However, you may find that it takes a while for a hiring manager to contact you, which can be rather frustrating. So, let’s find out exactly…

what does amazon jobs application under consideration mean

What Does Amazon Jobs Application Under Consideration Mean?

After submitting an online application, you can log back into your profile at any time to check on the status. If your application is currently being reviewed by HR, the status will be set to Under Consideration.

During this period, the HR department is reviewing all of the job applications they have received. The under consideration status is shown to everyone who has applied for that job. It indicates that the position has not been filled as yet.

How Long Does Amazon Take to Respond to a Job Application?

Amazon is a huge company, and a lot of people tend to apply for jobs when they are advertised. It typically takes two weeks for HR to review all of the applications and select the right candidate. However, in some cases, it can take up to six weeks for all the applications to be reviewed.

what does the amazon job application under consideration mean

The Meaning of the ‘Not Moving Forward’ Amazon Application Status

This status will be shown once the hiring decision has been made. Unfortunately, it means that you have not been selected for the role. This does not mean that your application was rejected, as in that case, you would receive an email.

Receiving this status on your application is actually a good sign. It confirms that although you were not selected, you were suitable for the position. This should give you the confidence to apply for similar job vacancies.

Reasons Your Application Could Get Rejected

If your application has been rejected, you are likely to feel discouraged. However, understanding the reason for the application can increase your chances of future success. Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons that applications tend to get rejected by hiring managers.

Lack of experience or qualifications

It could simply be that you do not have the required experience for the job you are applying for. It is important to read the job requirements carefully before applying. You may also find that you do not have the required Higher Level of Education.

Poor editing skills

Many people rush through the application process and try to finish as quickly as possible. It is essential to make sure you proofread your application before submitting it. If your application is full of spelling and grammar mistakes, it is likely to be rejected straight away.

Failure to follow the application guidelines

Before starting to fill out your online application form, you need to read the application guidelines and directions carefully. This will guide you toward the best way to fill out the online application form. Failing to adhere to these guidelines indicates that you do not follow instructions well.

Increasing Your Chances of Success

Certain practices can increase the chances of your application being received favorably. HR managers receive a large number of applications each day and are looking for certain things. Make sure you keep the following points in mind when you are working on your application form.

  • Complete each section thoroughly.
  • Take your time.
  • Highlight your skills and experience.
  • Outline relevant experience.
  • Include strong references.
  • Make it clear what you are looking for.
  • Carefully edit your application.

The Amazon Recruiting Process

Because so many people apply for Amazon job vacancies, it can take time to sort through all the applicants. Therefore, the interview process usually consists of several different stages. Here’s what you can expect at each of the stages of the Amazon recruiting and interview process.

Contact from an HR Recruiter

After between two and six weeks, you will receive an email or phone call from an HR recruiter. This stage screens potential candidates and consists of a series of simple questions. At the end of the screening process, the HR recruiter will stage a phone interview with successful candidates.

The Phone Interview

Several people could conduct the phone interview, including the senior manager of the team. While it is typically referred to as a phone interview, it usually takes place via an internet video platform. Therefore, it is important to make sure you have a strong internet connection and are in a quiet location.

The start of the interview typically consists of a series of questions to find out about the candidate. The interviewer needs to make sure that the candidate is truly interested in working for Amazon. They will try to determine that they understand the job and have the required skills.

Do your research…

It is important to research before the interview to find out about Amazon and the job vacancy. You need to highlight the required skills and the desired attributes that the perfect candidate should have. This will help guide you toward the skills and attributes to highlight when answering the interview questions.

The Written Test

Candidates who pass the phone interview will often be asked to take a written test. This usually comes in the form of an essay on a set topic such as ‘the most creative project you have worked on. Regardless of the topic, make sure that your essay highlights your key leadership and other work-related skills.

The In-Person Interviews

People who are called in for an in-person interview will usually spend an entire day at their nearest Amazon office. During the day, they will usually be interviewed six or seven times. Each of the interviews is conducted with a single person and will last for around an hour.

Each of the interviews will be conducted with a different member of the team you would be part of. This will include several colleagues, a senior executive, and possibly the recruiting manager. Each interviewer will usually focus on up to three leadership principles when asking their questions.

what does amazon job application under consideration mean

The Hiring Meeting

After all of the interviews have been conducted, all of the interviewers will meet and discuss the candidates. Therefore, it is essential to make sure you have made a strong impression with each of the interviewers. The interviewers will compare notes and discuss any red flags as well as desirable characteristics.

It usually takes up to a week to discover the result of the in-person interviews and hiring meetings. This is a good time to send out thank-you notes to each of the interviewers. This will give you another chance to create a strong impression that may even sway their decision.

The Offer Meeting

If the hiring meeting went well, you will be contacted by a member of HR to talk about salary expectations. Bear in mind that HR will already have a fixed figure in mind as your salary. Even if you are called into the HR office to discuss your salary, this is not an opportunity to negotiate.

The Reference Check

When completing your application, you would have been asked to supply details of three references. If you are applying for a senior role, the HR department will usually contact one or two of your references. The check will happen over the phone, and the conversation will last between fifteen and twenty minutes.

The HR department will often ask to meet with a former boss and at least one former colleague. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that you have chosen your references carefully. If everything checks out, a formal job offer will usually be made at this point.

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Final Thoughts

In terms of online revenue, Amazon is the largest e-commerce retailer in the world. Working for Amazon comes with high status and helps to open the door to a range of careers. However, the prominence and popularity of the company means that competition for vacancies when they are announced tends to be extremely high.

In many cases, being proactive can help you to stand out from the crowd and get a foot in the door. However, Amazon’s HR team is very busy, and they often do not have time to deal with independent inquiries. If you have submitted an application and it is under consideration, it is best to simply be patient.

All the very best with your application!

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