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What Does “Missent” Mean USPS? (The Ultimate Guide 2023)

what does missent mean usps the ultimate

The USPS does more than just sort and deliver mail. It offers passport applications and other government services. 

The Postal Service has also begun to serve as banks in low-income neighborhoods for families typically abandoned by commercial banks. It also extends its service to rural and native communities that can’t be reached by international shipping companies.

The USPS plays an important role in helping small businesses operate effectively. It’s a dependable service, but as with any other service, there is room for errors and mistakes. After using the postal service, you might receive a notification saying “Missent,” and you’ll be left wondering what it means. 

If you regularly use USPS services for personal use or your business, you probably need to know…

What Does “Missent” Mean USPS?

what does missent mean usps the ultimate

When you post an item using USPS, you get a tracking number. You can find this number on your Post Office Shipping receipt, an email confirmation, or when you log in to your USPS account

If you get a “missent” tracking notification, that means your package would’ve been loaded into the wrong truck. A package ends up in the wrong truck when it’s been placed in the wrong bin or on the wrong conveyor belt. 

No need to panic…

When your package is headed to an incorrect area, this automatically delays your intended delivery date. But there’s no need to panic! This mishap is usually resolved in a day or two. 

Let’s now find out how packages get missent and how the issue is resolved.

Why Does Mail Get Missent?

Why Does Mail Get Missent?

It turns out it’s quite common for mail to be missent, and it’s mostly due to human error since the USPS handles a massive amount of packages every day. In fact, the Postal Service processes and delivers around 425.3 million mail pieces each day. Therefore, there’s room for a few errors to occur, but the good news is that the Postal Service is quick to correct these.

When a piece of mail or package is put on the wrong conveyor belt, it gets loaded into the wrong truck. On the trucks, a double take is done on the packages and mail, which prompts you to get the “missent” notification.

Back to the sorting facility… 

Since the USPS would’ve caught this error before any delivery attempts, your package will be set aside and will be taken back to the sorting facility. It will then be put on the correct truck the following day. The USPS identifies any misrouted mail using the Mail History Tracking System (MHTS), and for packages, it uses the Service and Field Operations Performance Management (SFOPM).

What Does “Missent” Mean USPS? – The Steps To Take

If you receive the “missent” notification, it means that USPS is aware of the misrouted mail error. So, all you have to do is be patient. You don’t have to go to the post office to enquire because the notification is meant to keep you in the loop. 

What if your package is delivered to the Wrong Address?

In such rare instances, your package could end up being delivered to the wrong address. If you receive a “missent” notification, followed by a “delivered” one, yet you don’t have your package, then you need to visit your local post office. 

Ask to see the supervisor and show your tracking number and notifications. Mail couriers use scanners that have a built-in GPS. So, the supervisor should be able to locate where your package was mistakenly delivered. From there, this error can be fixed.

Can Your Parcel Be Delivered to the Wrong Address?

When you get the “missent” notification, it means that your package was put on the wrong truck, but the error was caught by the USPS right before delivery. So, all it means is that your package delivery will be delayed.

The USPS’s Best Practices Related To Misrouted Mail and Packages

The USPS’s Best Practices Related To Misrouted Mail and Packages

The good news is that the USPS has implemented some practices to help lower the number of mail and packages that get misrouted. 

Here’s how your local postal service is working on reducing any oversight of misrouted mail and packages: 

  • They communicate with other facilities and offices regarding misrouted mail. The communication methods include identifying misrouted packages using pictures and corresponding placards and labels.
  • USPS ensures that sorting bins with similar numeric ZIP codes aren’t placed next to each other before being put in trucks. 
  • They make sure that sorting bins for high-volume ZIP codes are not placed side by side. This way, employees can prevent mail from quickly building up in the chute, causing an overflow.

Is There Anything You Can Do to Avoid Missent Packages?

There’s not much that you can do to avoid a missent USPS package because this error is caused by USPS. But here are a few tips that may help you:

  • Write addresses clearly, and preferably in block letters. If the address is handwritten, make sure it’s legible. Packages are sent according to the barcode applied by the USPS, but it’s also best to not scribble the addresses. 
  • Print the addresses using a quality printer if possible. 
  • Avoid putting tape over the label or barcode. 

Tracking Your USPS Delivery!

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What Does “Missent” Mean USPS? – Final Thoughts

Packages are missent because of human error. The good news is that the USPS corrects these errors immediately, and your package is sent to the correct address in a day or two. 

If you receive the “missent” notification, don’t panic. It simply means that the post office identified the mistake and is fixing it already! You just have to be patient and wait for an updated notification.

Good luck dealing with your “Missent” Package at USPS!

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