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What Does Offer Phase Ext Mean For USPS? (The Ultimate Guide 2023)

what does offer phase ext mean for usps

Are you planning to apply for a job at the United States Postal Service

This company is known for being an excellent place to work. Not only do jobs come with a relatively high salary, but employees are also provided with numerous benefits. However, the hiring process at the United States Postal Service tends to be long and complicated. This is because the company takes the time to screen employees thoroughly before making a formal job offer. 

Therefore, if you are wondering, ‘what does offer phase Ext mean for USPS?’, then it’s time to find out…

The Meaning Of Phase Ext

The Meaning Of Phase Ext

If you have applied for a job at the United States Postal Service, you will know that there are many stages. Your application form for a particular job needs to appeal to the hiring manager. You will then be called in for an interview. If this goes well, you may have accepted a job offer and undergone a background check.

However, this is not the time to start planning your future career with the company. Although there is a good chance you will be given the job, there are still a few more hurdles to overcome. While this can be a frustrating period, it is important to remain patient and optimistic as you wait. 

How Long It Lasts

At this stage, the United States Postal Service is waiting until all the members of the board meet. All members have to agree before a new employee is appointed. Unfortunately, this can take a couple of weeks or even two or three months.

While there is a good chance that you will be hired to work for the company, success is not guaranteed. The members of the board have to closely scrutinize each successful applicant. There is always the chance that your application could be rejected even though you made a positive impression. 

Fast-tracking does happen…

The main exception is when there is an urgent need for a vacancy to be filled. In this case, the process is likely to be fast-tracked and may only take a week. Like so many things in life, timing is everything, and applying at the right time can make the process much quicker.  

The Steps Of The Hiring Process

The hiring process at the United States Postal Service tends to be long, and it consists of several steps. It is important to complete each stage to the best of your ability and remain focused. Here are the steps you need to take on the road before securing a job. 

Find the right vacancy 

Find the right vacancy 

To get started, you need to go to the careers section of the company’s website. Different types of jobs are arranged by category to make finding a job that matches your skills easier. You can also narrow the search by entering the ideal location in the search bar. 

Complete the online application

You will then be directed to the online application form. It is important to complete the form in as much detail as possible and answer all the set questions. Take the time to read through your application and correct any errors before submitting it. 

Take the Postal Exam 473

If your skills and background match the job requirements, you will be invited to take the Postal Exam 473. This special exam will further test your suitability for the role. You need to get a score of 70 or higher to move on to the next stage. 

Attend an interview

Attend an interview

If you have received a passing score, you will be contacted and asked to attend an interview. This interview could be with a group of other applicants or alone. In many cases, you may be asked to attend both of these types of interviews. If you do well at this stage, you will be put on the pre-hire list. 

The background check

The HR department will put together a report on you that will be reviewed by the board members. You will also be asked to submit to a background check. 

Conditional offer

If you appear to be a good fit after your background has been reviewed, a conditional offer will be made. You will then be fingerprinted and be asked to submit to a drug test. 

Offer Phase Ext

Once you have passed through all of these stages, you will be in the Offer Phase Ext category. Your main task now is waiting patiently to be notified of the results. 

The orientation letter

If you pass all the screenings and tests, there is a good chance that the job is yours. In this case, you will receive an orientation letter. This will confirm that the job is yours if you want it. You will also be given a date and time when orientation will begin.  

What Does Offer Phase Ext Mean For USPS? – The Best Jobs Available 

This huge national employer offers a wide range of roles to choose from. If you have a range of different skills, choosing which role to apply for can be tricky. Here are some of the top jobs at the company and what they involve. 

Postal Service Window Clerk

This role is ideal for people who have strong customer service skills and enjoy serving customers. Typical tasks include pricing and preparing packages, selling stamps, accepting letters, and taking payment for other services. It is necessary to have strong attention to detail and financial literacy to do this job. In terms of salary, you could expect to make between $30,000 and $48,500 per year. 

Postal Service Clerk

This role is also known as a mail handler and involves sorting and processing post within a post office. These employees also interact with post office customers and help them purchase essential services. This includes selling stamps and weighing different types of mail to determine the postal charge.

Mail Sorter

Also known as a mail handler, a mail sorter is responsible for overseeing the sorting, loading, and unloading of mail. It is necessary to be able to operate a mail sorting machine and be able to sort mail manually. Quickly and accurately sort mail by type and geographical destination. It is also necessary to be able to lift and carry large bins and stand for long periods. 


This senior position is suitable for people who have managerial experience and strong organizational skills. A postmaster is generally in charge of a single post office branch. The key task is making sure that the post office runs as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

When issues occur within the post office branch, it falls to the postmaster to resolve them. Typical tasks can involve creating schedules for different employees and enforcing post office policies. It is necessary to have strong leadership skills to do this job well and be comfortable delegating tasks. 

Assistant Rural Carrier 

Commonly known as an ARC, this role involves collecting and delivering packages on routes in rural areas. It is necessary to provide your own vehicle and have an excellent sense of direction to do this job. You also need to enjoy interacting with customers and be polite and friendly at all times. 

Motor Vehicle Operator 

Motor Vehicle Operator 

This job is perfect for people who have an excellent sense of direction and want to get paid to drive. Motor vehicle operators are assigned a specific route and mail to deliver to customers along that route. This role comes with a very competitive salary as well as a wide range of benefits. It is necessary to be able to stick to a set schedule as closely as possible and be able to remain composed. 

Automotive Technician

If you have mechanical skills and are looking for a new challenge, this could be the perfect job for you. The main duties are performing routine and complex repairs and maintenance on the full range of postal fleet vehicles. It is necessary to be able to diagnose and troubleshoot complex vehicle issues and provide the necessary repairs. 

Electronic Technician

If you have advanced technical knowledge of electrical systems, consider applying for this role. The job involves performing diagnostic, preventative maintenance, alignment and calibration, and overhaul tasks on both hardware and software. It may also be necessary to build new equipment and systems from time to time.

Info About Applying At USPS

Let’s get your application process started with my UPS Application Online Jobs Career Info, as well as my UPS Mission And Vision Statement Analysis, to better understand the company, followed by my USPS Application and my USPS Mail Processing Clerk Job Description to see what the position entails.

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For some helpful online study guides, ace your postal exams with the Postal Exam Book: for Test 473 and 473-C, the McGraw-Hill’s Postal Exams 473/473C, as well as the Postal Exam Secrets Study Guide: Review and Practice Tests for the USPS Virtual Entry Assessment 474, 475, 476, and 477, and Post Office Jobs: The Ultimate 473 Postal Exam Study Guide, all available online in 2023.

What Does Offer Phase Ext Mean For USPS? – Final Thoughts 

Being called in for an interview by the United States Postal Service is already cause for celebration. The company is very discerning, and job vacancies tend to receive a high number of applicants. If you felt that the interview went well, there is a good chance that you will be offered the job.

During the Offer Phase Ext period, the HR team is performing your background check and gaining more information. While this process can take up to three months, it is important to be patient and avoid hounding the HR department. Therefore, it is best not to hand in your notice at your current job until you have been officially hired.

All the very best and good luck with your application!

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