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What Does Out For Delivery Mean UPS?

what does out for delivery mean ups

When tracking a package through UPS, one status message that may appear is “Out for Delivery.” 

But, What Does Out For Delivery Mean UPS? 

Let’s find out…

The Meaning

The Meaning

“Out for Delivery” (OFD) is used by UPS to indicate that a package has completed its journey through the sorting facility and is on its way to the final destination for delivery

Typically, this means that the package will be delivered on the same day the status is updated, or the next business day, depending on the delivery schedule of the local sorting facility. Once a package has reached this stage of the delivery process, it is considered to be in transit for delivery.

Factors Affecting The Delivery Timeline

The distance between the sorting facility and the delivery address is one of the primary factors that can affect the delivery timeline of a package once it is marked as “Out for Delivery.” 

Generally, if the delivery address is located near the sorting facility, the package is likely to be delivered on the same day as the status update. However, if the delivery address is farther away, the package may not be delivered until the next business day.

Other factors may include…

It’s also worth noting that unforeseen circumstances can cause delays to the delivery timeline. For example, inclement weather conditions can make it difficult for delivery drivers to navigate the roads, or a package may be delayed due to an incorrect delivery address. 

Tracking the Package

When a package is marked as “Out for Delivery,” a UPS package can be tracked using the tracking number provided by the shipper. The tracking information provided by UPS includes the package’s current location, estimated delivery date and time, and delivery status updates.

UPS provides a free service called UPS My Choice which allows customers to track their packages and receive delivery notifications via text or email. With this, customers can also redirect their package to another address, schedule a delivery for a specific date and time, or authorize the driver to leave the package at a specific location.

Tracking the Package

Do it online…

It’s also possible to track a package through the UPS website or mobile app. This allows customers to see the current status of their package, including its location and estimated delivery date and time.

Access Point Delivery

In some cases, UPS offers an option called Access Point Delivery which allows customers to have their package delivered to a nearby location, such as a retail store or UPS store, rather than having it delivered to their address. This option is useful for those who may not be at home during regular delivery hours, or for those who live in a secure building with strict delivery policies.

With Access Point Delivery, customers will receive a notification when their package is “Out for Delivery” and when it has been delivered to the selected location. It’s also worth noting that customers will need to show identification when picking up their package from the access point location.

Access Point Delivery

Delivery Attempts

Once a package is “Out for Delivery,” UPS delivery drivers will attempt to deliver it to the recipient’s address. If no one is available to receive the package, the driver will leave a notice of delivery attempt. You can see this notice via the tracking number of your package. 

In most cases, the UPS driver will attempt to deliver the package again a second or third time, after which it will most likely be sent back to the sender. In some cases, the items will be sent to a UPS Access Delivery Point center.

Leave your own instructions…

For residential deliveries, the driver may decide to leave the package in a safe place, such as a porch or front door, or with a neighbor. If this is the case, the driver will leave a notice indicating where the package has been left. If a customer has specified special delivery instructions through UPS My Choice, the driver will follow those instructions.

Returns and Rescheduling Deliveries

UPS also offers the option for customers to return their packages. When a package is “Out for Delivery,” customers can request for a package to be returned by contacting UPS directly or through their online account. If the package is almost at the delivery location, you may be asked to tell the delivery driver yourself.

On the other hand, rescheduling delivery can be useful for those who are not going to be home during the initial delivery time, or for those who want to ensure that someone is there to receive the package. Customers can also reschedule their package delivery by contacting UPS directly or through their online account.

Returns and Rescheduling Deliveries

You might have to pay a fee…

It’s worth noting that for some types of packages, there may be a fee associated with returning or rescheduling deliveries. Customers should check with UPS directly for more information on specific fees that may apply to their package.

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Final Thoughts

When a package is marked as “Out for Delivery” by UPS, it means that it has been processed at a local sorting facility and is on its way to its final destination for delivery.

So, stay informed by checking for updates on your package status to ensure that it arrives on time and at the correct location.

Hope your parcel arrives safely!

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