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What Is a HireVue Interview?

what is a hirevue interview

Technology is transforming our approach to everything, including job applications and interviews. Nowadays, more businesses are using applicant tracking systems (ATS). These automatically organize, examine, and rank resumes before a hiring manager reviews them.

But how does that affect the interview procedure? Recruiting firms and employers have begun using on-demand video interviewing software. This software analyzes and rates job seekers based on their video responses to a few preliminary questions using ranking algorithms and artificial intelligence. HireVue is one of these programs.

But what is a HireVue interview, and how do you prepare for it?

Let’s find out…

HireVue: What It Is and How It Works?

When hearing the phrase “video interview,” a Skype interview likely comes to mind. HireVue, however, is somewhat different.

Firstly, you aren’t being interviewed by a real person. HireVue will send applicants a set of interview questions that must be answered through video on their phone, laptop, or tablet. You get 30 seconds to prepare, and then you’ll have between 90 seconds and three minutes to film and submit your response. The amount of time you have to answer depends on the question.

After transcribing your responses, HireVue assigns you a score that is used to compare you to the other applicants. That’s not all, though. HireVue doesn’t only listen to what you say. It also examines your voice intonation, eye contact, facial expressions, and various other data points.

With This Technological Innovation…

Businesses are now utilizing HireVue to replace phone screening and even initial live interviews. HireVue is popular with large banks and accounting businesses, including Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, J.P Morgan, and Morgan Stanley. Among hundreds of other organizations, the HireVue website also lists Intel, Singapore Airlines, and Urban Outfitters as clients.

However, this new hiring technology is not popular with everyone. Some claim the software is trivial and deceptive. They believe it doesn’t give eligible applicants an opportunity if, for instance, they speak without much intonation. Supporters contend that HireVue removes biases related to gender, age, ethnicity, and other variables from the hiring process.

This technology is advancing, though. Even universities are now providing resources to students to prepare them for their upcoming HireVue interviews.

What To Expect In A HireVue Interview?

You might be feeling anxious or nervous if you’ve been invited to do a HireVue interview. That is understandable, given that you haven’t got a lot of practice, if any, using this method of interviewing. However, knowing what to expect will help immensely.

What To Expect In A HireVue Interview

What’s the Procedure? 

You will receive all the necessary information from the organization you are interviewing with. All you need is a device with an internet connection, a camera, and a microphone to conduct your interview. You can use a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. After logging in, you will find a setup page that includes a video lesson and more information about the procedure.

HireVue also allows you to answer practice questions. To help you feel more at ease with the process, it is set up like a real interview. You get an unlimited number of practice sessions before going into the actual interview. However, you only have one opportunity to record your responses after the real interview has begun.

What Is a HireVue Interview? – Common Questions Asked in HireVue Interviews

For more conventional interviews, you can practice with a family member or friend. But for HireVue interviews, consider activating the selfie mode on your phone’s camera and start recording.

Because HireVue employs a structured interviewing method, every applicant receives the same series of questions in the same order. The HireVue team provided a list of the top five interview questions, although these cover a wide range of different interviews for various positions. 

Common Questions Asked in HireVue Interviews

For example:

  • What can you tell me about yourself?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Why did you leave your former job?
  • What long-term career goals do you have?
  • What made you decide to work here?

Note that these are the same interview questions that you’d typically encounter in live, in-person interviews. To help you brainstorm responses to these kinds of questions beforehand, the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) approach is useful. Find out more by taking a look at our in-depth guide to the STAR Method.

6 Essential Tips to Help You Prepare

Being well-prepared is the best way to maintain your composure during a HireVue interview. You may have practiced some common interview questions, but here are some tips to consider before your interview…

6 Essential Tips to Help You Prepare

Analyze Yourself

When recording yourself answering interview questions, take note of…

  • Eye contact – focus on looking into the camera rather than at yourself on the screen or off to one side. If necessary, cover the area of the screen that’s reflecting your face with a sticky note.
  • Your voice’s inflection – use a natural tone that is comfortable to you – not over-excited or too flat.
  • Your facial expressions – if you appear overly cheerful or smile too often, HireVue may give you a low rating. The same counts for frowning and lowering your gaze.
  • Your habit of using words such as “uhm” or “like.”

Being confident and authentic rather than overly staged or forced is crucial. Balance is key.

Do Your Research

As you would for a formal interview, do some research on the company, the job, and the industry. Learn about its goods and/or services and research its background and recent news. 

Dress Professionally

Looking professional is just as important for a HireVue interview as for an in-person interview.

Pick Your Location

While preparing, find a suitable place for the video interview. Ensure your background is fairly plain and the lighting is good. You don’t want your face to be backlit or have any odd shadows cast on it.

Test Your Technology

If you’re using a phone, ensure you have a good and dependable internet connection. Or, if you’re using a laptop, download and install Adobe Flash before beginning. Remember to start with a full battery and have your charger ready, just in case!

Use the Practice Questions

These follow the structure of the real questions. They make the steps you must follow to record, pause, and submit your responses more comfortable.

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Final Thoughts

Because HireVue is a new interviewing technology that most people will be unfamiliar with, the whole experience could feel a little intimidating. But you’ll succeed if you thoroughly prepare for the interview and know what to expect. It’s important to familiarize yourself with this technology and improve your confidence with practice. 

The more confident you are, the better your score. All the best with your HireView interview!

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