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What is Code 3 at Lowe’s? (What You Should Know)

what is code 3 at lowes

Have you ever been in a supermarket and heard a code word being said over the intercom? Many stores and other types of businesses use intercoms so that they can communicate with employees. They allow the person sending the message to contact several employees at the same time. 

Companies use special codes that are utilized in different situations to send different messages. This is usually done so that members of the public are not alerted to potentially dangerous situations that could cause panic.

If you have ever found yourself wondering, ‘what is code 3 at Lowe’s?’, all will be revealed, starting with…

The Meaning Of The Term

If you hear an employee say ‘code 3’ over a store intercom, it means that the area needs more staff. This is an instruction for any employees not completing essential tasks to head over to that area of the store. Some employees may also receive the message directly via a walkie-talkie. 

You are likely to hear this message when more than three people are waiting at the store’s cash registers. Employees who have been trained to operate a cash register will be expected to head to that area. This helps to make sure that the waiting time in line is as short as possible.

Other Common Code Words And Secret Ones!

There are several other types of words and numbers that can be broadcast over the store’s intercom. While some of these are official, others are designated at the discretion of the store manager. Here are some of the other ‘secret’ words and numbers you may hear over the intercom when you visit a store. 


This is another number that is commonly programmed into the store’s intercoms. There is a special button to press on those intercoms to generate this number when the loading area needs help. This indicates that all employees who are not helping customers should head on over as soon as possible.

You are likely to hear the number 50 broadcast when a particularly large delivery has arrived. Deliveries must be unloaded as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, there may not be enough staff in the loading bay at the time, and assistance has to be sought.  



This number is broadcast to announce the fact that more employees are needed in the store’s parking lot. This usually happens when several shopping carts need to be put away. All employees who are not busy assisting a customer are expected to head to the lot straight away. 


This number may be broadcast over the store intercom in the case of an emergency. It is important not to panic if you hear the number 99 being broadcast. Instead, you need to remain calm and wait for further instructions. In many cases, the broadcast may simply be a drill to test the reactions of new employees. 


Members of Lowe’s Merchandising Service Teams wear blue shirts, and this color relates to them. These employees are responsible for maintaining the visual appearance of the store. If ‘blue’ is announced over the intercom, it indicates that the assistance of one of these employees is needed. 


When you hear Adam over the intercom, you should keep a lookout for a missing child that a parent has reported as lost. This alerts all store employees to actively help find them.

After the name Adam is broadcast, a brief description of the child is usually given. All store employees are expected to stop what they are doing this code takes priority over all other duties at all times.

Ten minutes is the limit!

Ten minutes is the limit!

During this time, designated employees monitor the store entrances and exits. This is to make sure the child does not wander out of the store or is being carried away. If the missing child is not found within ten minutes, the store manager has to call the police. 

What Is Code 3 At Lowe’s? – The Variations Between Stores 

The only official terms that are said over Lowe’s intercoms are 3 and 50. While these are the only terms that have been programmed into the intercoms, other terms tend to be used. These terms often vary between different locations and parts of the United States. 

The Difference between Companies

Each major company has its own words, numbers, and phrases to describe certain situations. However, you are likely to find that there are some differences in terms used between companies. This is because each company has unique situations that need to be communicated by intercom. 

There are also certain universal designations that all major companies tend to use. The main universal term is Adam, which can potentially be heard in all stores and shopping malls. This term has been regulated under the missing children programs of the United States and Canada. 

The Intercom Term For Shoplifters

The Intercom Term For Shoplifters

If an individual or group of people is seen stealing, the information will be communicated over the intercom. However, the thief mustn’t be alerted to the fact that they have been seen. Therefore, the term used to express this must be kept secret. New store employees sign a clause in their contract to confirm they will keep the secret before being told the term.

If a store employee spots the suspect or group of suspects, they are not supposed to confront them. Instead, they are trained to observe the suspect and follow them at a safe distance. Employees need to memorize a description of the suspect and their vehicle license plate if possible.

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What Is Code 3 At Lowe’s? – Final Thoughts

Employees in most major stores use intercoms and walkie-talkies to communicate. Codes are often used by Lowe’s employees so that customers are not disturbed. In most cases, the numbers and words that are said are related to work and staffing needs.

However, there are some occasions when a word or number may relate to an emergency. If you happen to hear this and understand the situation, it is important to remain calm. If you appear to react strongly or panic, it could cause other shoppers to react in the same way.

So, if you’re a new employee, make sure to learn your codes!

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