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What is the Ace Hardware Jingle?

what is the ace hardware jingle

Do you find that advertising jingles tend to get stuck in your head easily? 

After hearing them on the radio, you may suddenly find yourself singing them on the bus or at work. This is a common ploy used by companies that are designed to make sure you don’t forget about them. Jingles are catchy tunes that are connected to a particular business slogan to make it more memorable. This slogan usually relates directly to something that the company is famous for. 

So, let’s find out… what is the Ace Hardware jingle?

About The Original Jingle

The first jingle the company used was ‘Ace is the place with the helpful hardware man.’ This highlighted the fact that the company invests a lot of time and money in developing excellent customer service. Customers who are working on home improvement projects can be sure staff will help them find it when they need it.

However, this slogan was starting to sound a bit dated by the end of the 1980s. Many people felt that the emphasis on the term ‘hardware man’ could alienate women. Therefore, a decision was made to modernize this slogan. 

The singer 

Companies usually employ actors and singers with familiar voices to star in their advertising campaigns. These celebrities are usually trusted and even adored by the public. This helps to instill the feeling that the company can also be trusted.

Because Connie Francis was a household name in the 1970s, she was quickly recruited to sing the jingle. Her voice is sure to have been instantly recognizable to many of her fans. Although this jingle has been used recently, Connie Francis’ voice is no longer on it. This is mainly because the words have been changed slightly, and the lyrics are often left out altogether. 

The Current Ace Hardware Jingle

The lyrics of the catchy tune were updated slightly in 1989 to match modern sentiments. The new Ace hardware jingle states that ‘Ace is the place with the helpful hardware folks.’ The use of the word folks makes the lyrics more gender-neutral to appeal to a wider customer base. 

The Current Ace Hardware Jingle

The meaning

The meaning behind the lyrics refers to the authentic and personal experience that customers receive. This reflects the fact that customers can seek advice in-store. Employees have detailed knowledge of these products and services and are trained to provide excellent customer service. 

The lyrics

The lyrics are short and simple, which helps to make them easy to remember. They fit easily with the melody and are designed to be very catchy. The fact that the lyrics have not been changed since 1989 shows that they are very effective.

The composer

The melody was written by an advertising company called O’Keefe, Reinhard & Paul. The Chicago-based advertising company interviewed more than a hundred of the company’s retailers and employees. This helped them to gain an understanding of typical customer requests and how the requests are handled. 

The melody and lyrics were designed to capture the unique experience that customers enjoy. After composing the melody and lyrics, the finished composition was presented to a test panel. It received a very high approval rating and was immediately adopted. 

The Current Advertising 

The company launched a new advertising campaign in March 2016, and it is still used to this day. It was simultaneously launched on television, audio, and digital channels throughout the United States. The campaign features a montage of more than thirty short videos filmed at stores throughout the country.

Over the years, the company has featured a number of popular celebrities in its advertising campaigns. They were usually hired to play the role of the iconic hardware man referred to in the lyrics. These celebrities included Lou Manfredini and John Madden.

The Current Advertising 

From celebrities to actual employees…

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, female celebrities were also hired to star in adverts. These famous faces included Suzanne Somers and Connie Stevens. Other people who have starred in the company’s campaigns over the years include Jerry Lewis, Jackie Gleason, and Mel Blanc. 

Instead of celebrities, the current Ace Hardware advertising campaign uses a cast of actual store owners and associates. It also features around forty actual customers. This helps to give the campaign a more natural and inviting feel that appeals to people of all ages.

TV Networks and online platforms…

The adverts in the campaign were created to support sales and seasonal offerings across different categories. This includes lighting, paint, and lawn and garden. This was designed to showcase the diversity of products and services that the company offers. 

This campaign includes more than 25 exclusive fifteen and thirty-second spots that are regularly aired on major television networks. This includes USA Network, ESPN, CBS, and the Food Network. Ace Hardware has also invested heavily in banners on online platforms such as YouTube, Hulu, DirecTV, and 120 Sports. 

The Slogan

The slogan is similar to a catchphrase and is instantly recognizable to many people in the United States. This slogan can be seen on the sides of buses, on billboards, and in other prominent locations. It is often applied to a banner on websites as a cheaper form of advertising. 

The slogan is often used to grab the attention of people and help them remember the hardware company. The original slogan was ‘the helpful hardware place.’ However, in recent years the slogan has been modified to ‘Ace- the helpful place.’ The first and last words of the slogan rhyme, which helps to make it even more memorable.

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Final Thoughts 

Since 1989, the Ace Hardware jingle has been, ‘Ace is the place with the helpful hardware folks.’ This is designed to firmly associate the company with a professional and helpful service. Even if you are not a hardware or DIY expert, you can be sure you will find the products you need. 

Although the melody is still widely used, the lyrics are only used occasionally. The melody is so catchy that customers immediately associate it with the company. In 2016, a new advertising campaign was launched featuring the original melody and the lyrics, ‘Ace – the helpful place.’

Happy Shopping at Ace Hardware, and try not to sing along with the jingle if you can!

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