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What is the difference between Club 33 and 1901?


What is the difference between Club 33 and 1901?

Club 33 and 1901 are exclusive, members-only clubs located within the Disneyland Resort and Disney California Adventure Park respectively. Both clubs offer unique experiences, but they have significant differences in terms of membership, location, and atmosphere.

1. How can one become a member of Club 33 or 1901?

Club 33 membership is highly exclusive and comes with a substantial waiting list. To become a member, individuals or corporations must submit an application and wait for an invitation to join. On the other hand, membership to 1901 is limited to members of the Club 33 community, making it even more exclusive.

2. Where are Club 33 and 1901 located?

Club 33 is located in New Orleans Square at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California, while 1901 is situated in Disney California Adventure Park’s Carthay Circle Theater. Each club offers a distinctive ambiance and theming, reflecting the respective park’s history and style.

3. What are the benefits of Club 33 membership?

Club 33 members enjoy a range of exclusive privileges, including access to the private members-only lounge, priority reservations at Disneyland Resort restaurants, specially curated events, and unique merchandise offerings. They also have the opportunity to host private events and entertain guests at the club.

4. What does 1901 offer to its members?

1901 provides an intimate and refined setting for Club 33 members to relax and socialize. The lounge pays homage to Walt Disney’s personal office in the original Disney Studios on Hyperion Avenue. Members can enjoy signature cocktails, fine dining, and exceptional service in this luxurious and nostalgic environment.

5. Are there any differences in terms of amenities offered?

While both Club 33 and 1901 offer top-notch amenities, Club 33 provides members with additional perks, such as access to the exclusive dining room, access to the 1901 lounge in Disney California Adventure Park, and the ability to purchase Premier Annual Passports for themselves and family members.

6. How does the ambiance differ between the two clubs?

Club 33 embraces a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere reminiscent of an upscale Victorian era private club, complete with classic decor, chandeliers, and plush seating. In contrast, 1901 exudes a more casual, yet still luxurious, ambiance with a focus on Walt Disney’s personal history and the early days of animation.

7. Can guests of members enter these clubs?

Both Club 33 and 1901 allow members to bring guests to enjoy the exclusive experiences. However, it’s important to note that only members can make reservations and gain entry to the clubs. Guests will need to be accompanied by a member throughout their visit.

8. Is there a significant difference in cost between the memberships?

The cost of Club 33 membership is substantially higher compared to membership at 1901. Club 33 requires an initial membership fee, annual dues, and additional expenses related to dining and events. The exact costs are not publicly disclosed, further adding to the exclusivity.

9. Can members access both Club 33 and 1901?

Club 33 members have access to both Club 33 and 1901, making their membership even more valuable. This allows them to enjoy the unique features and offerings of both clubs, as well as granting them the flexibility to choose the club that best suits their preferences for a particular visit.

10. Are there any age restrictions for membership?

Both Club 33 and 1901 require members to be at least 21 years old. This ensures that the clubs are exclusive to adults and provide an environment suitable for sophisticated dining, socializing, and relaxation.

11. Can members visit other Disney parks or resorts using their membership?

While Club 33 and 1901 are specific to Disneyland Resort in California, members have the option to enjoy additional benefits at other Disney parks and resorts worldwide. These benefits may include access to VIP lounges, priority entry to popular attractions, and special discounts, offering an enhanced Disney experience beyond their home clubs.

12. Can membership be transferred or sold?

Club 33 membership is non-transferable and non-sellable, ensuring exclusivity and maintaining the integrity of the club. On the other hand, while 1901 membership is also non-transferable, members have the option to transfer their membership within their immediate family or business entity under certain circumstances.

In conclusion, both Club 33 and 1901 offer their members unparalleled exclusivity and unique experiences within the Disneyland Resort. The key differences lie in their locations, membership processes, ambiance, amenities, and costs. Whether it’s the Victorian elegance of Club 33 or the nostalgic charm of 1901, these clubs provide a haven for Disney enthusiasts seeking a truly extraordinary and luxurious experience within the magical world of Disney.

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