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What is the meaning of Avis preferred?

What is the meaning of Avis Preferred?

Avis Preferred is a loyalty program offered by the car rental company Avis. It is designed to provide a more personalized and convenient rental experience for frequent renters. By signing up for Avis Preferred, customers can enjoy a range of benefits and rewards that enhance their renting experience.

What are the benefits of Avis Preferred?

Avis Preferred members enjoy numerous benefits that make renting a car more convenient and efficient. Some key benefits include:

1. Faster and easier reservations: Avis Preferred members can save time by skipping the rental counter and going directly to their car. This is made possible by pre-selecting their car type and providing all necessary details online before arrival.

2. Priority service: Avis Preferred members are prioritized when it comes to vehicle availability and service. They receive expedited service at the rental locations, ensuring a seamless and quick rental process.

3. Guaranteed upgrades: Members have the opportunity to enjoy free upgrades to a higher car class based on availability. This allows them to enhance their driving experience without any additional cost.

4. Complimentary weekend rentals: Avis Preferred members can earn free weekend rental certificates by accruing points through their rentals. These certificates can be redeemed for a weekend rental of a specified car class, offering great value for loyal customers.

5. Access to exclusive offers: Members receive exclusive access to special offers, discounts, and promotions throughout the year. These offers can range from discounted rates to bonus points, adding further value to their rentals.

6. Earn rewards: Avis Preferred members have the opportunity to earn Avis Preferred Points with every rental. These points can be accumulated and redeemed for free rental days, upgrades, and other rewards.

How can I join Avis Preferred?

Joining Avis Preferred is simple and free. You can sign up for the program online or during your next rental. All you need to do is provide some basic information, such as your contact details and driver’s license information. Once registered, you will receive a unique Avis Preferred membership number that you can use to access the benefits and rewards of the program.

Is Avis Preferred available worldwide?

Yes, Avis Preferred is available in numerous countries around the world. With a global presence, Avis ensures that its loyal customers can enjoy the benefits of the program no matter where they travel. Whether you are renting a car domestically or internationally, you can take advantage of the perks and privileges offered by Avis Preferred.

What is the difference between Avis Preferred and Avis Preferred Plus?

Avis Preferred Plus is an enhanced version of the Avis Preferred program. While both programs offer similar benefits, Avis Preferred Plus provides even greater rewards and advantages. Some additional benefits of Avis Preferred Plus include:

1. Even faster service: Preferred Plus members have access to an exclusive counter where they can receive expedited service. This ensures an even quicker rental process.

2. Free upgrades guaranteed: Unlike standard Avis Preferred members who receive free upgrades based on availability, Preferred Plus members are guaranteed a free upgrade, as long as they reserve a car in the standard and full-size car classes.

3. Premier parking: Preferred Plus members enjoy a designated parking area, making it easier for them to find their rented vehicle and begin their journey swiftly.

4. Upgrade tokens: Preferred Plus members receive six upgrade tokens annually, which they can use to enjoy a one-car-class upgrade. These tokens provide additional flexibility and enhancement to their rental experience.

5. Premium customer service: Preferred Plus members have access to an exclusive customer service hotline, ensuring prompt assistance for any queries or concerns.

Can I earn Avis Preferred Points with Avis Preferred Plus?

Yes, Avis Preferred Plus members can earn Avis Preferred Points in the same way as standard Avis Preferred members. Every qualifying rental earns points that can be later redeemed for rewards or free rental days. The accumulation of points allows Preferred Plus members to maximize the benefits of the program and enjoy even more value from their rentals.

Can I transfer my Avis Preferred membership to someone else?

No, Avis Preferred memberships are non-transferable. The benefits and rewards are intended for the individual member and cannot be shared or transferred to a different person. However, other individuals can sign up for their own Avis Preferred membership to enjoy the perks and advantages of the program.

Can I use Avis Preferred for business rentals?

Yes, Avis Preferred is applicable to both personal and business rentals. Whether you are renting a car for business travel or personal use, Avis Preferred ensures that you can enjoy a more seamless and rewarding rental experience. Members can accrue points and benefits regardless of the purpose of their rental, making it suitable for all types of customers.

Are there any fees for joining Avis Preferred?

No, joining Avis Preferred is completely free of charge. There are no membership fees associated with the program. As a customer, you can sign up and start enjoying the benefits and rewards without any additional costs.

How can I make the most of my Avis Preferred membership?

To make the most of your Avis Preferred membership, it is recommended to regularly rent with Avis. By consistently choosing Avis for your car rental needs, you can accumulate more points, earn free rental days, and increase your chances of receiving upgrades. Additionally, staying updated with exclusive offers and promotions can help you maximize the value of your membership and take advantage of the best deals available.

What are the eligibility criteria for Avis Preferred membership?

To be eligible for Avis Preferred membership, you must meet the following requirements:
– Be at least 25 years old (age restrictions may vary by location)
– Hold a valid driver’s license
– Provide accurate contact and personal information during the registration process

Typically, anyone meeting these criteria can join Avis Preferred and start enjoying the benefits immediately.

Can I cancel my Avis Preferred membership?

Yes, you can cancel your Avis Preferred membership at any time. If you no longer wish to be part of the program, you can contact the Avis customer service team through their hotline or online support channels. They will assist you in canceling your membership and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

How can I update my membership details?

To update your membership details, such as your contact information or driver’s license number, you can log in to your Avis Preferred account online. Once you are logged in, you can navigate to the “My Profile” section and make the necessary changes. Keeping your details up to date ensures a smooth and hassle-free rental experience with Avis.

Can I use Avis Preferred for one-way rentals?

Yes, Avis Preferred can be used for both one-way and round-trip rentals. Whether you need to drop off the rental car at a different location or return it to the same rental location, Avis Preferred ensures that your rental experience is both convenient and rewarding. The benefits and rewards of the program are applicable to various rental types, providing flexibility for different travel needs.

Is Avis Preferred available for international rentals?

Yes, Avis Preferred is available for international rentals. The program extends to numerous countries worldwide, allowing members to enjoy the benefits and rewards regardless of their travel destination. Whether you are renting a car domestically or internationally, Avis Preferred ensures a more personalized and convenient rental experience.

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