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What is the secret hobo code?


**What is the Secret Hobo Code?**

The secret hobo code is a system of symbols and signs used by homeless people or “hobos” to communicate with each other. These symbols are often found on sidewalks, buildings, or other public spaces where homeless individuals may pass by. The code was used as a way to provide information about the area, such as where to find food, safe places to sleep, or warnings about unfriendly or dangerous people.

The secret hobo code is believed to have originated during the Great Depression when many people were forced to live on the streets and travel by freight train in search of work. It was a way for homeless individuals to look out for each other and share important information without having to speak or draw attention to themselves. The system of symbols was a form of silent communication, allowing those in need to navigate their surroundings more safely and strategically.

**Frequently Asked Questions About the Secret Hobo Code**


What are some common symbols used in the hobo code?

The symbols used in the secret hobo code are simple and easy to understand. Some common symbols include a circle with an “X” in the middle, which indicates that the area is hostile or unwelcoming to homeless individuals. A series of parallel lines might indicate that it is safe to camp or sleep in that location. A triangle could signify that a particular house or building is kind and generous to those in need.


How widespread is the hobo code?

The hobo code was most commonly used during the Great Depression when many people were displaced and traveling in search of work. However, some elements of the code are still used today, especially in areas with a large homeless population or where transient individuals pass through frequently. The modern-day hobo code may look a bit different, but the concept of using symbols to communicate important information remains.


How did the hobo code help homeless individuals?

The hobo code was a vital tool for homeless individuals as it provided valuable information and warnings about different areas. For example, a symbol indicating a kind or generous family might mean that a homeless person could find a meal or some work by seeking out the indicated location. On the other hand, a warning about law enforcement or other dangers could help someone avoid trouble and remain safe while navigating through unfamiliar territories.


Can anyone learn to understand the hobo code?

The hobo code is based on simple and straightforward symbols that are easy to understand and interpret. While the original code is no longer as widely used, it is possible for anyone to familiarize themselves with the symbols and their meanings. In fact, some people may already recognize the symbols without even realizing their historical significance.

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