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What island is shared by France and Spain?

< h2 >What Island is Shared by France and Spain?< /h2 >

The island shared by France and Spain is called the island of Pheasants. It is a small uninhabited island in the Bidassoa River, which serves as the international border between France and Spain. The island is significant for its role in the Treaty of the Pyrenees, which was signed in 1659 to end the war between the two countries. It has a rich history and holds cultural significance for both France and Spain.

< h3 >What is the history of the island of Pheasants?< /h3 >
The island has a significant historical background, notably as the site for the signing of the Treaty of the Pyrenees. This treaty was signed between France and Spain to put an end to the Franco-Spanish War, which had lasted for over two decades. The island was specifically chosen as a neutral meeting place for the negotiations, and a temporary wooden bridge was constructed to allow the French and Spanish delegations to meet in the middle of the river. The treaty was signed on the island on November 7, 1659, marking the end of the war and defining the border between the two countries.

< h3 >Why is the island significant to both France and Spain?< /h3 >
The island of Pheasants holds significant cultural and historical importance for both France and Spain. It symbolizes the end of a long and bloody war between the two nations and serves as a tangible reminder of the peace treaty that was signed there. The island’s role in history has made it a symbol of peace and cooperation between the two countries, and it continues to be a site of interest for visitors and historians alike.

< h3 >What is the geographical location of the island?< /h3 >
The island of Pheasants is located in the Bidassoa River, which forms the natural border between France and Spain. It is situated near the town of Hendaye in France and the town of Hondarribia in Spain. The island is relatively small, covering an area of only a few acres, but its significance far outweighs its size due to its historical and cultural importance to both countries.

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