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What Military Branch Accepts Felons?

What Military Branch Accepts Felons

If felons want to join the US Military, they can face multiple challenges in the eyes of law. Every day approximately 1000 people both men and women get convicted for various crimes. Felons with misdemeanor felonies can join the military as prospects.

Felons with serious felonies such as drug distribution, rape, drinking and driving cases, etc. fail to pass the stringent guidelines of the US Military. 5 branches of the Military look for felons with sound moral character, these include Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine or Coast Guards along with a felony conviction. Felons who fail to demonstrate honesty and sound moral character cannot become a part of the US Military.

Factors That Permit Felons To Become A Part Of US Military Forces

  • Nature of the felony conviction
  • If felons are currently on probation or parole
  • If felons are still facing criminal proceedings or serving their sentence in prison.
  • Your age during the felony conviction
  • Current vacancies in the US Military

Disqualification Due To Serious Crimes

Certain crimes do not get accepted in the US Military. This refrains felons from becoming a part of the US military.

Let’s examine some of these crimes to understand Why they do not hold a place in the US Military?

  • Civil Conviction with a serious offense and more than 3 offenses of similar nature refrain felons to join any branch of the US Military.
  • Trafficking and distribution of any kind of substance abuse such as drugs, refrain felons to join Military forces.
  • Drinking and driving is another parameter that refrains felons to join the US Military.
  • US Military conducts pre-employment drug screening and alcohol tests before the military application gets submitted.

what military branch accepts felon

  • Any felon found under severe influence of substance abuse loses a chance to join US Military.
  • Rape, sexual crimes, murder, theft, etc. also make felons lose a chance to join the Military.
  • If felons are under the influence of drinks (alcohol), felons cannot become a part of the Air force but join the Marine branch of the Military.
  • If felons are unsure what kind of felonies refrain them from joining the US Military, the best option isto speak to either a lawyer or the recruiting panel to get appropriate details in this regard.

What Is a Felon’s Present Legal Status?

1 If felons are currently on probation or parole, they require a waiver to join military forces.

2 Felons do not receive a waiver if they are currently either facing criminal proceedings or serving time in prison.

3 Felons need to complete both parole and probation to fill an application in the Military.

4 Dishonesty refrains felons from getting a good job in the military forces.

5 Felons get an advantage when their probation period gets reduced which allows them to join military forces.

6 The central decision of felons joining military forces lies with the judge presiding over the case.

Felons are Either Juvenile or Adults During Felony Charge

The felon’s age at the time of conviction matters. Generally, juvenile records get expunged and receive security clearance to join military forces. The charges generally include both felonies and misdemeanors.

Joining military forces depends on each case. If felons were juveniles, they hold a better chance to join military forces. Felons get eliminated for charges such as sexual offense, rape, and murder and they cannot serve military under any circumstances.

Factors That Assist Felons to Join Military

1 Felons can join Military forces if they complete certain basic requirements.

2 Felons require a waiver that cleans their criminal record.

3 They require letters of recommendation which certify their good character.

4 Felons must undergo a suitability review process.

what military branch accepts a felon tips

5 Felons face challenges while joining the Air Force since recruiters are very picky and choosy for Air Force.

6 They find it difficult to join the Air force with a criminal background.

7 Felons with minor felonies hold a fair chance to join Army and Marines.

8 These branches of the Military help felons to uplift their lives and re-establish their career along with serving society.

What Kind of Misdemeanors Allow Felons to Join Military Forces?

  • Misdemeanors are minor crimes that do not affect a felon’s desire to join military forces.
  • It depends on the type of branch a felon wants to join in the Military.
  • Some of the misdemeanors conviction require a basic waiver.
  • Simple assault doesn’t refrain felons to join the Military
  • Felons disturbing someone’s peace get permission to join the Military.
  • Drinking in public and contempt of court does not refrain felons to join the Military.
  • Over speeding, driving without a seatbelt, or driving without a license are minor misdemeanors that do not refrain felons to join Military forces.

what military branch accepts a felon

  • Felons can join military forces with a clean criminal record.
  • Honesty and dedication and the desire to serve the nation motivate felons to join Military forces and lead a life of honesty and dignity.
  • Felons may raise a concern about felony convictions that encourage them to join military forces.
  • They must focus on developing the required skills and knowledge to join military forces.
  • Felons under the influence of drugs do not get a chance to join Military forces.
  • Before joining Army, felons require a waiver so that they can join military forces without mistakes from the past.
  • Army officials would like to know whether felons have adapted to civilian life well.
  • Felons must seek letters of recommendation from police officers, ministers, or officials in educational institutions to certify their character.

Bottom Line

Felons receive a fair chance to be part of respectable positions in Military forces. Felons can serve society by joining military forces. Serious crimes refrain felons from leading a dignified life with honor. Felons require different waivers and adaptation to civil life before they join military forces. Minor activities allow felons to join military forces without a waiver.

Military follows stringent policies and procedures and it is not a cakewalk for felons who want to join the military and serve the nation. Felons can restart a new life by joining military forces, however, they need to learn how to obey the law and order of the country.

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  1. It is possible to join the military with a felony, regardless of the military branch. But your chances will be influenced by various factors, such as the severity of your crime(s) and your present legal status.

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