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What planes are not on Flightradar24?

What planes are not on Flightradar24?

Flightradar24 is a popular platform that allows users to track flights in real-time. However, there are certain types of aircraft that are not visible on the radar. These include military aircraft, private jets, smaller planes, and some helicopters. Let’s dive deeper into each category to understand why they are not displayed on Flightradar24.

Military Aircraft

Military aircraft, such as fighter jets, bombers, and surveillance planes, are intentionally excluded from Flightradar24. The movements of these aircraft are classified and kept confidential for security reasons. The military operates on frequencies and protocols that are not publicly accessible, making it difficult to track them using civilian tracking systems. Governments and defense agencies have their own monitoring systems, specifically designed for military operations.

Private Jets

Private jets, also known as business jets, are not always visible on Flightradar24. This is because some private jet owners prefer to keep their flights confidential and limit public tracking. Privacy is often a concern for high-profile individuals, celebrities, and business executives who use private jets for personal or corporate travel. Additionally, certain private jets operate on frequencies that are not compatible with Flightradar24’s technology.

Smaller Planes

Smaller planes, such as propeller aircraft and regional jets, may not appear on Flightradar24 due to limitations in their avionics systems. Older aircraft models or those without Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) equipment cannot transmit their position and flight data to the Flightradar24 network. Consequently, these planes are not visible on the radar map.

Some Helicopters

Certain types of helicopters are not displayed on Flightradar24 either. This is primarily because not all helicopters are equipped with ADS-B capabilities. Helicopters used for private or commercial purposes, such as sightseeing tours and aerial photography, may not transmit their real-time information on Flightradar24. It’s important to note that larger helicopters and those involved in emergency services or law enforcement are more likely to be visible on the radar.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can military aircraft be tracked at all?

Yes, military aircraft can be tracked using specific military radar systems or dedicated government tracking platforms. However, this information is not accessible to the general public or displayed on Flightradar24.

2. Are all private jets invisible on Flightradar24?

No, not all private jets are invisible on Flightradar24. Some private jet operators choose to allow public tracking, especially when flying on commercial airways. However, many private jet owners prefer to keep their flights private and restrict public monitoring.

3. Why don’t all smaller planes have ADS-B equipment?

ADS-B equipment can be expensive to install, and some older aircraft models may not have the necessary avionics to support it. Additionally, smaller planes operating in remote areas with limited radar coverage might not require ADS-B equipment as per the region’s aviation regulations.

4. Can helicopters be tracked on Flightradar24?

Yes, some helicopters equipped with ADS-B technology can be tracked on Flightradar24. However, not all helicopters are required to have ADS-B capabilities, and certain types used for specific purposes may not transmit their real-time information.

5. How are military aircraft monitored for safety purposes?

For safety purposes, military aircraft are monitored through specific military radar systems, air traffic control, and coordination between defense agencies. These systems ensure safe separation of military aircraft from commercial traffic and prevent any potential conflicts in airspace usage.

6. Are there other platforms where private jets can be tracked?

Yes, there are other tracking platforms available specifically for private jet tracking. Some companies offer private jet tracking services tailored to the needs and preferences of private jet owners.

7. Can private jets request to be visible on Flightradar24?

While private jet owners cannot directly request visibility on Flightradar24, they can choose to equip their aircraft with ADS-B technology, making it trackable by the platform.

8. Why is it important to restrict tracking of military aircraft?

Restricting the tracking of military aircraft is crucial for national security. It prevents potential adversaries from gathering information about military operations, capabilities, and strategies. Additionally, it helps maintain the element of surprise during critical military missions.

9. Are there any apps or websites specifically dedicated to tracking military aircraft?

Yes, there are certain apps and websites that provide specialized tracking for military aircraft enthusiasts. These platforms collect data from various sources, including radio communication, and offer detailed information about military flights.

10. Can smaller planes be tracked through other means?

Smaller planes without ADS-B capabilities can still be tracked through traditional radar systems operated by air traffic control or dedicated flight tracking services.

11. Is tracking private jets a privacy concern?

Tracking private jets can raise privacy concerns, especially for high-profile individuals and corporate executives. These individuals may prefer to keep their travel details confidential to maintain their personal security and protect their business interests.

12. How can I distinguish between a tracked commercial aircraft and a private jet on Flightradar24?

Flightradar24 provides information about the aircraft type, registration number, and operator. While some private jets might be visible on Flightradar24, they can often be distinguished from commercial aircraft by their smaller size and the absence of airline branding.

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