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What Time Does Academy Close/Open? (Full Guide)

what time does academy open close

Are you in need of some active wear or outdoor apparel? Perhaps some sporting or camping goods? 

If this is the case, you’ll want to get yourself down to Academy Sports + Outdoors and check out the wide range in stock. Academy Sports + Outdoors has 268 stores in 214 cities located across 18 states, with more locations set to open soon!

If you are lucky enough to live nearby, you might be wondering What Time Does Academy Close/Open? Or if they have the same operating hours at each location? So, let’s find out…

Same Time, Same Place

For a company that started in Texas in 1938 and at first sold tires (I’ll be covering this a little later!), they have rolled with the times and grown exponentially!

If you live in any of the following 18 states, you are lucky enough to be in close proximity to several locations! 

These include:


  • Alabama – 15 locations
  • Arkansas – 8 locations
  • Florida – 14 locations
  • Georgia – 20 locations
  • Illinois – 1 location 
  • Indiana – 3 locations
  • Kansas – 6 locations
  • Kentucky – 7 locations
  • Louisiana – 18 locations
  • Mississippi – 8 locations
  • Missouri – 10 locations
  • North Carolina – 15 locations
  • Oklahoma – 13 locations
  • South Carolina – 9 locations
  • Tennessee – 13 locations
  • Texas – 107 locations
  • Virginia – 1 location
  • West Virginia – Barbourville – coming soon 

But even if you don’t, don’t worry! No matter where in the states you live, you can still access all the great products via their web store and get your order shipped directly to your door!

Opening Hours

Opening Hours

I’ve done my research and found that Academy Sports + Outdoors operates standard hours across ALL of its 268 locations. The stores are open seven days a week, operating a 12-hour day Sunday – Thursday, 9 a.m – 9 p.m. Friday runs a 13-hour day, 9 a.m – 10 p.m, and encourages that last minute late night shopping with the extra hour. 

Meanwhile, Saturday sees the stores open for the longest with a 14-hour day. Doors open at 8 a.m and don’t close until 10 p.m that evening! You can take a good look at the table below.

268 Academy Sports + Outdoors Locations

Opening Hours

Sunday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Monday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Tuesday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Wednesday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Thursday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Friday 9:00 am – 10:00 pm
Saturday  8:00 am – 10:00 pm

Merchandise Offered At Academy Sports

Now that you know the exact times the shops are open, let’s check out what they have in the way of merchandise!

Fitness Apparel And Equipment

Academy sells a massive selection of athletic and general apparel for various sports and hobbies. These include Golf, Yoga, Softball, Running, BasketballBaseballCheerFootball, Hiking, Boxing & MMA, Racquet SportsSwimmingSoccerCyclingLacrosseVolleyballDance & Gymnastics

You can also get an array of casual shirts, shorts, jackets, and sports bras, along with camping and fishing attire and compression wear. Plus a range of shoes. The whole family is catered for as you’ll find clothes and shoes designed for babies to senior citizens, and everyone in between.

They sell fitness equipment too!

However, it’s not just clothing available; you can get gadgets and equipment for every type of sport along with specialized machines and accessories. These include Strength TrainingCardio EquipmentBoxing + MMAFitness AccessoriesSports MedicineYoga, and Sports Nutrition.

The Great Outdoors

Moving away from the sports side of the store and towards the great outdoors. Academy has an extensive range of outdoor entertainment, living, and backyard fun. Find everything you need, from BBQs and smokers to patio furniturebikesbackyard games, and kid’s playsetsswimming pools & watersports, toys, and much more!

Being an avid outdoorsman, one who enjoys wiling away the weekends hunting and fishing whilst camping at a favorite site. Usually means you carry some sort of self-defense or protective gear with you. Academy Sports + Outdoors cater to your every need in this department as well with everything HuntingFishingSelf DefenseCamping & HikingBoating, and RV & Automotive.

What Time Does Academy Close/Open? – Store Services

What Time Does Academy Close/Open? - Store Services

With so many hobbies catered for, you might decide it’s time to try something new! Need a hand with setting your new fishing rod? Or not sure what license you require for a weekend of boar hunting? Let’s check out what types of specialty services Academy offers.

Hunting and Fishing Licenses

Make sure you are up to date with your seasonal hunting and fishing permits and licenses, either Resident, Non-resident, or a Combo license. Academy associates are knowledgeable and can help you with everything in this department.

Reel Line Spooling

Take advantage of free line spooling either with the store’s bulk standard spool, your specialty line you’ve brought along with you, or a newly purchased line whenever you buy a new reel. If you’ve already got a reel but need an expert to set it up for a small fee, the team is happy to help. 

Bore-sighting and Scope Mounting

If you’ve just purchased a hunting rifle. The team at Academy is there to assist you in setting up your sights and scopes free of charge. If you have your own rifle, bring it along, and for a small fee, they can help with bore-sighting and scope mounting.

Propane Exchange Program

A propane exchange program is the most convenient way to replace the fuel for your heaters, BBQ grills, and RVs. Academy exchange 20-pound tanks, all of which have been triple leak tested and safety inspected, and pre-filled with precision.

Product Delivery and Assembly

Some more oversized items available for purchase at Academy need a professional touch when it comes to delivery and/or assembling in your home. They can arrange every step.

Curbside Collection

Another great service Academy offers is a 2-hour in-store or curbside pickup. Shop online and then have your order ready for quick and easy collection just a few hours later. 

The Store Locator

Need some help figuring out the exact location of a store? Or curious which one might be the most convenient when in a new part of town? 

The best way to check these details and more is through the online Academy Store Locator, available on their website. You have access to every single store’s location right there at your fingertips, including what services are provided at the store, the full address, phone number, and operating hours. (even though we already know these)!

The Company History 

The Company History 

Academy Sports + Outdoors came into existence through Max Gochman in 1938, when he opened a tire shop in San Antonio, Texas. After turning it into a military surplus store a few years later, he also assumed the name “Academy Super Surplus” in 1945.

Then, 28 years later, his son Arthur Gochman purchased a string of failing stores known as “Southern Surplus Sales” in Houston in 1973. With the blessing of his father (the proud owner of five successful stores and now based in Austin), Arthur changed the name to “Academy Corp.”

When it became more than just clothes…

He then went on to successfully open a further six stores, all within the Houston area. It was 1980 when Arthur, with his innovative ideas, decided to incorporate all things fishing, camping, and a huge range of sporting paraphernalia. 

Very much on the road to success, Academy, in a brilliant turn of events, decides to run a multi-page newspaper advertisement during the 1983 holidays, which was met with roaring success in terms of sales. On the coattails of this success, 1984 saw Athletic brands added to the product lines.

No more Military Surplus…

In 1990 the company expanded to 28 stores across Texas, while 1991 brought about the decision to discontinue the military surplus side of the business. It was also this year that Academy Corp experienced sales of over $100 million for the very first time.

With the evolution of the business from Military Surplus to all things camping, fishing, and sports. In 1995, Arthur made the call to change the name for the last time to “Academy Sports + Outdoors.”

Exponential Growth

By 1990, they were selling more cowboy boots than any other chain in the United States. As well as outselling direct competitors and previous “all sports go-to” Oshman’s Sporting Goods for fishing licenses. The year 1994 saw Academy cross borders and set up shops in Edmond, Oklahoma, and Lafayette, Louisiana.

In the year 2000, Academy opened its 50th store location in Temple, Texas. Although the company’s roots remained in Texas, with its head offices and distribution centers staying there. 

Going online was a success!

The 00s saw the chain expanding into “hot market” locales, resulting in profitable stores in all of the carefully selected locations. A great component of the business expansion plan! 2011 saw the launch of the eCommerce site, which was another roaring success. Meanwhile, in 2015 the 200th store location opened in Tupelo, Mississippi.


Academy is an official partner to The Houston Texans, Houston Astros, and Kansas City Royals and owns the naming rights to the Bassmaster Classic. 

Do You Love Talking About Sports?

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What Time Does Academy Close/Open? – Final Thoughts

Academy’s company mission statement is to provide “Fun for All.” With everything the store has to offer, they definitely operate accordingly! 

At Academy Sports + Outdoors, you’ll find whatever you need to enjoy your chosen sport and the great outdoors, either as a newbie or seasoned professional. All merchandise is available at your fingertips via the online catalog and in-store during the universal opening hours. 

Happy outdoor shopping at Academy Sports!

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