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What Time Does Amazon Deliver? (2023 Guide)

what time does amazon deliver

Amazon delivers millions of packages to customers every year, from their wide selection of products with millions of options to choose from. 

Customers flock to their website to pick both everyday and unusual items they have a hard time finding in stores, and often at more affordable prices. This is heaven-sent for those working from home, as you don’t have to drive somewhere or take public transportation to get their items. 

However, what about if you work in an office or factory or are getting the children from school. Therefore, your order may arrive at a time that you are not at home. They would most likely leave it on your doorstep or have someone sign for it on your behalf, but it is preferable to receive your package in person, right? 

So, you might well be wondering… What Time Does Amazon Deliver? Knowing when they will show up will give you the best chance of catching the delivery yourself and not having the stress of a parcel left on your doorstep for someone to snatch.

Public Disclaimer Times

Public Disclaimer Times

By general consensus, Amazon will show up with your package on any weekday or weekend from 06:00 am to 10:00 pm, no earlier and no later. It often depends on how many packages the driver has lined up for drop-off that day, how many are for your area, and how far the driver needs to travel from the depot or warehouse where your package came from. 

Of course, you will know which day you can expect your parcel. First, your items will be picked and packaged, and then sent off to the nearest warehouse to your location, if applicable. You will be able to track your package to see on what day it is set to be delivered to your delivery address. 

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Outsourcing to other couriers…

Amazon does not always deliver packages themselves, but they make use of Flexi Drivers, UPS, and USPS couriers to ensure that all their packages make it out, even on weekends.

Amazon Fresh will always deliver your groceries between 08:00 am and 08:00 pm. This is for two reasons:

  • They rely on the grocery items to buy and packaged on the same day as the delivery; this means that whoever has to do this can possibly do so before 08:00 am.
  • Generally, people would like to prepare their meals long before 10:00 pm. 

Most Likely Delivery Times For Amazon

Most Likely Delivery Times For Amazon

On a regular day with a moderate amount of packages, your delivery could likely be dropped off between 08:00 am and 08:00 pm on weekdays and Saturdays, and between 09:00 am and 08:00 pm on Sundays. If they have a longer route than normal and lots of packages, it may come earlier or later. 

Can I Request A Delivery Time?

Can I Request A Delivery Time?

Amazon thrives on its convenience, so customers are able to specify delivery times that are convenient for them. This is useful when you want to ensure that you can receive your package before you leave for work or after you are home for the day. 

You are also able to change your delivery time preferences online. However, once a package has left the depot and is en route for delivery, your delivery time preference changes will not be applicable to that package in question and will only take effect on the next delivery. 

Amazon saves your preferences…

If you find that the date is set to a time that will be inconvenient for you upon ordering, you can select a rescheduling option to move the date to a time that will suit you better. If you have trouble with selecting a date and time preference, or the option is not available for some reason, your best option is to phone Amazon directly and request that they make a note of your preference. 

Amazon Fresh allows for a two-hour window selection of preferred delivery times for groceries. This is helpful because you can ensure that your food is delivered in time for you to make use of the items for whatever meal you are planning for the day.

What Time Does Amazon Deliver? – Warning

What Time Does Amazon Deliver? - Warning

Some items that are large or expensive will require your signature upon delivery, as they are a larger liability risk. Drivers will often try to get these items delivered earlier in the day so that they don’t have to drive around with them all day for their entire shift. 

It is important to ensure that you are available to sign for these items, and take note that these may be dropped off at specific times, early in the morning or just after the second shift of delivery drivers head out. 

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What Time Does Amazon Deliver? – Final Thoughts

Amazon offers long hours of delivery service, delivering any time between 06:00 am and 10:00 pm if their order load demands it. Of course, they also deliver on every given day of the week, including Sundays, with flexibility and your preferences in mind. However, understandably, you may not always get your package at precisely the moment you want it.

But, you are likely to be accommodated by the company and will likely get your package far sooner than you would have had to wait for most other online shopping outlets.

So, good luck with your next Amazon package delivery!

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