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What Time Does Barnes and Noble Close-Open? (Official Time)

Are you dreaming about curling up with a good book?

Barnes and Noble is the biggest bookstore retail chain in the United States. The company boasts more than six hundred branches, and locations can be found in every state. It is also known for offering extended operating hours for the convenience of students and other customers. However, the last thing you want is to turn up at your nearest store to discover that it is already closed.

If you are wondering, ‘what time does Barnes and Noble close-open?’, then it’s time to find out…

Typical Operating Hours

Typical Operating Hours

Most stores throughout the country are open from 06:00 to midnight from Monday to Saturday. While stores are also open on Sundays, they open from 07:00 until midnight. Although these operating times are fairly regulated, they can vary slightly between different locations. 

The company’s college bookstores tend to open a little later than the regular stores. Most of these locations open at 09:00 or 10:00. However, you are likely to find that they are virtually empty for the first few hours. 

Public Holidays

Public Holidays

The operating hours of different Barnes and Noble stores can often vary slightly during certain holidays. While stores remain open on some public holidays, the stores are closed during others. It is important to note that the exact public holidays that are observed can vary between different locations.

The stores are usually open during these public holidays:

  • Black Friday
  • Mardi Gras
  • Christmas Eve
  • Memorial Day
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Mother’s Day
  • Columbus Day
  • MLK Day
  • Easter Monday
  • President’s Day
  • Good Friday
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Halloween
  • Tax Day
  • Labor Day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Veteran’s Day
  • New Year’s Day
  • Independence Day 

On certain public holidays, the stores may close early to give employees time to celebrate. Employees who want to take the day off should apply as far in advance as possible. While being able to take off is not guaranteed, store managers usually try to honor requests.

The stores are usually open during these public holidays:

  • Easter Sunday
  • Thanksgiving 
  • Christmas Day 

In addition, the company’s stores are often closed during bad weather days. These are days when extreme weather conditions prevent employees and customers from traveling to stores. These could be days when a storm warning has been announced, or there is a heavy blizzard.

How To Find Your Nearest Bookstore

How To Find Your Nearest Bookstore

The store manager of different locations has the authority to set their own operating hours. These hours can vary slightly according to the needs of the typical customers the stores serve. Here are some ways to discover the exact operating hours of your local store. 

The store locator 

The best way to find out exactly when your local store opens and closes is by heading to the company’s website. Enter the zip code of the store in the Barnes and Noble store locator. You can also use the map function to zero in on the location if you don’t know the zip code.

Next, you will be directed to a list of all the stores located within a fifty-mile radius. In addition to the operating hours, you will find a range of other types of information. This includes contact details, directions to the store, and information on all the upcoming events. 

Google Maps

The Google Maps app provides detailed information on a wide range of different businesses. All you have to do is use the plus and minus symbols on the map to find the store you want to visit. You will then be provided with the store’s contact information and operating hours.

Using Google Maps is a good option if you are traveling for work or pleasure. You will be provided with detailed information on how to get to the store. You can choose the method of transportation you are using and will be told roughly how long it will take to get there. 

The Barnes and Noble app

The Barnes and Noble mobile app also provides a valuable resource of up-to-date information on stores. The app is available to download for free and install on iOS devices. There is also a Nook app, which is available on both Google Play and iTunes. 

What Time Does Barnes and Noble Close-Open? – Online Purchases

If you are unable to get to a store before it closes, you can still browse for bargains. The company boasts a colorful website that is very easy to navigate. The tabs along the top organize different types of products into categories to make them easy to find.

One of the great things about the website is that you can search for products from the comfort of your own home. For example, track down items by author, title, keywords, or ISBN. You can also use the online help center to track your order and manage your account settings.  

Unlimited shopping hours!

This is a useful option if you urgently need a book in the middle of the night. There will be no need to wait until the next morning when your local store opens. This is also a good option for people who do not live close to one of the company’s bookstores. 

There are often special deals and discounts available via the company’s website. If you are purchasing a present for someone special, you can have it delivered directly to their door. You can also find details on the website of special events that are being held in the company’s stores. 

Products You Can Purchase

Products You Can Purchase

Barnes and Noble is best known for selling different types of books. You can find books on just about every subject imaginable and in a number of different languages. Let’s take a look at some of the other types of products that the company offers. 


You can read your favorite books and magazines on your smartphone or Kindle. The company stocks millions of titles for you to choose from. Simply choose the title you are interested in and pay a small fee to download and install it. This convenient service allows you to store thousands of titles, so they are available at your fingertips. 


Not everyone has the time to read a book whenever they want. Audiobooks allow people to listen to the latest bestsellers while they take care of other tasks. The company offers thousands of titles, and this is a great way to make time fly during a road trip. 

Toys and games

The company offers a unique range of toys and games for people of all ages to enjoy. They are arranged in categories according to the age range to make the perfect item easy to find. The company also offers a variety of board games that are designed to bring families together. 

There are craft kids for people of all ages to have fun with on a rainy day. There are also special themed LEGO kits and other items in this range. 

Stationary and gifts

Next time you are in one of the company’s stores, make sure you check out the gifts section. If you need a present for someone special, you are sure to find it here. You can pick up a box of decadent Godiva chocolates for someone with a sweet tooth. 

The stationary section boasts a wide range of different types of writing paper for every occasion. You will also find journals, calendars, and photo albums. There are also sketchbooks in a whole host of sizes for artists to enjoy. 

Music and movies

Most of the company’s stores feature a vinyl selection where you can find all genres of music. Browsing the ‘top 100 collection’ is a good way to discover some new tunes. Most stores also offer a large selection of DVDs. You can find classic British TV series as well as the latest movies. 

Gift cards

Treat your favorite bookworm to the perfect present with one of the company’s special gift cards. There are dozens of different designs to choose from for just about every occasion. You can choose how much cash you want to load onto the cars and let your loved one pick their present. Other great gifts from the company’s collection include scented candles and tote bags. 

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What Time Does Barnes and Noble Close-Open? – Final Thoughts

Curling up with a good book is the perfect way to spend a wet and stormy evening. If you are short on reading material, Barnes and Noble will be able to help you out. The company boasts hundreds of stores scattered across all parts of the United States.

No matter what subject you are interested in, you are sure to find it covered in your local store. Of course, you can always order the reading material you are interested in from the company’s website. Although you will have to wait a couple of days for it to arrive, this saves you the time and trouble of driving and parking.

Enjoy reading your books from Barnes And Noble!

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