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What Time Does Hobby Lobby Close-Open? (2023 Guide)

what time does hobby lobby close open

Are you running low on your favorite crafting supplies? There is nothing worse than running out of the items you need when you are in the middle of a project.

Fortunately, you can be sure that Hobby Lobby will have whatever you need. The company was established in 1972 and boasts more than 900 locations across the United States. However, traveling to your local craft store only to find that it is closed is sure to be frustrating.

If you are wondering, ‘what time does Hobby Lobby close-open?’, then it’s time to find out…

Typical Operating Hours

About Hobby Lobby

The company’s stores are open from 09:00 to 20:00 from Monday to Saturday. This gives shoppers plenty of time to pick up the supplies they need. All of the company’s stores are closed on Sundays to allow employees to spend this holy day with family members. Special crafting classes typically last for 90 minutes and are held throughout the day. 

Holiday Hours

The CEO and founder of Hobby Lobby, David Green, is a Christian and believes that holidays are the time to spend with family. Therefore, the company’s stores are closed on most Christian holidays. However, stores also offer special holiday decorations and crafts in the weeks leading up to major holidays.

The company’s stores are usually open during the following holidays:

  • Black Friday
  • Mardi Gras
  • Christmas Eve
  • Memorial Day
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Mother’s Day
  • Columbus Day
  • New Year’s Day
  • Easter Monday
  • President’s Day
  • Good Friday
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Halloween
  • Tax Day
  • Labor Day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Veteran’s Day

Most of the company’s employees are Christian and are treated to special holidays off work. Employees of other faiths who want to celebrate their religion’s holidays need to apply for time off. The company’s stores are also closed during bad weather days when it would be unsafe for employees to travel. 

The company’s stores are closed on the following public holidays:

The company’s stores are closed on the following public holidays:

  • Christmas Day
  • Easter Sunday
  • New Year’s Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Independence Day

How To Find Your Nearest Craft Store

hobby lobby application

The company boasts stores in 48 states, and there is a good chance there will be a branch near you. However, many locations tend to be quite small and can be difficult to track down if you are new to an area. Let’s take a look at the three main ways of finding your nearest craft store. 

The store locator

To find your nearest store, all you have to do is head over to the company’s website. Click on the online store location and enter your desired location in the search bar. You will then find a list of all the company’s stores that are located within the specified area.

After you click on the store details, the exact opening and closing times will appear. You will also find details of the various crafting classes that are offered at different times of the week. There will be details of the price of these classes and the experience level they are suitable for. 

Google Maps

If you are searching for a great gift while you are on the road, a Hobby Lobby store is sure to provide it. You can grab the perfect present for your favorite crafter and make their day. Using Google Maps is the best way to find a craft store if you are exploring a different city or town.

All you have to do is enter the name of the company in the search bar on the Google Maps app. The app will then use your location to show you the different stores in your area. You can click on the store you want to visit to see the opening hours and get directions on the map. 

The Hobby Lobby app 

The company’s app is a great tool that you can use while you are on the move. The app features details of each of the company’s stores within the United States. You will also find operating hours, contact information, and much more.

The app is free to download and use, and versions have been created for all mobile operating systems. You can use the app to collect special coupons, which will save you money on products purchased in stores and online. There is also a weekly deal for savvy shoppers to take advantage of. 

What Time Does Hobby Lobby Close-Open? – Online Orders

You can also order the craft supplies that you need from the Hobby Lobby website. This is an excellent option if you don’t happen to have a store close to your home. You can browse for thousands of products via the website and find a number of deals and discounts.

If you know the SKU number of the item you need, you can enter it in the search bar. This helps to enjoy that the yarn or other craft supply you are looking for will be an exact match. The company offers standard delivery to 48 states, while there is also a comprehensive returns policy. 

Popular Products

Popular Products

Most people tend to associate this company with crafting supplies such as yarn and craft paper. However, the company’s stores also offer an excellent range of home décor items that add a touch of class. Here are some of the best items you can pick up in your local store and on the company’s website.


These special bookends are a relatively recent addition to the company’s collection. They have quickly become one of Hobby Lobby’s most popular items and are available in a range of styles. They add a touch of authentic old farmhouse style to any living room, study, or library. 

Faux plants and flowers

You don’t have to be blessed with a green thumb to add a little nature to your home. The company offers an excellent range of fake plants and flowers to choose from. These items look very realistic and are a great option for people who struggle to keep real plants and flowers alive. 

Craft wood 

Hobby Lobby offers a whole host of craft wood panels for a wide range of projects. Whether you want to make a special sign or another work of art, you are sure to find what you need. Not only does the craft wood come in a range of sizes and styles, but it is also available at very reasonable prices. 


Once you have created the perfect work of art, you will want to present it in a special frame. Not only does the company offer an excellent range of frames, but many options are also 50% off at certain times. Hobby Lobby sells frames in every shape and size, as well as a specialist framing service. 

Tobacco baskets

This classic item has become very trendy in recent years, and you will find a large collection in stores. These baskets boast a vintage look and add an extra touch of charm that is sure to satisfy. They come in a range of different styles and can be used to display fruit and other items. 


Kids love creating their own t-shirts, and they make the perfect foundation for craft projects. The company offers a large collection of plain high-quality t-shirts for crafty kids to decorate. You will also find the specific paints needed and vinyl transfers that the kids can use to make them unique. They also offer special t-shirt decorating classes for kids on Saturdays and during the school holidays. 


Finding the perfect mirror to tie a room together is easy when you visit one of the company’s stores. The collection of mirrors comes in all sorts of sizes and styles for every room in the house. You can also choose custom-made mirrors to create a special feel. Some mirror frames are plain so that you can have fun decorating them yourself. 

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What Time Does Hobby Lobby Close-Open? – Final Thoughts

Each of the Hobby Lobby locations is designed to provide a relaxing shopping experience. Craft lovers can enjoy light jazz, bluegrass, and classical music playing in the background. The store’s employees are very knowledgeable and always willing to go the extra mile to assist customers.

If you can’t find the exact craft supplies you need, the store’s staff will be happy to order them for you. An excellent range of supplies can also be found on the company’s website. If you are new to crafting, you can also learn new skills in one of the Hobby Lobby special workshops.

Good luck, and enjoy shopping at Hobby Lobby!

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