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What To Do If You Don’t Want To Work Anymore?

What To Do If You Don’t Want To Work Anymore

Well, the simple answer to that one is to retire and get on with doing what you want to do. But that isn’t what we are talking about here. The question should really be, what to do if you don’t want to work anymore and you are too young to retire. That is quite a different thing.

So, let’s take a look at your reasons and the possibilities you have to better your future.

what to do if you dont want to work anymore

Not An Uncommon Feeling

I am sure there are quite a few of us that have felt exactly like that if we are honest with ourselves. I know I certainly have. I shall come back to that a bit later when I put it into context.

But the question you need to try to answer is, why do you feel like that? It is important to find out why and do something about it. Our reputation as an employee is important to maintain. So, let’s make a start by asking yourself a few questions.

Has The Work Become Boring

What I mean by that is, has your job become routine and dull? I doubt there are very many jobs anywhere that do not have their routine aspects to deal with. But is it everything you have to do or just parts of it?

Just A Few Elements

If it is just a few things that drive you mad, then it is just a case of getting through those. Getting them out the way rather than putting them off will not help. They are usually mundane things, things you have to do that seem pointless to you. However, they may not be pointless to someone else. They may be waiting for you to complete the tasks so that they can get on.

What Can You Do?

Just cast it off and stop focusing on it. Just get these things done and out of the way. Then you can work on something slightly less mundane. We all have things we must do; trash will not empty itself after all.

Everything About The Job Has Lost Its Appeal

This is a different matter. It is one thing having a few things that bore you about your job. But when everything you have to do has lost its appeal, that is another matter.

There are some things you can do:

  • Remember why you took the job in the first place.
  • Look at what you are doing and find something positive that you enjoy.
  • Look at other elements that maybe you don’t mind.
  • List them if you have to and see how the good and the bad stack up.

A good thing you can do is to stop looking at your job as a pain in your life. Think of it in another way. Consider for a minute all those that would give a lot to have the job you have.

what to do if you dont want to work anymore advice

What Can You Do?

If none of those things work, then there is probably only one solution. But make sure you have identified a new position before you give any inclination you are going to leave.

Consider The Future

You might be having a rough patch with your job at the moment, but is that all it is? Can you see yourself progressing through the system with this company? Or do you see people stuck in the same jobs for years with no movement at all? If you think there might be some opportunities in the future, it might be unwise to just discard them.

Consider what the future might bring. You might have a successful track record with this company thus far. It could mean a few years’ worth of good reports on your file. By leaving, you lose all that and have to start again with a new company. And there is nothing to say that you won’t feel the same way after a few years with them.

What Can You Do?

Refocus your thinking. Find the positives at work. Reward yourself with a coffee with some friends when you finish work on something you find mundane. Pat yourself on the back and think that perhaps it isn’t so bad after all.

Personalities And Attitudes

It is a shame when someone or something drives you away from your job that you otherwise might enjoy. But it does happen, and it can get so bad that it makes you feel you don’t want to work there anymore.


I had that same experience many years ago. I worked for a large Computer manufacturer, no names. But at the time, they were the big cheeses in IT around the world. The attitudes of management, though, were disgusting. They could do no wrong, aren’t we good. No, they weren’t, and we could all see it.

They invested research in computers that were so big they needed water cooling. The sensible ones, without an ego, were developing computers that sat on your desk. Guess who won that battle? The point is that sometimes the writing is on the wall, and you can see what is happening. That makes you unhappy, and it is usually best to move on.

What Can You Do?

Provided you have thought it through; then this is probably a good time to say to yourself, ‘What do I want To Do?’

A Clash of Personalities – A Colleague

If it is someone in the workplace that makes you feel unhappy, can you do anything about it? That will depend on who it is, of course. It might be possible to have limited interaction. If not, then you could try just dealing with them when you have to and then just staying out of the way.

If it is just one individual, then maybe you should consider this. Are you going to let one person interrupt your career path?

what to do if you dont want to work anymore tips

A Clash Of Personalities – The Boss

If it is a personality clash with the boss, that is a much harder situation to resolve. If you think they don’t like you, then it is worth asking yourself some questions.

  • Is it me, or is it what I do?
  • Is the standard of my work up to scratch?
  • Am I behaving in a way that shows I am a team player?

If it isn’t anything you are doing, then you must resolve it and get your head down and prove your worth. Or it will be time to move on.

what to do if you dont want to work anymore guide

Is It Just For The Money?

Are you working these days just because the pay is good? If that is the case, then you have probably taken on the wrong job for the wrong reasons. People rarely find happiness in jobs where they are there just for cash.

If this is the case, then it has been your fault, and you need to do something about it. You will spend nearly a third of your life at work. Do you want to give away one-third of your life in that atmosphere? For what? A bigger car? By earning a load, all you are doing is paying more tax. Maybe a reality check is due.

Why Did You Take This Job?

Let’s just briefly return to that. Why? There must have been something that attracted you to it. Focus on the good things, and if the bad things are stacked up too high, then maybe it’s time to look elsewhere. But do so carefully.

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Boost Your Confidence To Get Your Dream Job

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Final Thoughts

It is never an easy situation when you feel you just don’t want to go to work. Because actually, you have to. The best thing to do is work out why you feel that way and then try and do something about it yourself.

I hope that after reading my article, you’ve managed to work out your reasons and move forward from where you were. Just remember to stay positive and motivated. We all know how depressing not enjoying your job can be.

All the very best with enjoying your job a little more or finding a new one that you love!

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