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When Do USPS Trucks Go Out for Delivery? (Full Guide)

When Do USPS Trucks Go Out for Delivery

Businesses and individuals rely on the USPS to deliver their mail and packages for them. The Post Office provides secure, reliable, and affordable mail delivery services. With 425.3 million mail pieces processed and delivered daily, you might be wondering, “When do USPS trucks go out for delivery?”

So, if you regularly use this service for a small business or for family and friends, let’s find out about the USPS’s delivery hours.

When Does USPS Deliver?

When Does USPS Deliver?

Receiving a package or a letter is amazing, but everyone knows how frustrating the waiting can be. Countless online memes show how we wait by the window in anticipation, so knowing what time to expect your package will help keep you calm. It’ll also help you plan your day in case you want to be at home when the delivery is made.

The trucks leave the post offices Monday through Saturday at around 9.00 AM. Postal Services open at different hours depending on where you live. Most locations open between 8:00 and 8.30 AM, and you can expect your mail to be delivered anytime from 9.00 AM onwards. Most carriers finish deliveries around 5.00 PM, but there are instances where they finish as late as 7:00 PM. 

Homes and businesses at the end of a route can expect their deliveries any time from late afternoon.

Are you sending legal documents? 

If so, then for your next delivery, why not use the Priority Mail Forever Prepaid Flat Rate Legal Envelope-PPEP14L? This easy-to-use cardboard envelope contains the customer’s return address. They’re also great for shipping legal-sized papers or special documents that need to be delivered quickly.

What About Sundays?

When Do USPS Trucks Go Out for Delivery - What About Sundays?

The post office is closed on Sundays because this is the only day that full-time USPS employees get to rest. However, you can go still online and use some of their services which are available seven days a week. For example, scheduling and label printing are at your disposal, even on Sundays.  

Since there’s been a growing need for regular deliveries, two types of USPS packages can be delivered on Sundays. These are the USPS Priority Mail Express (also known as USPS Overnight) and for Amazon Packages.

Pay extra, but it’s worth it!

The US Mail has a contract with online retailers Amazon on shipment fulfillment. If you pay for guaranteed delivery through Amazon, then you may receive your package on a Sunday.

Priority Mail Express is the fasted guaranteed USPS delivery service offered. It does, however, carry an added fee. The shipment’s cost starts at $26.75, but this is just the standard price which doesn’t include Sunday delivery. If your package is delivered on Sunday, you’ll pay an additional fee of $12.50. In total, you’ll pay at least approximately $40.

There’s a huge difference!

Bear in mind that Priority Mail Express is different from Priority Mail. It’s an overnight delivery service, and Priority Mail ships in 1-3 days, excluding Sundays. 

Priority Mail Express includes tracking and insurance. If your mail or package isn’t delivered by 6.30 PM the following day, you’ll receive a refund! Not only that, but you can take advantage of its international delivery service. Your package can be delivered in 3-5 business days, and the service ships to over 190 countries. 

Does USPS Work on Holidays?

Holiday Hours

The post office observes 11 official holidays annually, including the Fourth of July in observance of Independence Day. It doesn’t deliver regular mail or packages on these days. However, festive holidays in December are an exception.

Employees get healthy bonuses and overtime hours to keep up with massive deliveries during the festive season. 

For more information, check out the USPS’s observed holiday list so that you can plan ahead before you ship or receive any packages.

What Impacts Delivery Times?

A number of different reasons can significantly impact USPS delivery times. Some of these are out of your or the USPS’s control. For example, bad weather could cause a delay in deliveries. Even though the USPS is dedicated to delivering your mail on time, harsh weather conditions can affect this. 

A widespread illness throughout a certain town or region can also cause delays. So, if you normally get your package around 9.00 AM, you can expect to get it hours, or even a day later. 

Tracking keeps you in the loop…

Other things, such as power outages, slippery roads, and windstorms, can impact delivery times, but there’s no need to worry! You can always track your package using USPS tracking. Any changes made towards your delivery date and time will be updated to keep you in the loop. 

 Is It Possible to Pick Up a Package Directly from USPS?

 Is It Possible to Pick Up a Package Directly from USPS?

Simply put, yes, you can directly pick up your package, but you must do it before it’s scheduled for delivery. You must also have a valid reason explaining why you want to pick up your package. Plus, remember that before going to your local post office, you will need to call customer support and give them your USPS tracking number. 

USPS Delivery Info Worth Knowing!

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Or, if you are sending a parcel and the post office is closed, you’ll need to know Can I Drop A Package In A USPS Mailbox, and What Is A USPS Parcel Locker, or perhaps you missed your delivery, if so, check out How Long Does USPS Hold Packages in 2023.

Has your parcel still not arrived? Then, you’ll probably be wondering, Does USPS Deliver At Night, and if it’s the weekend, Does USPS Deliver On Sunday, or check out How To Refuse A Package USPS, and exactly what to do when USPS Says Delivered But No Package.

When Do USPS Trucks Go Out for Delivery? – Final Thoughts

USPS trucks start deliveries from 9.00 AM since offices open between 08.00 – 8.30 AM. If your home or business is at the end of the delivery route, you could get your package around 5:00 PM. There aren’t any normal deliveries made on Sundays, but if you want your package to arrive, you can use Priority Mail Express. However, certain Amazon packages can be delivered on a Sunday at no extra fee.

Holidays are also observed, so you might want to plan your deliveries around the US Mail’s schedule. The good news is that in December, deliveries are done during festive days. Plus, don’t worry; employees are compensated for working extra hours; therefore, everyone benefits!

Hope your next delivery from USPS arrives on time!

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