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When Does CVS Restock? (2023 Updated)

when does cvs restock

It is great to know that there is always a CVS nearby providing a selection of everything you need in the line of health care, medicine, or cosmetic goods.

CVS has such a huge variety of goods that you might even end up walking out with far more than you need or intended to purchase. It does make you wonder, though, what would happen if the store you have come to rely on runs out of your favorite things, your prescription medication, or other crucial items that you are accustomed to getting? 

So, let’s find the answer to this question, as we explore everything there is to know about restocking CVS stores.  

When Does CVS Restock?

When Does CVS Restock?

It depends. Due to the fact that different CVS stores run out of stock at different intervals, their restocking requirements, times, and volumes vary. On average, CVS will typically replenish its merchandise at least once a week; however, there are certain locations that may restock on a bi-weekly basis. 

This is especially the case if they require specific supplies, such as medical items or prescriptions. There are no specific days, but items such as make-up are not replenished as regularly as medicinal and health products. 

However, even if CVS runs out of stock of specific goods within a short period of time, CVS will endeavor to replace them as quickly as possible. In this way, there is always something for the client to purchase.  

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Does CVS Replenish Its Stock On A Specific Day?

No, there is no set day for restocking at CVS locations. Many customers have reported items coming in on a different day every week. One of the main reasons for this is that vendor-supplied commodities are distributed and delivered by the vendor in question.

 CVS has no control or influence over when they deliver. If you are looking for something specific and want to know if your nearest CVS has stock, your best bet would be to call your local CVS and make an inquiry. You can use the handy store finder feature to identify where your nearest CVS is. 

The holiday season makes a difference…

The only time this may change is when the holiday season is approaching or when external factors, such as impending poor weather, require CVS to stockpile. 

Check Stock Levels Before You Go Shopping

Check Stock Levels Before You Go Shopping

It’s as easy as pie to check whether the item you are looking for is in stock at your preferred CVS. Simply log in to your CVS account on their website and type the item’s name into the search field. You can then click the ‘Check Store Availability’ button that is located further down. 

By using the zip code connected to your account, the website will be able to ascertain which CVS stores close to you have the item in stock. By verifying whether CVS has stock in advance, you can save yourself time and an unnecessary trip.   

How soon after restocking are items available?

On replenish days, the majority of CVS shops will receive their merchandise by truck. As soon as the staff members have clocked in, they can start to unpack the goods and stock the store. 

Keep in mind it takes some time for the staff members to identify the products they’ve received, unpack them, and arrange them on the shelves. The staff members allegedly don’t know what is inside the crates until they have been unpacked. This is why it’s advisable to wait and go a bit later in the day to purchase any new products you have been waiting for. 

When Does CVS restock? – CVS Pharmacy Replenishment

When Does CVS restock? - CVS Pharmacy Replenishment

Customers can place orders for medicines that are out of stock, and the pharmacy will order them and notify you as soon as they are back in stock, typically within a day or two. However, it is important for customers to be responsible about their prescription medication and not leave it to the last minute to order. 

It is recommended that you request your prescription five days before running out to enable CVS to place the order and receive it on time. Should a store not have the medication in stock in an emergency, they will order the item and also divert the customer to the closest other CVS outlet that does have it in stock.  

CVS Online Inventory

You can check store availability for items via CVS.com. This is because the catalog is dependent on inventories from neighboring stores as opposed to a centralized warehouse. The store which is closest to the related zip code for your account will always be available, provided you are logged into your CVS account. 

If an item is currently out of stock, you can also phone your neighborhood store to inquire about its availability and find out when it will be back on the shelves, or alternatively, ask them to direct you to the nearest store that does have stock. Only customers and patients that are in the United States can access the CVS website. 

What about branded products?

What about branded products?

All contemporary brands and types of cosmetics are available at CVS, including face masks, mascara, shampoo and conditioner, eyelash extensions, hair and skin care products, and related items. CVS restocks these branded products on the same basis as all other products, that is, once a week, every week. 

This does, however, depend on the demand there is for certain products. Instead of being refilled by CVS, it is done by the beauty and cosmetics vendors of other brands. CVS does not influence how frequently they will receive vendor products. 

When Do Other Stores Restock?

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When Does CVS Restock? – Final Thoughts

Now that you know the answer to the question… when does restocking happen at CVS? Each individual store has a particular day of the week when new merchandise is delivered, and countrywide, CVS does not refill its merchandise on the same schedule. 

 Branded goods, such as sodas, hair care products, or cosmetics, are the sole exception to this rule because they are delivered directly by the seller and not by CVS. 

CVS strive to never run out of anything, and they pride themselves on putting their customers, product quality, and in-store quantity first. Therefore, if you have a medical emergency or prescription that is not in stock, they will order and direct you to a CVS close by which does have whatever you need.

So, good luck and enjoy shopping at CVS!

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