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When Does Dollar Tree Restock? (2023 Guide)

When Does Dollar Tree Restock

Dollar Tree is a store that I frequent quite often, but sometimes when I will go, some of the shelves are nearly empty, but then at other times, there is so much stuff that I cannot even find what I am looking for. Therefore, I started wondering exactly when does Dollar Tree restock?

Well, I did some research, so let’s find out when it’s restock time at Dollar Tree

The History Of Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is a discount store chain in the United States. It offers a variety of merchandise, including food, housewares, toys, health and beauty products, and much more. The store was founded in 1986 by Macon F. Brock, Jr., and Doug Perry. 

The first store was located in Norfolk, Virginia. In 1993, the company expanded to Canada. Today, there are over 15,000 stores in 48 states and five Canadian provinces. Dollar Tree is a publicly-traded company on the Nasdaq stock exchange under the ticker symbol DLTR. The company has a market capitalization of over 26 billion dollars as of 2019.

When Does Dollar Tree Restock?

When Does Dollar Tree Restock

The discount store restocks its shelves once a week. They receive new shipments either once a week or twice a week for larger stores. But a full restock of the entire store will really depend on what was in the shipment, how fast they are selling items, the hours employees are working, and if the store has promotions on.

On top of this, employees typically replenish the shelves every night after the store closes. So, if you are looking for something in particular, it is worth checking back in the mornings.

Do All Dollar Tree Stores Get New Shipments on The Same Day?

No, every store doesn’t recieve a shipment on the same day. It really just depends on the location of the store. Some might get new shipments on Tuesdays instead of Mondays, for example. But in general, you can expect new arrivals every week.

The day deliveries will arrive is often linked to how far away that store is to the distribution center. The further away, the less likely it is that they will receive new shipments on the same day as stores that are closer.

How Frequently Does Dollar Tree Restock Their Shelves?

Dollar Tree restocks their shelves constantly, and often they will do a smaller restock every night. It is also not unusual to see employees putting out more stock whilst you are shopping.

The official day of the big restock, though, varies depending on managers’ preferences and, of course, stock availability. Often weekends are the busiest period for stores, so Monday or Tuesday are the most likely days for a full restock.

Does Dollar Tree Restock During Business Hours?

Yes, of course! To make the shopping experience better for customers, stores will do their best to restock shelves during business hours. This means that if you see a half-empty shelf, it will not be empty for long. 

Do Out of Stock Dollar Tree Items Come Back in Stock?

Oftentimes, yes. If an item is popular and sells out quickly, there is a good chance it will come back in stock. However, there is no guarantee. And if an item is discontinued by the manufacturer, it will not come back in stock.

So, if you see something you like at the store, do not wait too long to buy it! You can also ask a staff member when an item is likely to come back in stock if it is not available at the moment.

Does The Dollar Tree Website Give In-Stock Notifications?

Does The Dollar Tree Website Give In-Stock Notifications?

No, but you can sign up for their newsletter to be the first to know about new arrivals, exclusive deals, and more. If you need to check a specific item before your shopping trip, you can go onto the website and use the search bar in the top right-hand corner. It will tell you if your nearest store has that item available.

Alternatively, you could call customer services and ask them to check stock availability. The representative will be able to tell you over the phone which store has the item you are looking for and when they expect it to come back in stock (if it is not available at the moment).

Check in the back…

Another option is to ask a staff member at your local store if they do actually have the item. If you have ever been into the storage at the back of a shop, you will be aware that it is chaos! But employees often know where unpacked boxes or excess stock is hidden and can go and get it for you.

Does Dollar Tree Sell Bulk Items?

Does Dollar Tree Sell Bulk Items?

Dollar Tree sells some bulk items, but only on the website! You cannot find bulk items in the store. The selection of bulk items is always changing, so it is worth checking back often to see what is available. Some of the bulk items you can find on the website include paper towels, toilet paper, napkins, plates, and cups. Conveniently you can get these delivered straight to your door!

Do The Products Online and In-Store Differ?

The products offered in-store and online are different, with the website having a much wider range of items available. This is because the website offers items from a variety of different brands, whereas the in-store range is more limited to Dollar Tree’s own products.

Additionally, you might find more colors or flavors of a product online than you would in-store. For example, the website might offer a wider range of paper towel colors than what is available in a particular store. 

There are also more liquidation items on the website than what is available in the store. This is because the website has a dedicated section for clearance items, whereas in-store, these are mixed in with the regular stock. 

So, if you are looking for a specific product, it is worth checking both the website as well as your local store to see what is available. 

What Does Dollar Tree Do with Unsold Products?

What Does Dollar Tree Do with Unsold Products?

At the end of each season, any unsold products are either returned to the supplier or donated to charity. This is because products have a limited shelf life and need to be rotated regularly to ensure they are fresh.

For example, holiday-themed items will be returned or donated after the holiday season has ended. Similarly, seasonal items like swimwear will be taken off the shelves once summer has ended. Products that are damaged or expired are also removed from the shelves and either returned to the supplier or thrown away.

So, that’s why they discount…

Although stock does move quickly at Dollar Tree, there are always going to be some products that do not sell. Rather than keep them on the shelves, they may try to discount the product first, and if that does not work, it could be sent to a different store that is selling the item well.

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When Does Dollar Tree Restock? – Final Thoughts

Dollar Tree is a great place to find bargain items for your home, office, or party. 

It is worth checking the website and your local store to see what is available, as the range of products differs between the two. If you are looking for an item that is out of stock, you can ask a staff member when it is likely to come back in stock or check the website for in-stock notifications. It’s all a little easier when you know when Dollar Tree Restocks

So, what are you waiting for? Get to those shelves before they’re empty!

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