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When Does Home Depot Restock (2023 Updated)

when does home depot restock

Your one-stop-shop for all things home improvement. Home Depot is easily one of the world’s largest home improvement retailers. With around 35,000 product lines in store at any given time, it’s obvious that these are all top sellers, and the stock tends to move quickly. Especially selected items at certain times of the year.

Home Depot has 2,300 stores across the US, Canada, and Mexico. It’s the place to go to if you are doing some DIY at home or even for your next professional job. When your project is planned for a certain time, you are going to want to make sure the store is stocking what you need, when you need it.

So this brings us to the question of… When Does Home Depot Restock? So, let’s find out when shipments arrive and the restocking procedures.

What Day Does Home Depot Restock?

What Day Does Home Depot Restock

As you know, most Home Depot stores are open seven days a week, so restocking is generally practiced in a few different ways.

Most restocking across the store and in particular BBQs, plants, home appliances, and lumber are replenished on Thursday and Friday in anticipation of the influx of customers over the weekend. Then the store is restocked again on Sunday to ensure a full inventory for the start of the week after a busy weekend.

Some smaller items are stocked during the open hours of the day. However, this is not something that happens in every store. This is generally only for smaller items that don’t obstruct the isles and interrupt the Home Depot patron’s shopping experience.

Most items across the whole range of Home Depot products are restocked during the store’s closed hours, evenings, and overnight. This daily overnight practice is a much easier and quicker way to get things done. Plus, it’s the safest option as stockers don’t have the worries of getting in a customer’s way and vice versa.

When Do The Shipments Arrive?

When Do The Shipments Arrive?

Shipments can arrive at Home Depot at any given time of the day or night. Like any other company, it comes down to that particular branch as stores in different locations run out of different items at different times.

Also, from a logistical side of things, if one truck driver needs to drop a shipment at 16 different stores during his shift. Many things can interrupt his schedule, like issues with his vehicle, traffic accidents, and weather conditions. Thankfully Home Depot has workers at their sites around the clock to allow for these instances.

When Does Home Depot Restock Lumber?

Lumbar is big business in Home Depot Stores across North America, and prices change regularly, and therefore so do shipment times, sizes, and availability.

When lumber is at its most expensive, it may take a while for it to be restocked, as Home Depot usually waits until prices have lowered to make that big order. Therefore it’s always in your best interest to call ahead and make sure the store currently has what you require.

Lumber is one of these big and bulkier items that is always restocked overnight as it’s quite a hazard when machines and people are loading the stock up!  

Also, it’s good to note that the best time to come in and choose your lumber is first thing in the morning, usually on a Friday. That’s when you’ll have a chance to pick the most suitable and best-looking pieces for your project.

What Day Do Plants Get Restocked?

What Day Do Plants Get Restocked?

Generally speaking, plant shipments arrive a few times a week. These are mostly stocked overnight, and according to employees, they usually see the biggest plant orders arrive on a Wednesday. These are then restocked overnight and ready for Thursday and the weekend rush.

When Does The Online Store get Restocked?

Items from the online store are forever changing in terms of availability, and that’s largely due to the huge volume of shipments coming into the warehouse at any given time. Plus, the popularity of the item and how quickly it’s being sold online. 

Home Depot works hard at replenishing all out of stock items as quickly as possible; however, sometimes, it can be out of their hands and fall in with issues on the supplier’s end. Sometimes it’s just easier to browse the online catalog for what you need and get it delivered right to your doorstep or workplace. A lot of stores are now also able to offer in store pick up at your leisure.

Plus, with different promotions and deals running, you’ll often be surprised at how the price can differ from in store to online.

How Can I Check If An Item Is Available At My Local Store?

How Can I Check If An Item Is Available At My Local Store?

There are several ways in which you can check the availability of an item.

  1. You can call your local store and request the information from one of the staff there.
  2. You can check out the Home Depots Website, select the item/s you need and then click the “Check Store Inventory” button, which will tell you all you need to know.
  3. Or you can download the Home Depot App and use its product locator, which acts exactly like a GPS for the items you are looking for.

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When Does Home Depot Restock – Final Thoughts

Home Depot restocks its shelves every night of the week. Usually, larger and big-ticket items like plants, construction supplies, and BBQs are restocked on Thursday, ready for the Friday weekend rush. 

With so many stores Home Depot is sure to have everything you need for your project. However, we all know how incredibly frustrating it can be to go to the store only to find the item you really need is out of stock at that location. So, for peace of mind, it’s always best to make a quick call or online search about it if it’s something you need then and there.

The best times to shop are Monday and Friday mornings. It’s when the shelves should be full and not so busy in store if you prefer a more leisurely stroll through the isles.

Happy shopping at Home Depot.

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