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When Does Lowe’s Restock? (2023 Updated)

when does lowes restock

Lowe’s is popular among contractors and DIY enthusiasts alike who are looking to purchase goods for home improvement. 

As there are stores across the US in every state, they streamline their logistics to distribute stock to all of their stores fairly regularly. For customers working on a schedule to complete projects, it is imperative to know when something that has been sold out, will be available for purchase once again. 

This begs the question: When does Lowe’s Restock?

Which Days And What Time?

Lowe’s is likely to restock any day of the week, depending on what items came in that day, but more on that, later. Restocking staff are hired to restock the store during the night hours when the shop is closed. 

It is easy enough to restock smaller items during the day, should there be a sale of some sort. However, considering the type of materials sold at Lowe’s, which is often large bulk items, it is safer and more convenient to restock at night.

For The Safety of Customers…

This means that customers will not run the risk of getting in the way, or getting injured by large pieces of lumber, furniture or appliances moved on forklifts or flatbed carts. This also allows staff to display things correctly during the restocking process so that customers do not have to see the “mess” of packaging materials and unpacked items. 

For Your Garden And House Plant Needs

For Your Garden And House Plant Needs

Plant deliveries are quite important, as many customers wish to plant things by season. As we know, most people work during the week, and gardening is left to the weekends. This means that many will shop on a weekend for their latest plant additions. 

For this reason, Lowe’s typically restock from Tuesday to Friday in anticipation of weekend customers. This allows them to put some plants left over from the weekend on sale on Mondays before the new plants come in. 

Less Frequent During Colder Months…

However, this is heavily influenced by the season. It is said that plants, bulbs, and seeds are often restocked daily during the late winter and spring seasons. Of course, there will be some things available for the colder months too, but less frequently.

As more people are becoming houseplant and garden enthusiasts, there are often social media pages dedicated to finding the best plants available as soon as they are in stock, mentioned by area. 



Lumber is used for so many projects, in each step of construction, from the ground up, and all around! It is often purchased in large quantities too. 

However, the demand for it still varies from store to store, and there is no way of determining how often they restock. Larger stores that get frequent orders would typically stock every day. Smaller stores with a lower demand would stock up once or twice per week.

Natural Disasters Cause Delays…

The supply of lumber is also a factor to consider; if lumber mills are not putting out enough wood to sell, you may have to wait for your stock a while longer. 

In the long run, droughts or wildfires may delay the growth of trees that are grown for the lumber industry, thus creating wood shortages and price increases in some areas of the country. This means that your local branches will either rely on minimal, locally sourced lumber or have to pay extra lumber brought in from other states or imports, which still take a while longer to arrive on top of that.

Shorter-term delays come in when extreme weather events delay workers from cutting and processing wood. 

Other Items

Other Items

Appliances, furniture, and other items sold at Lowe’s will typically arrive based on the store turnover. Busier stores will receive daily shipments, whereas smaller stores may only receive weekly shipments.

This all varies for every store, and their distance from the nearest distribution center too. For example, there could be a store that only gets weekly shipments, because their demand is low, even if they are quite close to the distribution center. 

If a Large Enough Order Comes In…

But if they need a large enough order right after they are restocked for the week, it may warrant a truck to do another delivery before their usual weekly delivery, because they are close by. Their proximity affords the extra trip because it will not take the truck very long to reach them. 

However, if a store is located too far away, they may have to wait until their next shipment date. 

Online Orders

Lowe’s will typically ship goods directly from their distribution centers, even if you selected a specific branch. This is because they do not want to cause unnecessary work for store stockers to stock shelves and then take that same stock off a shelf for delivery. 

When an item is out of stock in-store, you may still place the order, and you could perhaps even receive your order a day ahead of their restocking schedule at the store. The Lowe’s T’s and C’s regarding deliveries for smaller items may take one to seven business days. 

Kept in The Warehouse Instead…

However, larger stock items (more than 150 pounds in weight and 105 inches in length of at least one side on the packaging) are not kept on shelves but rather in the warehouse section of the store, such as large appliances and lumber.

These items will not be shipped from the distribution center to your delivery address. It will be shipped from the store itself. However, this may take seven to ten business days. If they do not have enough stock at the time of your order placement, you may have to wait until the store is restocked, and then another day or two until they can deliver. 

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Final Thoughts

Depending on location, shop turnover, and the type of item you are looking for, restocking at Lowes could be a daily or weekly occurrence. 

If you need something smaller that might be out of stock, you may get it sooner if you order the item online. If the item is larger, you should rather ask when the item will be in stock again and visit on that day for pickup if you do not want to wait out the extra delivery time.

Enjoy your home improvement shopping at Lowes!

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