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When Does Walmart Restock? (2023 Guide)

when does walmart restock

Walmart has thousands of products available and more than likely stocks nearly any item you could ever possibly need. 

Their selection includes most household items, food, clothing, and technology. However, there will always be a high demand for certain items throughout the year, especially those items that relate to different seasons or holidays. 

Therefore, you might find that the item you were looking for could be out of stock temporarily, and it would be worth knowing When Does Walmart Restock its shelves. This will allow you to snatch your purchase before it runs out again. 

In fact, a helpful alert will make all the difference! But more on that later, let’s start with…

Fresh And Perishable Food At Walmart

Fresh food stock that requires temperature control needs to be continuously restocked throughout the day, as there is not enough space in-store to display all of it, considering the demand. This also helps to ensure that food is monitored for sell-by and best before dates in line with food regulations so that you always get fresh groceries. 

Fresh produce and other perishable food items are restocked on every shift. A full assessment of this type of stock is, however, completed during the graveyard shift to tidy up and ensure that everything that is no longer suitable to sell is replaced.

Non-perishable Items At Walmart

Non-perishables and other items like toiletries or household items may not need to be switched out daily, but quality control is important considering items sold in bulk. These items are usually restocked during times when the store is less busy.

When Does Walmart Restock – Electronics Products

When Does Walmart Restock - Electronics Products

Electronics are high-value items, and having limited amounts of each item on the shelf helps to minimize the risk of damage or theft. Of course, larger items also take up a lot of space. Therefore, it is more sensible to restock the items as they are taken off the shelves for purchase. 

Depending on in-demand items or items on sale, these items are usually restocked by the second or third shift, from midday until the following day.

Toys And Clothing At Walmart

Toys and clothing items typically get restocked in the mornings, as most customers will venture into grocery aisles, or head over to sections for items they need for projects they are completing for the day. 

These aisles are busier in the afternoons as parents with children may drop in after school or other morning activities. However, staff will periodically restock items that are in demand during the afternoon and graveyard shifts.

Why Is Walmart So Casual About Their Restocking Schedule?

Why Is Walmart So Casual About Their Restocking Schedule?

With over 4000 stores across the nation. Walmart rely on distribution logistics to run smoothly, with trucks coming in at all hours to drop off more stock.

Each store has its own demographic of customers. Some shops have a higher demand for items that are meant for adults, whereas others may cater to a child-friendly neighborhood. For this reason, the inventory for Walmart shops may differ from one to the next. Of course, with each holiday or season, new demands come in that will replace the older stock or be replaced by newer stock.

Every day is different…

For example, Thanksgiving will be more food-related, whereas the festive season is catered to both food and gifts. However, Black Friday is also wedged in there, and electronics and other items will be in demand then. 

The answer is simple; they adapt to whatever the needs of the store require that day to ensure that customers have a lower chance of leaving empty-handed. In addition, they act in anticipation, arranging for more stock to be delivered if they have reason to believe that a specific set of items will move quickly that week. 

How To Ensure Your Item Is Restocked At Walmart

How To Ensure Your Item Is Restocked At Walmart

Your Walmart mobile app will be able to tell you if the item you need is in stock at the outlet you want to visit, and how many are available. This nifty app will even tell you which aisle to check to find what you need, based on the branch you select. 

If you arrive and the item you want is sold out, you can check your app to see if it is in stock again later. For many items, you can select a “stock alert” that will notify you via email when an item is available; however, the feature is not typically available for high-demand, fast-moving stock.

You can always order online…

Sometimes an item can run out so fast that the shop will only have a new shipment in a few days. If you are anxious that an item will run out again after the next shipment, you can try ordering it from the online Walmart shop

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When Does Walmart Restock – Final Thoughts

Depending on the item, Walmart will restock on every shift. However, if they have run out of a specific item completely, both in-store and in the storage area, it may take two days for them to get more stock. The in-demand stock is always prioritized. The same applies to the online store.

However, with the use of the Walmart mobile app and alerts, you may never have to worry about arriving at an empty shelf again.

Good luck, and enjoy shopping at Walmart!

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