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Where Can I Buy Target Gift Cards Besides Target? (2023 Guide)

Where Can I Buy Target Gift Cards Besides Target

Are you searching for the perfect present for someone who already has everything?

Some people are notoriously difficult to shop for. No matter what you buy for them, you can be sure that it will be discarded or returned to the store. Fortunately, Target gift cards provide the perfect solution to this common problem. They allow you to present your loved ones with something that they will value and use.

So, if you are wondering, ‘where can I buy Target gift cards besides Target?’, then it’s time to find out…

About Target Gift Cards

Target stores sell a wide range of gift cards in different denominations and brands. It boasts a large number of stores scattered throughout the United States. Picking up a Gift Card at a Target store is a quick and easy process. You can also find them on the Target website and their app. 

Target also distributes their Gift Cards to more than ten thousand other store locations across the United States. They can usually be found at cash registers and come in a range of denominations. Gift cards are also sold by a range of third-party retailers. 

Availability In Different Stores

Several different retail chains offer gift cards in their stores. However, the availability and cost of this item can vary. Let’s take a closer look at the stores where you can purchase this item and the available options.


Some of Lowe’s stores offer gift cards at the cash registers, and denominations tend to vary. Stores do not charge any additional fees for purchasing this item. However, it should be noted that they are not available on the company’s website.


The product can be found in most Kroger stores and on the company’s website. The product is available in denominations ranging from $15 all the way up to $500. You will not be charged an additional fee when you purchase Target gift cards through Kroger.

Pick N Save 

All of the company’s stores offer gift cards in denominations ranging from $15 to $500. You can also purchase gift cards on the Pick N Save website and arrange to pick them up at your nearest store. You will be charged an additional fee of $0.1 when you cart this product to your cart online. However, this fee will be refunded when you pick up the product.

Rite Aid

You can purchase gift cards from most Rite Aid pharmacies, and you will not be charged an additional fee. While the denominations vary between locations, you can usually choose from the various amounts. However, Target gift cards are not currently sold on the company’s website.


Some of Meijer’s grocery stores sell gift cards, although it is not available through the company’s website. It is best to call ahead to make sure the product is available before visiting a store. There is no additional fee for purchasing the product, and various denominations are available.


Although the product is not typically available in stores, you can purchase it through the Staples website. You can pick up an e-gift card and have it delivered to you via email within a few hours. The available denominations range from just $5 to $200, and you will not be charged an additional fee. 


Alternative Retailers Accepting WIC

Most Safeway locations throughout the United States offer gift cards, and there are various denominations to choose from. You will not be charged an official fee when you purchase it from a store. However, the product is not currently available via the company’s website. 


If you are doing a spot of shopping at a Walgreens pharmacy, you can also pick up a gift card. You can take your pick from the fixed denominations of $25, $50, and $100. There are also open denominations ranging from $15 to $500, and no additional fee is charged. However, the product is not available on the company’s website. 


You can pick up a gift card in most Wawa stores in the United States. The open and fixed denominations vary between locations, and no additional fee is charged. However, you cannot order gift cards via the company’s website. 

Where Can I Buy Target Gift Cards Besides Target? – Online Purchases 

You can purchase this product from the comfort of your own home through the Target website. They offer a wide range of different options to choose from in different designs and values. You can also personalize this item to make the present even more special. 

When you order an eGift card online, it will be sent to you by email within four hours. If you prefer to have a physical product, it will be delivered to you in around five to seven days. You can also purchase a Mobile Target Gift Card, and it will be sent via text message within four hours. Several third-party retailers also offer gift cards on their websites. 

How To Use A Gift Card

If you are lucky enough to receive this product as a present, you can use it to start shopping straight away. However, it is important to note that it can only be used in the company’s stores and on their website. It can be used to pay for all or part of the items that you want to purchase. 

You can use the item in one of the store’s checkouts as the primary payment method to purchase products. If the value of the products you want to buy is higher, you can then use another payment method. The card features a scannable barcode that reveals the amount that has been loaded onto it. 

No problem for online shopping!

You can also use the gift card to purchase products at the online checkout on the company’s website. During the checkout process, you can use up to ten cards to purchase your items. The value of the items you want to buy will be spread between them. 

Available items

You can use this item to purchase a wide range of products in stores, from clothing to food. This includes alcohol and other types of items that are usually restricted. You can use it to purchase items from an on-site café and Starbucks products that are sold in stores. It can also be used to purchase Target Optical items and CVS Pharmacy items that are sold in stores. 

Excluded items

Target Return Policy After 90 Days - Target RedCard

However, it is important to note that there are certain restrictions when using this payment method. It cannot be used to make RedCard payments or purchase other types of gift cards. You cannot use this payment method at Minute Clinics located in the company’s stores or in the Optical section online. 

How To Purchase Gift Cards

Now you know how easy the product is to use, you may want to pick up one or two for yourself. This saves you from having to carry cash or a credit card when you visit one of the company’s stores. Let’s take a closer look at the steps you need to take to purchase the product. 

At the checkout

Most of Target’s stores sell their Gift Cards at their checkout counters. You can also pick up a multi-pack if you have several people to purchase presents for. If you don’t find the product, a store employee will be happy to find it for you. 



You can head on over to the Target website to take your pick from a wide range of gift cards. You simply need to place the item of your choice in your shopping cart and head on over to the checkout. There are lots of different types to choose from, and you can add a personalized message. 

A number of other online retailers also offer Target Gift Cards, and you can pick them up in physical stores. Alternatively, some companies like Staples will deliver them to your door after you purchase them online. You can also use PayPal to purchase one in values ranging from $10 to $100. 

eGift cards

You can purchase eGiftCards online and send them directly to your loved ones. This is a good option if you are far away from your friends and family members. You simply need to email the product to them, which eliminates delivery times.

A few different online retailers offer this quick and convenient option. It is important to make sure you hold onto the order confirmation number. This can be useful if you need to report an issue to the customer service team.

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Where Can I Buy Target Gift Cards Besides Target? – Final Thoughts 

Finding the perfect present for picky people is made easy with Target gift cards.

 All you have to do is choose how much you want to spend on your friend or family member. You can choose the design of the card and add a personalized message to make it more special.

Your loved one can then choose exactly what they want to buy. This saves the hassle of them having to take an unwanted item back to a store for a refund. This helps to make sure that your present will be truly appreciated by even the pickiest person.

Happy Shopping for Gift Cards at Target!

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