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Where Can I Laminate Something?

where can i laminate something

Laminating is a process that involves encasing a document or object in a clear plastic film. But most stores do not offer this service, so let’s find out… Where Can I Laminate Something?

I decided to explore the various places where you can do laminating, in addition to the benefits and different types of laminating methods available, so let’s start with the…

The Benefits of Laminating


Laminating is an effective way to protect important documents, photographs, and other items from damage caused by moisture, light, and other environmental factors. It can also protect items from wear and tear, such as creasing or bending.


The process makes items more durable, which can be useful for items that are frequently handled or used, such as ID cards, menus, and business cards.

Improved appearance 

It can also improve the appearance of items, such as by making colors appear more vibrant or giving them a glossy finish.


Laminating can also be used to create custom-cut shapes or sizes, which can be useful for creating unique business cards or promotional materials.

The Different Types Of Laminating

There are several different laminating methods available, including:

Pouch laminating 

This method involves using a plastic pouch that contains the laminating film. The pouch is inserted into a laminating machine, where heat and pressure are applied to seal the film around the document or object. This method is commonly used for items such as ID cards, business cards, and photographs.

Roll laminating 

This method involves using a roll of laminating film, which is fed through the machine. The film is then applied to the document or object, and pressure is applied to seal the film in place. This method is commonly used for larger items, such as posters, banners, and maps.

Hot roll laminating

This method is similar to roll laminating, but it uses hot rollers to activate the adhesive. It is commonly used for items that require a higher level of protection, such as menus and trade show displays.

Cold laminating

This method uses a self-adhesive film that does not require heat to activate the adhesive. It is commonly used for items such as outdoor signs and posters, as the lack of heat makes it less likely to warp or shrink the material.

Cold laminating

Vacuum laminating

Using a vacuum, this method gets rid of air bubbles and wrinkles in the laminating film, leaving a smooth finish. It is often used for things like photographs and displays at trade shows.

Pressure-sensitive laminating

This method uses an adhesive that starts to work when pressure is put on it during lamination. It is commonly used for items such as book covers, menus, and business cards.

Flatbed laminating

This method uses a flatbed machine where the item is placed on the machine, and the laminating film is applied on top, then heated and pressed to seal it in place. It is commonly used for items such as large posters, signs, and graphics.

Note that these are the most common laminating methods; there are others, depending on the industry, material, and size of the item.

Where Can I Laminate Something?

Office Supply Stores

One of the most common places to find laminating services is at office supply stores. Many major retailers offer this service, and it is usually done on-site.

The cost varies depending on the size and thickness of the document or object, but it is typically quite affordable. Additionally, these stores also sell laminating machines for home use, which can be useful for those who need to do it frequently.

Office Supply Stores

Copy Centers

Copy centers are another popular place to find laminating services. Many of these businesses offer it as an additional service and can accommodate a wide range of items, such as posters, flyers, and even photographs. Copy centers are often able to handle larger items, and can also provide a wide range of laminating options, including different film thicknesses.

Printing and Sign Shops

Printing and sign shops are also great places to find this service. These businesses are often equipped with professional-grade laminating machines and can handle a wide range of projects. They also do customizations, such as laminating with a glossy finish or with a custom-cut shape. 

Schools and Libraries

Many schools and libraries have laminating machines on-site and are often willing to do this for the community. This can be a great option for educators, students, and community members who need to laminate items such as educational materials, posters, and artwork.

Online Services

With the advent of the internet, it is now possible to find laminating services online. Many companies now offer this, and it can be done remotely. Once done, they will mail the item back to you. This can be especially useful for those who live in rural areas or who need to laminate a large number of items. 

However, the cost and shipping time is relatively high compared to other options.

DIY Laminating

Another option for those who need to laminate frequently or need to laminate large items is to purchase a laminating machine for home use. These machines come in a variety of sizes and price ranges and can be found at many office supply and electronics stores.

Many of them are easy to use and are equipped with a variety of settings, such as adjustable heat and speed. It is a great option for small business owners who want to keep their cost low, as well as for personal use.

Choosing A Laminating Provider

When choosing the right provider, some factors to consider include:


Look for a provider that has a good reputation for producing high-quality laminated products. This may include features such as clear and crisp images, accurate colors, and minimal bubbles or wrinkles.


Compare prices from different providers to find one that is affordable for your budget. Be sure to consider not only the cost of lamination itself but also any additional costs, such as shipping or setup fees.

Turnaround time 

Consider how quickly you need the laminated materials and find a provider that can meet your deadline.

Equipment and technology 

Research the types of equipment and technology used by the provider. For example, some use digital printing and lamination equipment, which can offer better quality and turnaround time.

Equipment and technology 

Customization and special requests 

If you need a custom size, design, or specific finish, not all providers may be able to meet your requirements.

Customer Service 

Good customer service can help you through the process and ensure a smooth experience.


If you need the laminated materials to be shipped, the location of the provider can affect shipping time and cost.

Certifications and industry standards 

Look for a provider that is certified by relevant industry organizations or that adheres to industry standards for quality and safety.

Material options 

Consider the types of materials that the provider can laminate, such as paper, cardstock, plastic, and fabric. Make sure they have the specific materials you need for your project.

Finishing options 

Some laminating providers offer additional finishing options such as die-cutting, perforating, or scoring. 


Consider the volume of materials you need to be laminated because some providers have minimum or maximum order limits.

Environmental and sustainability practices 

If you are looking for an environmentally-friendly provider, check if they use eco-friendly materials and methods or if they have any certifications for sustainability.

Reviews and references 

Look for online reviews and testimonials to get an idea of the provider’s reputation and check if they have any references you can contact.

Post-lamination services 

Some providers offer additional services after lamination, such as binding, mailing, or packaging.

Flexibility and scalability 

Consider the provider’s ability to adapt to changes in your project’s requirements and ability to scale to your desired volume.

Technical Support 

Check if the provider offers any technical support or training services. This could be useful if you or your team need help with using the laminated materials or with any other aspect of the project.


If your materials need to be compliant with certain industry regulations, check if they are familiar with them and can produce what is needed.

Warranty and guarantee 

Some providers may offer warranty or guarantee on their products, check if they have such options and what they cover.

Return policy 

Consider the provider’s return policy in case of mistakes or issues with your order.

Experience and expertise 

Look for a provider that has experience and expertise in the specific type of lamination you need, such as thermal or pressure-sensitive lamination.

The Big Brands Near You 

ASAP Printing

ASAP Printing is a national printing and copying chain that offers laminating services for documents, photos, and other materials. They offer a variety of options, including standard laminating, mounting, and encapsulation, as well as services for larger items such as posters and banners.

Paper Image Printing

Paper Image Printing is a printing and graphics company that offers this service for a wide range of materials. They do standard laminating as well as custom laminating for oversized items and special projects. 


Staples is a well-known office supply chain that laminates documents and photos. They offer standard as well as custom laminating for larger items such as posters and banners. Framing services for added durability are also an option.



FedEx is a well-known shipping and logistics company that also offers laminating services through its FedEx Office division. Standard and custom laminating for larger items such as posters and banners can be done.

The UPS Store

The UPS Store is a shipping and logistics company that also offers laminating services for documents and photos. But posters and banners can also be custom laminated. Encapsulation services are also a good option for added protection and durability.

Minutemen Press

Minutemen Press is a printing and graphics company that offers the service for a wide range of materials. This includes standard and custom laminating for oversized items and special projects. 

Office Depot/Office Max

Office Depot and Office Max are office supply chains. They do documents, photos, posters, and banners which can be done in standard or custom laminating. 

Types of Laminating Films

There are several different types of laminating films available. Depending on your needs, you should choose the one that works best for you.

Gloss film 

This provides a glossy finish, which can make colors appear more vibrant and make the text easier to read.

Gloss film

Matte film 

This provides a non-glossy finish, which can be useful for items that will be handled frequently that require a more professional look.

UV film 

This provides UV protection, which can be useful for items that will be exposed to direct sunlight.

Cost of Laminating

The cost varies depending on the size and thickness of the document or object being laminated, as well as the type of laminating method and film used.

Pouch laminating is typically the least expensive, followed by the various types of roll laminating. Whereas flatbed tends to be the most expensive option. The cost also varies, with gloss and UV films being more expensive than matte films.

So, Where Can I Find Laminating Services?

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Final Thoughts

There are many places to get your laminating done, including office supply stores, copy centers, and printing and sign shops. You can even go to schools and libraries, use online services, or at home with a DIY laminating machine. 

Each choice has its pros and cons, and where you decide will depend on your needs and budget.

No matter where you choose, you can be sure that they will be protected from damage and will last much longer. But you should think about the different ways to laminate and the specialized services that are available for the best finish possible.

Happy laminating, and I hope you find what you need!

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