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Where Can I Use My Amazon Gift Card? (Full Guide)

where can i use my amazon gift card

Amazon gift cards are the go-to item when you’re not sure what to gift someone. 

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer and a prominent cloud service provider, and there are more than 12 million products to choose from on their e-commerce platform. That’s right! These include books, media, wine, and services provided by Amazon. Therefore, giving a gift card is not a bad gift choice after all. 

If you’re not sure where you can use your gift card, this article is for you. There’s a good range of options, and you’ll be sure to find one that will make you splurge a bit. 

So, let’s find out… Where Can I Use My Amazon Gift Card?

How to Buy An Amazon Gift Card

All you have to do is go to Amazon’s Gift Cards page and choose the type of gift card you’d like. Then select and enter the amount for your gift card. Now click “Add to Cart” before you proceed to check out. Then provide payment details and then continue to place your order.

Where Can I Use My Amazon Gift Card?

If you have an Amazon gift card, you have a number of possible options. To make the most of your card, you need to know where to use it. Some places might be obvious, and some might come as a surprise, but they’re all great options to use your card. 

1 Shop at Amazon Basics and Amazon Marketplace

Shop at Amazon Basics and Amazon Marketplace

Naturally, you can use your gift card to shop at Amazon.com and Amazon Marketplace. While browsing the Amazon page, you’ll come across “Amazon Basics.” This is Amazon’s low-budget private label brand for kitchen, tech, and household products. 

Its product range includes good quality home improvement tools, fitness equipment, office products, pet care products, and more. There are thousands of options to choose from based on what’s trending at that time. If you shop on Amazon Basics, simply add your gift card balance to your account when you check out. 

Million business sellers!

Amazon has nearly two million small business sellers. They are part of its Marketplace, which serves as a third-party retailer platform. You can use your gift card to buy from any of these sellers.

2 Buy At Amazon Physical Stores 

Amazon dominates the online marketplace, but this multinational tech company isn’t stopping there. It’s expanding its services by setting up physical store locations in many large metropolitan areas. There are three types of stores that have Amazon products. These are: 

  • Amazon Go: it sells quick grab-and-go snacks and drinks. 
  • Amazon 4-Star: it offers items with 4-star ratings or higher in all categories online. This includes some home and apparel products.
  • Amazon Books: this store not only has books, but also electronics, toys, and knick-knacks. 

Want to know the best part? You can use either a physical or digital gift card at all physical Amazon locations. So, check to see whether there’s a physical Amazon store near you!

3 Grocery Delivery Amazon Fresh and Amazon-Whole Foods Markets

Grocery Delivery Amazon Fresh and Amazon-Whole Foods Markets

You can buy groceries from Amazon Fresh, which provide everyday essentials. In most cases, you can get free delivery the same day if you purchase items worth more than $35. Simply shop in the Amazon Fresh category and then select your preferred delivery window when checking out.

You can also use your gift card to shop at Amazon-Whole Foods Market, which sells organic, eco-conscious products. However, you can’t combine your Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods orders as they are two different services.

4 Pay For Your Amazon Prime Subscription 

Amazon Prime is a paid subscription service that costs $139 per year, or $14.99 per month. This service offers a wide variety of benefits and excellent deals for its members. You can use your Amazon gift card to pay for your Amazon Prime subscription

As long as your gift card has the required balance, you can pay for this service monthly. Your primary card will be charged automatically if your gift card doesn’t have the required balance. 

5 Stream Media Through Amazon Prime Video

Better known as Prime Video, this is a streaming and rental service that’s offered as part of Amazon’s Prime subscription. It gives you the ability to buy and rent shows, so you can use your gift card for digital rentals and purchases.

You can access the media on any smartphone, tablet, computer, or laptop. You could also opt to stream on your smart TV. It gets better! If you’re not a big fan of TV shows and movies, you can use your gift card toward Amazon Music or Amazon Gaming products. 

6 Read Books on Kindle

If you’re a book lover, a gift card is your gateway to purchasing some good quality content. Kindle has countless books to choose from, so indulge and invest in a few copies using your card. There is a good range of comic books, historical biographies, autobiographies, and every other genre known to book lovers.

7 Buy Cryptocurrency

Buy Cryptocurrency

You can turn your gift card into a gift of investment. Turn toward cryptocurrency for future financial stability by trading your card for cryptocurrency. You can use websites such as Paxful and Purse.

Shop on Other Online Retail Platforms

While it’s best to use your gift card on Amazon or Amazon services, you can still shop from other retailers. There are a couple of stores that accept Amazon gift cards. These include…


This website accepts Amazon gift cards as online payment. As the brand name suggests, the retail shop supplies pet products and pets themselves. The shop sells pet food and other materials that you may need for your pet.


This retail store sells almost everything, but it mostly focuses on clothes and shoes. It has a wide variety of trendy clothes and styles. There are different categories to choose from, so if you’re into fashion, this can be your playground. The best part is that the store sells clothes in all sizes and for all genders. 

Beach Camera

Beach Camera lets you buy pictures, televisions, audios, computers, sports and fitness equipment, and a whole lot more. It even seems easier to use gift cards to pay for things on this website than it is to use cash. More retailers accept Amazon gift cards, including iHome and Daily Steals. 

Where Can’t You Use Your Amazon Gift Card?

Where Can’t You Use Your Amazon Gift Card?

You can’t use your gift card for Amazon Pharmacy products, including medicine. They also can’t be used for Audible subscriptions, or for buying individual audiobooks. Audible is owned by Amazon, but it doesn’t accept Amazon gift cards at the moment.

You can’t use the gift card to buy gas at any gas station, so make sure you have a valid debit or credit card with you. 

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Gift Cards That Make Great Presents!

Of course, we’ll start with a selection of Amazon gift cards such as an Amazon.com Gift Card in a Birthday Gift Box, an Amazon.com Gift Card in a Holiday Gift Box, and an Amazon.com Gift Card in a Premium Holiday Gift Box, or if you’re buying in bulk, the Amazon.com $50 Gift Cards, Pack of 10 (Thank You Card Design) to have on hand when needed!

Why not treat your loved one to a special dinner with the Happy Holidays Dining Gift Cards – Email Delivery, the BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse Gift Cards – E-mail Delivery, along with the Darden – Email Delivery gift cards, the Applebee’s Gift Card, the Texas Roadhouse Email Gift Card if you love your steak, and the Olive Garden – Email Delivery, which is one of my favorite places to eat.

Or maybe you want to go all out and take them away for a romantic weekend, then we recommend the One Night Stay in Unique Bubble Hotel in France for Two – Tinggly Voucher/Gift Card in a Gift Box, the Global Hotel $100 Card Powered by Expedia Gift Cards – Email Delivery, or perhaps the Airbnb Gift Cards – Email Delivery, and finally, the Hotels.com Gift Card – Email Delivery, also available online in 2023.

Final Thoughts

Amazon gift cards make an excellent substitute for a gift if you’re not sure what to get someone. And there are many products to choose from when you pay with this gift card. Not only can you shop online, but you can find good quality products at Amazon walk-in stores. Therefore, a gift card offers many shopping possibilities. 

The good thing about these gift cards is that they don’t expire. So, you can wait until you find a product you really like, instead of worrying about an expiry date. The availability of products also changes regularly since Amazon also has third-party sellers. Either way, shopping has been made easier and more fun, thanks to gift cards!

Enjoy shopping with your Amazon Gift Card!

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