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Where Is Cheesecloth In Walmart?


Cheesecloth is a super versatile and fundamental item to have in your kitchen utensil repertoire. It’s useful in the art of cheesemaking, all sorts of kitchen processes, cleaning, dressmaking, and even arts and crafts!

This might be a whole new way to get creative in your kitchen, but maybe you’ve never purchased it before. So, you might be wondering Where Is Cheesecloth In Walmart?

So, let’s take a look at where to find it, where it originated from as well as the best ways to use it.

Where Is Cheesecloth Located In My Local Walmart?

In most Walmart stores, you’ll find that cheesecloth is located in a variety of places. This is because it is very functional and can be used in the kitchen, in the garden, for art projects, for massage therapy, and even for different types of cleaning, to name but a few!

Where Is Cheesecloth Located In My Local Walmart

Usually, you can find cheesecloth in the…

  • Bakery Aisle – Think piping bags, non-stick baking sheets, muffin cases, cake tins, and cake decorating items!
  • Kitchen Utensil Section – Think measuring cups, spatulas, tongs, and kitchen appliances.
  • Craft Aisle – Think all things crafty, from paper to paint, glitter, and ribbons.
  • Paper Goods Aisle – Think toilet paper, tissues, and kitchen towels.
  • Cleaning Products Aisle – Think wipes, cleaning products, gloves, brushes, and scrubbers.

What Is It?

Cheesecloth is an interlaced fabric cloth made of finely woven cotton strands and comes in several grades. It’s the number of threads per inch going in each direction that determines the grading, texture, usage, and feel.

 These grades range from grade 10 (extra fine weave) to grade 90 (open weave) and are categorized on how closely woven the strands are. This, in turn, determines how much or little can pass through them when being used to separate liquids from solids.

Depends on what you’re straining…

On your extra fine end of the spectrum, you‘ll find that the threads are very close together. While at the other, more open end, they are much more loosely constructed, allowing bigger volumes and particles through.

Where Does It Originate From?

The first type of cheesecloth to hit European shores was by non-other than Marco Polo during one of his adventures along the Silk Road. He discovered the material while voyaging in India, in a place at the time named Darka, in historical Bengal, which is now divided between West Bengal and Bangladesh.

 Polo discovered the cheesecloth, also called muslin, and saw its great potential to bring back to Europe for his King and people. It then found its way to the United States with the European immigrants who settled in the new world.   

What Can I Use It For In The Kitchen?

Primarily, in the kitchen, cheesecloth is used in the process of cheesemaking (it’s all in the name, you see!) It separates the cheese curds from the whey and helps hold the shape of the curds as it forms. 

It is also a great tool for making silky smooth stocks, custards and broth, and nut and grain milk. Use it to make tofu and ghee, creating paneer, queso blanco, and queso fresco. You can even make the German-style soft cheese quark with it.

The options really are endless!

Cheesecloth can strain yogurt to make it super thick, and also tea and coffee. It can even be used to remove seeds and pulp from freshly pulverized fruit and veggie juices and more. Or you can use cheesecloth to infuse flavors into oil, you can use it to protect food, and even wrap it around your poultry and baste to keep it super moist.

 Another handy thing you can use it for is feeding your Christmas fruitcake! Simply wrap your fruitcake in a rum-soaked cheesecloth and pour a little more over regularly to “feed” it as it ripens readily for eating on the big day!

What Else Can I Use Cheesecloth For?

What Else Can I Use Cheesecloth For

It’s a very versatile fabric and can be used in several ways.

  • Clothes and Sewing – Cheesecloth or muslin is regularly used to back or line quilts. Dressmakers usually fit test garments with muslin cloth before using the more expensive and delicate fabrics for the final piece of clothing. 
  • Wine and Honey – Often, when an old bottle of red wine with lots of tannins or debris is presented, it will be decanted with cheesecloth. The same is done with beekeepers filtering honey and beeswax for consumption and making candles or lip salves.
  • Cleaning – Some people swear by muslin for cleaning certain items, polishing tiles, buffing silverware, and waxing cars. 
  • Art, Film, and Photography – It holds color from paint and dyes very well, so is amazing to get creative with. Large reams of cheesecloth are often used to create backdrops, greenscreens, and sets as it’s easy to use and can even be made translucent.
  • Aerodynamics – The Wright Brothers used cheesecloth in some of their early creations of flying machines as it is lightweight yet strong. 
  • Babies – Muslin cloth is used around the world for newborns and infants for swaddling, cleaning, and using it as a protective surface or even while bathing. 
  • Home Decorating – You can strain all types of paint, stains, and liquids to remove flakes, lumps, and filaments. Use a piece of muslin instead of a brush to create decorative finishes like rag painting.
  • Medicine – Cheesecloth (in the medical world, known as gauze) is used to clean wounds and for protective dressings.

What Types of Cheesecloths Does Walmart Sell?

Walmart sells many different types, and the stock will likely vary from store to store. You can purchase 100% cotton cheeseclothnut milk bags, and cheesecloth in six different grades – grade 10, grade 40, grade 50, grade 60, grade 80, and grade 90. Plus, unbleached cheesecloth, scrim fabric, gauze wiping rolls, and more.

Find Cheesecloth Via The Walmart+ App

At the store, you can ask a store associate where to find cheesecloth, or you can search for the item in the Walmart+ mobile app. If the item is in stock at your local Walmart, the app should provide an aisle number where you can find what you’re looking for.

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Final Thoughts

Cheesecloth can be found at Walmart in several places. Check out the kitchen essentials aisle, the baking section, the paper goods aisle along with the arts and craft section in the stores. There are a variety of grades available for a wide range of uses. However, if you are in doubt and can’t locate it with ease, always ask your Walmart associate for some assistance!

Enjoy making your tasty homemade cheese!

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