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Where is Lemon and Lime Juice in Walmart?

where is lemon and lime juice in walmart

Are you searching for a simple way to give your baked goods an extra zesty kick?

Adding a splash of lemon or lime juice to dishes can take them to the next level. These condiments have long shelf lives and can be stored in your pantry until needed.

Walmart offers a wide range of condiments, including several brands of lemon and lime juice. However, because superstores are so large these days, finding a single product when you’re in a hurry can be a challenge. 

So, let’s find out, ‘where is lemon and lime juice in Walmart?’

Where Can You Find Lime and Lemon Juice in Walmart?

Depending on exactly what you are looking for, it might be in a few different places in your local superstore. Large money-saving bottles can often be found in the non-refrigerated juice aisle. While smaller bottles of lemon and lime juice are often located in the condiments aisle at Walmart, close to the vinegar and salad dressings.

These condiments are also commonly used in baking. Therefore, it is worth checking out the baking aisle if you happen to be nearby. You may also find a few bottles in the produce section, just above the fresh citrus fruits.

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Using The App 

If you don’t have time to scan the shelves, you can download the Walmart + App and use it to help you. This is free to download and use and available via both Google Play and the App Store. Simply create an account after installing the app and log in to get started.

You can enter your zip code to pull up the stores in your area and tap on the one you want to visit. Type in the name of the product you are searching for to find details of the available options. Then tap on the product, and you will find the exact location in the store without having to spend time searching. 

Using The App 


You will find a wide range of Lime and Lemon Juice on the Walmart website. All you need to do is enter the name of the product into the search bar. You are sure to find that there are some great deals available, especially if you buy in bulk. 

This is a good option if you don’t have time to head to the store or want to arrange curbside pickup. All you need to do is place an order online and pick up the product on your way home from work. If you need to place a large grocery order, you could also have it delivered right to your door. 

What Type Of Lemon And Lime Juice is Available at Walmart?

You will find a wide range of popular brands in your local store and on the Walmart website. There are several different types to choose from, including huge bottles and natural products. Here are some of the most popular options that are likely to be stocked in your local superstore. 

What Type Of Lemon And Lime Juice is Available at Walmart


This brand has been a household staple since the 1930s and comes in a convenient squeezable bottle. A 945ml bottle of ReaLemon is equivalent to 21 lemons and is much easier to store than fresh fruit. You can also pick up a 125ml or 440ml bottle if you prefer. If you have your sights set on lime juice, you can also check out ReaLime from the same brand. 

Santa Cruz 

If you prefer to go organic, this brand of lemon juice is sure to hit the spot. It boasts pure organic juice from lemons grown in California. The product is USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified and comes in 16 and 32-fluid-ounce bottles.


This is another organic brand that offers both lemon and lime juice with no extra ingredients. The brand was started in 1935 by Fred Fuhrman when he began delivering citrus fruit and juice to hotels in Miami Beach. This organic juice is pasteurized, Non-GMO, and preservative-free.

Nellie & Joe’s 

The juices offered by Nellie & Joe’s are particularly popular among both home bakers and professionals. The company’s lime juice is an essential ingredient in Key Lime Pie and gives it a fresh and fruity flavor. A recipe for this sweet treat is even printed on the bottle.

The 16-ounce bottle boasts lemon or lime oil from concentrate and contains 1% sodium benzoate as a preservative. The product is certified non-GMO and kosher. The juices are created from lemons and limes grown exclusively in Key West. 


This brand offers a few different types of fresh lemon and lime juice to choose from. This includes juice from concentrate and fresh lemon. Despite the Italian-sounding name, this brand hails from Dresden in Germany.

Sicilia was founded in the 1930s by husband and wife Gustav Paul Hildebrandt and Aufs Brot. In a time when the product was mainly bought in bulk, Hildebrandt started offering small bottles that were convenient to store. These small bottles proved to be very popular and quickly made the brand a household name. 



When you are browsing the aisles, this product is sure to catch your eye because it comes in uniquely-shaped bottles. The brand was established in 1950 by George and Madeline DeLallo, who specialize in producing Italian and Mediterranean products. The most popular product is made from 100% lemon juice with added essential oil of lemon to make it stronger.

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Final Thoughts

Both lemon and lime juice are kitchen staples that you will want to keep close to hand. They make the perfect addition to a wide range of both sweet and savory dishes. While a splash is perfect in a marinade for fresh fish, these juices can also be added to baked goods.

It should come as no surprise that Walmart offers a range of different lime and lemon juice to choose from. There are more than a dozen different popular brands, many of which are organic and 100% pure. When looking for these items, you should check out the condiments aisle near the vinegar.

Enjoy shopping for lemon or lime juice at Walmart!

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