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Where to Sell Jewelry?

why would you sell jewelry

Jewelry has long been considered a valuable asset and status symbol. Over the past few years, the market for it in the USA has seen steady growth, with many different options available for selling it.

But where to sell jewelry?

This will depend on several factors, including commission fees, ease of use, brand reputation, target audience, and, of course, the type.

So, if you are considering selling your jewelry, let’s learn more about your options and what you should think about before making your decision.

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Why Would You Sell Jewelry?

Selling your old jewelry can be a great way to make some extra cash. Whether it be for life events, paying bills, or putting the money towards savings.

You may have outdated pieces that you don’t wear anymore but are still valuable, or you may simply want to get rid of broken jewelry so you can start fresh with something new. 

why would you sell jewelry

Although these things can hold a lot of sentimental value…

Sometimes holding onto them isn’t always practical. Reselling allows you to appreciate the memory while also getting compensated a reasonable amount for your hard-earned items. And as long as you do plenty of research and find a reputable seller, you’ll obtain the resources you need without being taken advantage of.

Then for entrepreneurs…

You might also be creating your own jewelry and want to start a business. In this case, finding the right platform can be challenging, given there are so many options available.

The Value of Jewelry

Jewelry has been an important industry in the USA for generations, particularly when it comes to signifying marriage, relationships, and special occasions.

In recent years, however, there has been an ongoing shift in the industry due to consumers’ changing preferences. Today, people have a wider range of choices when it comes to materials, quality, and price points. As such, it is essential that jewelers know exactly where and how to sell their pieces if they are going to remain competitive. 

The Value of Jewelry

And don’t forget…

Consumers looking for quality now often research before they buy, so being able to provide customers with detailed information – including reliable reviews – is increasingly important.

Additionally, digital marketing tactics such as sponsored content and targeted ads can help take businesses to the next level in terms of exposure and growth. In fact, when done correctly and effectively, this approach can dramatically increase both visibility and sales for jewelers.

Factors to Consider When Selling Jewelry

When choosing where to sell, commission fees, ease of use, brand reputation, target audience and type and value of jewelry being sold are all crucial factors to consider.

Commissions vary from service to service, so it may be worth researching these before deciding which platform best suits your needs. It is also important to assess how easy the service is to use, both on a technical level as well as in terms of the user interface. 

Brand reputation can be another major consideration…

Many customers are likely to have more faith in established brands than ones they are unfamiliar with. So, it’s also essential to think about your target market and pick a platform that appeals best to them. For example, if you’re going for a luxury appeal, then you should aim for a marketplace that emphasizes quality and luxury and oozes this into the overall look and feel of the brand.

Furthermore, don’t forget to consider the type and value of the jewelry you will be selling, as some services may limit or exclude certain types and/or higher value items.

Top Options for Where to Sell Jewelry

Online marketplaces

Online platforms such as Etsy, eBay, and Amazon are the most popular choice for jewelers due to their ease of use and low commission fees. They are usually quick to set up and can reach a wide customer base through their already established user bases.

Additionally, many of these platforms offer seller protection to ensure the process is secure and trustworthy.

Online marketplaces


  •  Low commission fees
  • Secure transactions
  •  Access to a wide customer base
  •  Seller protection options available
  •  Easy-to-use user interface and technical design


  •  Potentially lower profits due to competition
  •  Brand reputation may be difficult to establish
  •  May limit or exclude certain types/higher value items
  •  Can take a long time for payments to process
  •  May not be the best option for luxury jewelry items

Jewelry-specific Websites

These are dedicated platforms specifically designed for selling jewelry. They offer personalized services such as appraisals and secure transactions. As well as providing a platform to showcase items in an engaging way.

They may also offer promotional campaigns to help increase visibility and sales. However, they often come with higher commission fees than other options. 

Here are some of the well-known ones:


This is the leading online platform to sell gold jewelry globally, offering unmatched user-friendliness, top-notch security measures, and highly competitive offers.

By connecting sellers with buyers across worldwide markets, they provide a convenient way to get the highest value for your gold jewelry with absolute ease. Their diligent team collaborates closely with customers to ensure all transactions are secure and safe. With an easy selling process and great returns, Worthy stands out as the best online option for sellers of gold jewelry.

WP Diamonds

This is one of the leading buyers of jewelry, diamonds, watches, and handbags with transparent appraisals and quick payouts.

When you receive an offer via their online form and attach photos of your items for appraisal, you know you’ll be safe.

WP Diamonds insures items up to $200k during shipping and pays sellers upon acceptance.

Usually within 24 hours!

So, it’s a hassle-free way to sell your jewelry online with complete security.

The RealReal

This is an exciting and trustworthy online consignment shop that takes the hassle and uncertainty out of buying or selling luxury items.

It attracts buyers searching for premium products, offering full authentication with no minimum value, free shipping, and GIA-certified gemologists to evaluate jewelry.

the realreal

Costs to you as the seller?

Commissions vary based on the value of the item being sold. If an item does not sell within a certain timeframe, its listing price may also be lowered.

If you have luxury items you would like to sell, getting started is easy. Simply create an account on their website and provide details and images of your items. Then ship them in for evaluation and authentication — it couldn’t be simpler!

Auction Houses

Auction houses are often the go-to option for selling jewelry pieces with higher price tags. These platforms can help sellers to reach an international audience and get the best possible price for their items.

Along with a generous commission fee, they often provide promotional and marketing services to increase the visibility of individual pieces. 

Here are some of the top auction houses:


Christie’s is a well-respected and renowned global auction house that has been selling jewelry since 1766. The company offers a broad range of jewelry pieces, from unique antique and vintage items to modern designs.

Sellers can expect competitive commission rates, as well as a range of promotional services, to ensure maximum visibility and competitive bidding. 


Another prestigious auction house that is synonymous with luxury and success. Making it one of the most recognizable and trusted names in the auction world.

With a long history of high-value sales and outstanding service, Sotheby’s consistently attracts a broad audience of potential buyers from around the world.

As if that weren’t impressive enough…

They also provide competitive services to make the entire process stress-free, including packaging, shipping, and insurance. This means that sellers only need to decide what to do with their earnings after the sale has concluded. 

Social Media Platforms

Using social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok can be an effective way to market and promote jewelry. These platforms are great for targeting specific audiences, as well as providing valuable insights into customer behavior.

They can also be used to drive traffic to jewelry-specific websites and auction houses. However, as they are not regulated selling services, it is important to ensure you are dealing with reputable buyers.

Physical Jewelry Stores

Finally, chain stores and independent jewelry stores are still viable options for selling jewelry.

This is especially true if the area you are based in has a large customer base for jewelry and other luxury items. However, customers may be more likely to shop around the area, so you need to ensure your items stand out from the competition. 

Additionally, as with most physical retail stores, this approach may carry higher overhead costs due to rent and labor

physical jewelry stores

Tips For Getting the Best Price When Selling Jewelry

Getting the best price for your jewelry requires careful research and planning. So, here are some tips to help you get the best return on your investments: 

Research the value of your jewelry beforehand 

Knowing the approximate value of your jewelry is important when it comes to pricing and will help you make more informed decisions about its sale. 

Consider getting a professional appraisal 

This can be especially beneficial if your jewelry has a high valuation. Having an appraisal from a reputable source will give potential buyers the peace of mind they need to feel comfortable making a purchase.

Take high-quality photos and write accurate descriptions 

Taking clear, well-lit photographs of your jewelry items is essential for making a good first impression. In addition, accurate descriptions with relevant keywords will help buyers to find your listings and make informed decisions.

take high quality photos and write accurate descriptions

Build relationships with potential buyers and sellers

Establishing relationships with other professionals in your area can be a fantastic way to increase awareness of your business. Networking is also an effective way to find buyers for more unique items.

Negotiate commissions

When selling through online marketplaces and auction houses, don’t be afraid to negotiate commission rates. Many companies offer discounts or reduced fees for regular customers and bulk purchases. So, it’s always worth asking!

Things to Be Careful of When Selling Jewelry

Although selling jewelry can be a lucrative business, there are certain precautions that should be taken to ensure the safety and security of your items. Therefore, make sure to:

Check the buyer’s credentials

Before selling any item, it is important to verify the buyer’s identity and contact information. This helps to ensure that you are not dealing with any fraudulent buyers.

Insure all items 

Insurance is essential when shipping or transporting items of jewelry. It helps to protect you from any losses and provides compensation in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

Avoid selling to unverified buyers

It is crucial to verify the credentials of any buyer before you make a sale, particularly when dealing with high-value items. Unverified buyers may be more likely to take advantage of you, so do your research first.

avoid selling to unverified buyers

Keep records of all transactions

Maintaining accurate records of all sales and purchases is essential for tax purposes. It also helps to provide proof that you are a legitimate seller, should any legal disputes arise. 

Now that you have a lot of options to consider for where to sell jewelry…

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Ok, back to today’s guide to the ideal places to sell jewelry

Final Thoughts

Selling jewelry can be a lucrative business, provided you are willing to put in the necessary research and effort.

But by following best practices and keeping up with industry trends, you can ensure that your items are seen by the widest possible audience. And get the best possible return on investment.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started on your selling journey today!

Good luck!

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