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Which great train robbers got away?

Title: Which Great Train Robbers Got Away?


The Great Train Robbery is one of the most infamous heists in history, and while many of the perpetrators were caught and brought to justice, there were a few who managed to escape and evade capture. In this article, we will explore the identities of the great train robbers who got away and how they managed to elude the authorities.

The Great Train Robbery

The Great Train Robbery took place on August 8, 1963, when a gang of 15 robbers stopped the Royal Mail train travelling from Glasgow to London and made off with over £2.6 million in cash (equivalent to over £50 million today). The robbers were able to pull off the heist by tampering with the signals to stop the train before overpowering the driver and the staff on board.

While most of the gang members were eventually captured and sentenced to lengthy prison terms, there were a few who managed to escape the clutches of the law. One of the most well-known escapees was Ronnie Biggs, who famously spent 36 years on the run before voluntarily returning to the UK in 2001 to serve the remaining years of his sentence.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who were the other members of the gang besides Ronnie Biggs?

The other main members of the gang included Bruce Reynolds, Charlie Wilson, Roy James, and Buster Edwards. These individuals played key roles in planning and executing the heist, but like Biggs, they were eventually caught and convicted.

2. How did Ronnie Biggs manage to escape capture for so long?

After escaping from prison in 1965, Biggs fled to Paris before moving to Australia and then Brazil. He lived openly in Brazil, even giving media interviews, until the UK authorities successfully lobbied for his deportation back to Britain.

3. Were there any other robbers who managed to evade capture?

Yes, several of the accomplices managed to avoid being brought to justice, with some of them eluding capture for years before eventually being apprehended.

4. What were the consequences of the Great Train Robbery?

The Great Train Robbery had significant implications for the UK criminal justice system, leading to a major overhaul of security procedures for the transportation of money and valuables.

5. How has the Great Train Robbery been portrayed in popular culture?

The heist has been the subject of numerous films, books, and documentaries, with many focusing on the audacity and cunning of the robbers, as well as the dramatic fallout from the crime.

6. Did the authorities ever recover all of the stolen money?

Despite extensive efforts, a substantial portion of the stolen money was never recovered, adding to the notoriety of the crime and the enduring mystery surrounding the whereabouts of the missing funds.

7. What was the public reaction to the Great Train Robbery?

The public was captivated by the crime and the subsequent manhunt for the perpetrators, with many expressing fascination and at times even sympathy for the robbers.

8. What lessons were learned from the Great Train Robbery?

The heist prompted a reevaluation of security protocols and law enforcement strategies to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

9. How has the Great Train Robbery influenced subsequent criminal activity?

The successful execution of the robbery and the subsequent escape of some of the perpetrators served as an inspiration for other criminals, leading to more sophisticated and daring heists in the years that followed.

10. What impact did the Great Train Robbery have on the individuals involved?

The consequences of the crime were far-reaching, impacting the lives of not only the perpetrators but also the victims and the families of those involved.

In conclusion, the great train robbers who managed to escape capture achieved notoriety and captivated the public with their audacious feats. While some were eventually apprehended, the legend of those who got away from the Great Train Robbery lives on.

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