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Which side of Bora Bora is best?


Which side of Bora Bora is best?

Bora Bora, often referred to as a paradise on Earth, is a small island located in French Polynesia. With its crystal clear blue waters, powdery white beaches, and lush greenery, it’s no wonder that Bora Bora is a dream destination for many travelers. However, when it comes to choosing a side of the island to stay on, it can be quite perplexing. Each side of Bora Bora has its own unique charms, making it difficult to pick just one. In this article, we will explore the different sides of Bora Bora and help you decide which one is best for your ideal vacation.

1. Matira Beach: The Exquisite Paradise

If you’re looking for the most stunning beach on the island, Matira Beach on the southern tip is the place to be. With its long stretch of soft white sand and its turquoise waters, Matira Beach is a true tropical paradise. This side of Bora Bora also offers the most affordable accommodation options, making it perfect for budget travelers. You can find cozy guesthouses, hotels, and even bungalows by the beach, where you can wake up to breathtaking views every morning.

One of the most popular activities in Matira Beach is snorkeling. The crystal-clear lagoon is home to vibrant coral reefs and an array of colorful marine life. You can explore the underwater world, swim with tropical fishes, and even spot turtles if you’re lucky. Matira Beach is also known for its picturesque sunset views. Grab a cocktail, find a comfortable spot on the beach, and get ready to witness the sky transforming into a mesmerizing blend of oranges, pinks, and purples.

2. Maitai Polynesia Bora Bora: The Vibrant Side

If you want to experience the vibrant ambiance of Bora Bora, look no further than the Maitai Polynesia resort on the eastern side. This side of the island is bustling with energy, offering a wide range of restaurants, bars, and shops. For those seeking adventure, there are various water sports activities available, including jet skiing, paddleboarding, and kayaking. You can also take a boat tour or go deep-sea fishing for a thrilling day on the crystal-clear waters.

Apart from the active atmosphere, the Maitai Polynesia resort offers stunning views of Mount Otemanu, the iconic peak of Bora Bora. The resort is surrounded by beautiful gardens and is conveniently located near the Matira Point, where you can find stunning coral gardens perfect for snorkeling. Whether you’re a foodie, an adventure enthusiast, or simply seeking an upbeat vacation, the Maitai Polynesia on the eastern side is a fantastic choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best time of year to visit Bora Bora?

The best time to visit Bora Bora is during the dry season, which runs from May to October. The weather is generally warm and pleasant during this time, with less chance of rain and hurricanes.

2. How can I get to Bora Bora?

To reach Bora Bora, you will need to take a flight to Tahiti’s Faa’a International Airport, followed by a domestic flight to Bora Bora’s airport. From there, you can take a short boat ride to your chosen accommodation.

3. Are there any water activities available on Bora Bora?

Yes, Bora Bora is a haven for water sports enthusiasts. You can enjoy activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, paddleboarding, jet skiing, and even shark feeding tours.

4. Can I stay in an overwater bungalow on Bora Bora?

Absolutely! Bora Bora is famous for its overwater bungalows, allowing you to enjoy direct access to the turquoise lagoon right from your doorstep. These bungalows often come with private terraces and glass floors for an immersive experience.

5. Are there any cultural experiences to enjoy on Bora Bora?

Yes, Bora Bora offers various cultural experiences to immerse yourself in Polynesian traditions. You can attend a traditional dance show, learn how to make a flower crown, or visit local handicraft markets.

6. Are there any hiking trails on Bora Bora?

While Bora Bora is known for its water activities, there are a few hiking trails worth exploring. One popular hike is the Mount Pahia trail, offering panoramic views of the island from its summit.

7. Can I visit other islands from Bora Bora?

Yes, Bora Bora serves as a great base for exploring other nearby islands. You can take a day trip to Raiatea, Taha’a, or even Moorea to further enrich your Polynesian experience.

8. What is the local cuisine like on Bora Bora?

Bora Bora offers a delectable range of culinary delights. From fresh seafood dishes to traditional Polynesian cuisine, you can indulge in a variety of flavors and enjoy a memorable dining experience on the island.

9. What is the official language spoken on Bora Bora?

The official language of Bora Bora is French. However, English is widely spoken in tourist areas and hotels.

10. Is Bora Bora a safe destination?

Bora Bora is generally considered a safe destination for travelers. However, it’s always important to take normal safety precautions and be aware of your surroundings, especially when engaging in water activities.

11. What is the currency used on Bora Bora?

The currency used in Bora Bora is the French Pacific Franc (XPF). It is recommended to exchange currency at the airport or local banks for the best rates.

12. How long should I stay on Bora Bora?

The ideal length of stay in Bora Bora depends on your preferences and budget. However, a popular recommendation is to stay for at least five to seven days to fully immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquility of the island.

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