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Who is the Voice of the Home Depot Commercials? (2023 Updated)


Are you a fan of Home Depot’s fun and informative advertising campaigns? 

The company is instantly recognizable for its bright orange color scheme and distinctive branding. This has helped them rise to become one of the world’s most popular home improvement retailers. They have also released a number of fun and memorable advertising campaigns over the years. Home Depot’s commercials can be seen on television stations all across the United States.

If you are wondering, ‘who is the voice of the Home Depot commercials?’, then it’s time to find out…

Josh Lucas 

Josh Lucas 

This actor is the current voice behind Home Depot’s advertising campaignsJosh Lucas landed this role in 2013 and has served as the voice ever since. The actor’s voice-over work is recorded in a professional recording studio to ensure the highest possible quality.

This recording studio is known as The Sound Palace and can be found in the city of Dallas in Texas. The actor is known for having a smooth and sexy tone that most customers find very appealing. According to company research, his voice-over work has helped to boost sales and attract new customers. 

What has he done most recently?

The most recent campaign is for Home Depot’s Revolving Charge card. This is a card that allows customers to make flexible monthly payments. It can also be used in a range of other ways to offer customers extra convenience and versatility. 

Who Are Previous Contributors?

Before Josh Lucas took over the role, several other actors had served as the voice of Home Depot. His career in show business began at 19, and he has played roles in a large number of sitcoms and movies. He is best known for his roles in American PsychoSweet Home AlabamaPoseidonGlory Road, and The Lincoln Lawyer

Brian Cummings

This actor served as the voice-over in the 1990s. The first one aired in 1992 on WNYW Fox Channel 5 during a WWF Superstars ad break. This celebrated actor has taken part in a large number of voice-over projects over the years. He has also lent his vocal talents to cartoons, radio shows, and motion picture promotions. 

Edward Allen Harris 

Edward Allen Harris 

Ed Harris took over the voice-over role from Brian Cummings for a short period. This American actor, director, screenwriter, and producer has produced a huge body of work over the years. He is perhaps the most famous person that the company has hired to work as a voice-over artist. 

Ed Harris is perhaps best known for his role in the popular sci-fi series Westworld. He has also starred in a large number of movies, including Apollo 13SnowpiercerThe Hours, and The Truman Show. Perhaps one of his most disturbing and celebrated roles is that of Man in the 2017 movie Mother!

A warm tone on his voice…

Ed Harris is famous for taking on roles where he acts as a figure of authority. However, he also has very warm tones to his voice. This has helped the public to have confidence in him and makes the actor a popular choice for advertising campaigns. 

Dawn Warner

This well-known actress has lent her talents to a number of Home Depot’s advertising campaigns over the years. She has also done extensive work as a model, actress, television host, and entrepreneur. She started competing in beauty pageants at the age of nine and is a former Miss Texas Lonestar and Miss US Glamour Girl.

Dawn Warner is known for her roles in Walker, Texas Ranger, and Hottest Moms in America. She has shared the screen with celebrated actors like Eric Stoltz, Cameron Diaz, and James Spader. 

Scarlett Estevez 

Scarlett Estevez 

This actress has played a starring role in a handful of the company’s advertising campaigns. The child star is perhaps best known for her role as Trixie on Lucifer. She also had prominent roles in Daddy’s HomeDaddy’s Home 2, and The Grinch

Home Depot’s First TV Commercial

The company’s first-ever ad was aired in 1985 on KTRK Channel 13. It was created especially for the ad break in The Five Pennies movie. The ad thanked customers for their loyalty and presented some of the best local deals available to residents of Texas. 

Because of its favorable timeslot, the ad reached a large number of people when it first aired. Research showed that it was favorably received and led to a spike in revenue in the following weeks. As a result, they got to work designing many follow-up ads. 

Who Is The Voice Of The Home Depot Commercials? – How To Apply 

Who Is The Voice Of The Home Depot Commercials? - How To Apply 

The company hires people with professional acting experience to provide their voice-overs. Therefore, it is necessary to gain professional acting experience before applying. They prefer to hire people who have recognizable voices that the public can connect with.

If you have your sights set on becoming a voice-over artist, it is a good idea to attend a drama school. Taking an acting course as well as voice-over lessons can help you hone your skills. Once you have gained a little experience, it is a good idea to hire an agent to find work for you. 

Voice-over work means multiple auditions!

Like other actors, voice-over actors have to audition for different roles. This is usually done in a professional recording studio. You are likely to find that you need to attend a large number of auditions before you land your first role.

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Who Is The Voice Of The Home Depot Commercials? – Final Thoughts 

Home Depot boasts a cohesive marketing plan that has allowed the company to dominate the home improvement sector. This marketing strategy consists of many elements, from the company’s color scheme to its logo. Like any major company, it also relies on advertising campaigns to help raise public awareness.

The company’s commercials allow it to present new products as well as special deals and discounts. Josh Lucas has worked as the voice of these ads for nearly two decades. This popular actor boasts a warm and reassuring voice that has become connected to the company’s brand identity.

Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be the voice of the Home Depot Commercials!

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