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Who Makes Hart Tools For Walmart?

who makes hart tools for walmart

Are you searching for affordable yet reliable tools to complete DIY projects? 

Trying to find power and hand tools that will get the job done without breaking the bank can be tricky. Fortunately, Walmart has come up with the perfect solution. Hart brand products started appearing on the supermarket chain’s shelves toward the end of 2019. These products can be found in more than four thousand stores across the United States and on the Walmart website. 

So, let’s find out… who makes Hart tools for Walmart?

About Hart Tools

Hart was founded in California in 1983 and is marketed as an American tool brand. The company started by specializing in manufacturing framing hammers. This product proved to be very successful and led to an extensive product line. The brand is known for offering innovative features for hammers and modern designs. 

Current ownership

Techtronic Industries Limited acquired Hart and its brand name in 2007. They are based in Hong Kong and boast facilities in China, Vietnam, Mexico, Europe, and the USA. As a result, the products for this brand are currently manufactured in China and Hong Kong.

However, Hart hand tools are designed in the United States. As a result, all of them come with a sticker that announces, ‘born in the USA.’ Rather than referring to the manufacturing process, this slogan relates to the design phase. It plays into the belief of many consumers that American manufacturing is superior. 

Who Makes Hart Tools For Walmart?

Techtronic Industries Limited entered into a partnership with Walmart in 2019. As part of this agreement, Walmart is the sole retailer of Hart tools in the United States. Their products can now be found in more than four thousand Walmart stores throughout the United States.

Most of the products that are available in the company’s supermarkets are also available on its website. This makes it quick and easy for all people who live in the United States to receive these products. The online ordering process is simple and free shipping is available.  

Who Makes Hart Tools For Walmart

An adult has to sign for the delivery!

It usually takes just two business days to receive your order. An adult usually has to be present to sign for potentially dangerous products like drills and chainsaws. 

The full range of products is also available on the Hart website. They are arranged into categories to make them easy to find. This makes it possible to find products for DIY and home improvement, cleaning and organization, or gardening very quickly. 

Popular Products

The company is known for producing tools that offer good value for money. Although not intended for use on professional construction sites, these products are perfect for personal projects. In terms of quality, they are comparable to the products offered by Black and Decker. Let’s take a closer look at the most popular Hart tools at your local Walmart store.

20-Volt Cordless 5-Tool Combo Kit 

This is perfect for beginners who are looking for something simple to start with. This kit comes complete with items that can tackle a wide range of DIY projects. It is designed to be very easy to use and help to make everyday tasks easier. 

The kit features a ½-inch drill with adjustable torque and variable position clutches. The ¼ impact driver provides multiple speed trigger settings and can fasten up to 1700 in/lbs of torque. It is completed by a reciprocating saw, a powerful hand vacuum, and a bright LED work light. 

20-Volt Cordless 5-Tool Combo Kit 

20-Volt Cordless 6 1/2-inch Circular Saw Kit 

This is a handy item to keep in your toolbox and can be used for a wide range of woodwork projects. The 4700 RPM motor makes short work of sawing through even the thickest planks. However, the circular saw is also designed to be very easy to handle.

20-Volt Cordless Impact Driver Kit 

This reliable kit is ideal for all types of fastening tasks. It comes complete with onboard bit storage to prevent tiny bits from getting lost. The convenient storage position also makes it easy to access bits when you need them.

The ¼-inch metal chuck makes it very quick and easy to drive several screws at a time. This mighty driver kit also boasts a built-in LED work light for maximum clarity. No matter when you are working on projects, you are sure to find that tasks are a breeze. 

Other available products include:

  • 2-pack 20-Volt Lithium-Ion 4.0Ah Batteries
  • Cordless 40-Volt 450 CFM Axial Blower Lithium-Ion 4.0 Ah Battery
  • 4.5-inch Flap Disc Grit 80
  • Stack System, Mobile Tool Box for Storage and Organization
  • Spot Cleaner
  • 200-Piece Assorted Drill and Drive Bit Set with Storage Case
  • 20-Volt Cordless Dual Function Digital Inflator
  • 6-inch 2.1-Amp Bench Grinder
  • 20-Volt Cordless 1/2-inch Impact Wrench

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Final Thoughts 

Although Hart was originally an American company, the brand was purchased by Techtronic Industries Limited in 2007. These days, all Hart tools are manufactured in either Hong Kong or China. And due to a recent partnership, Walmart is the only retailer in the United States.

These products are known for being very affordable, especially when compared to brands like DeWalt. The only catch is that most tools are powered by special batteries that are created exclusively by Hart. Although they are sold separately, you can also purchase them from your local Walmart store.

Good Luck with your next DIY project!

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