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Who Owns Microsoft? (Full Guide)

who owns microsoft

So you want to know who owns Microsoft?

Well, the simple answer is the usual suspects!

Now, who are the usual suspects, you might ask?

That’s a very good question, but broadly speaking, if you look deep enough into the shareholdings of all major corporations, you’ll find the same band of institutional investors.

It’s no different for Microsoft!

For those of you that have seen the movie, you can guess that Keyser Söze does not end up on this list, but the Vanguard Group and Blackrock INC certainly do. 

They spearhead a class of established fiduciary capitalists that make up approximately 70% of Microsoft’s shareholdings.

The remaining 30% is divided among company insiders and retail investors.

What is a Company Insider?

I’m glad you asked. Are they insider traders? Is Microsoft Corp owned and run by insider traders? No, there’s nothing so nefarious going on here. An insider might be misconstrued as someone that trades illegally, but this is not the case.  

In the world of corporate ownership, an insider generally equates to a board member, company officer, or senior company advisor that has their finger on the company’s pulse.

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So What is a Retail Investor?

As stated, a considerable amount of MSFT stock belongs to retail investors. In total, this amounts to about 25%. 

A retail investor, in this context, can be defined as a non-professional individual that purchases stock through a brokerage firm.

Retail investors do not have a close, personal relationship with the company they are buying into. They rely solely on outside information and advice for their investment decisions.

This is the main difference between an insider and an outside investor.

The Usual Suspects

If you are someone who believes all the conspiracy theories, you might speculate that the Vanguard Group is the New World Orders corporate stormtrooper. After all, they appear on every multinational company’s shareholder list. 

The truth is, however, that the Vanguard Group is the second-largest ETF investment firm in the world after Blackrock. It owns approximately 8.5% of Microsoft Corp and is its largest institutional investor. 

Fingers in many pies…

Blackrock, the world’s largest institutional investor, is again, in some conspiratorial circles, allegedly named after old Nick’s throne. Why do people think this way? That’s another good question. I suspect that it’s because Blackrock is well known to have its fingers in too many pies.

That stated, when it comes to the pursuit of money, we should never forget that Gordon Gecko claimed greed to be good!, and that greed made America great! 

So, as the world’s largest asset manager, Blackrock has greedily scooped up around 7% of Microsoft Corp. Together with Vanguard, these two ETF behemoths own approximately 15% of MSFT


Steven Anthony Ballmer, an all-American born and bred tycoon, is what we would call an insider investor. As the Chief-Executive-Officer of Microsoft for fourteen years, taking over the reins from Bill Gates, Steven had intimate knowledge of the company’s workings, strengths, and weaknesses. 

He liked what he saw and still owns the biggest individual holding of Microsoft Corp. His current equity is worth 4.5%, equating to approximately 76 billion dollars. 


Financial Institutions…

State Street Corp is the second-oldest continuously operated bank in the United States. The corporation’s foundation is traced back to the Union Bank of Boston. Chartered in 1792 with 230 years of history behind it, State Street Corp owns 4% of Microsoft.

Fidelity Investments is an asset management group founded in 1946. With 4.5 trillion dollars worth of assets under management, it’s certainly no small fry. The group owns a 3% stake in Microsoft and is the fifth largest shareholder in the corporation.

T Rowe Price is another global asset management group that seems to have its tentacles in every nook and cranny. The organization, headquartered in Baltimore, was founded 85 years ago and now employs 7,500 people. With total assets under management approaching 2 trillion dollars, T Rowe Price holds approximately 2.5% of Microsoft Corp. 

And more…

Geode Capital Management is another megalithic investment firm based in Boston. The organization is famous for the tangled webs it continues to weave. As the word on the street has it, Geode has thrived and grown via a meticulously woven plan by Fidelity Investments. 

What began as a branch of Fidelity was allegedly established as a secret weapon to perform intricate financial maneuvers. Some of these would include the so-called shorting of its founder’s stock! Geode, with assets under management totaling a trillion dollars, owns approximately 2% of Microsoft Corp.

Bill Gates needs no introduction…

He is the co-founder of Microsoft and, up until 2000, was the Chief-Executive-Officer of the company. Love him or hate him, Bill Gates has moved on to become a major player, investor, and philanthropist in many of the world’s prominent affairs and concerns. 

As of 2023, he still has a soft spot for the company he launched into orbit and continues to hold close to 1.5% of MSFT. At the current market value, this equates to approximately 23.5 billion dollars in equity. 

Bill Gates needs no introduction

Back to the bankers…

Morgan Stanley is another household-name institutional player. With over 70,000 employees and forty-plus offices worldwide, you’ve all heard their name. At approximately 1.4%, this multinational, multi-faceted investment firm owns the ninth largest shareholding of MSFT.

The Capital Group is the tenth-largest investor in Microsoft. It is also, coincidentally, the tenth-largest investment firm in the world. Founded 90 years ago in Los Angeles, the group employs 8,000 people and holds approximately 2.5 trillion dollars of assets under management.

JP Morgan Chase owns 1.2% of MSFT. So, it should come as no surprise that this heavyweight hitter is also paraded front and center into this lineup. With 2.5 trillion dollars worth of assets under management, JP Morgan Chase is trusted by clients worldwide. 

And even more bankers…

Capital International Investors and Capital Research Global Investors, which are part of the Capital group of companies, and Northern Trust Corp each hold around 1.15% of MSFT. The Northern Trust Corp, headquartered in Chicago, has 1.3 trillion dollars worth of assets under management. The corporation claims 133+ years of continuous operation, 22,500 employees, and quarterly revenues of 1.8 billion dollars.

The fifteenth largest investor in Microsoft is the Bank of America, with a 1.1% shareholding. The bank is famous for its 2008 sub-prime bailout and what some consider a disturbing set of symbolic, occult frescoes painted by Ben Long. 

Today, however, the investment bank claims to advance racial equality and economic opportunity for all. With operations in 35 countries and territories around the world, the bank’s current assets under management total around 1.6 trillion dollars.

The last ten of the top 25 Microsoft investors are…

  •  Bank of New York Mellon Corp.,
  •  Wellington Management Group,
  •  Nuveen Asset Management,
  •  Legal General Group,
  •  AllianceBernstein,
  •  Charles Schwab Investment Management,
  •  Massachusetts Financial Services,
  •  Goldman Sachs Group,
  •  UBS Asset Management Americas, and
  •  Wells Fargo Company.

Most of the names you should be familiar with, such as Goldman Sachs, the Bank of New York, and Wells Fargo. Each institution holds between 0.5% and 1% of Microsoft Corp.

As you can see, apart from Steven Ballmer and Bill Gates, both former CEOs of Microsoft, the top 25 shareholders consist of well-known institutional investors, and the active company insiders are nowhere to be seen.

The last ten of the top 25 Microsoft investors are

This is not to say that they are not present…

Of course, they are. It’s just that their shareholdings consist of much smaller percentages in the 0.01% to 0.05% range. 

The following Microsoft Corp insider shareholders are all actively trading:

  •  Satya Nadella, the current CEO; 
  •  Heung-Yeung Shum;                             
  •  Bradford L. Smith, the current CLO;                        
  •  Amy E Hood, the current CFO;  
  •  Kathleen T Hogan;                  
  •  William G Reed Jr;                   
  •  Judson Althoff;                        
  •  Christopher C Capossela, the current CMO;        
  •  John W. Stanton; and                            
  •  Alice L Jolla.

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The Long and Short of It, Excuse the Pun

From humble beginnings in 1975, Microsoft has grown into a corporate powerhouse. It is the world’s third-largest tech conglomerate. The money involved is colossal. 

As of September 2023, the corporation boasts a market capitalization of 2.1 trillion dollars and 185 billion dollars in TTM revenue.

As a result, it should be no surprise that ownership of Microsoft stock is sought after by the world’s largest financial investment firms, company insiders, and wealthy retail traders.

Key Takeaway Points

  •  ≈70% of MSFT is owned by Institutional Investors,
  •  ≈25% of MSFT is owned by Retail Investors, and,
  •  ≈5% of MSFT is owned by Microsoft Insiders, i.e., board members, company officers, and senior advisors.

Happy investing!

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