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Who owns the BBJ 787?


Who Owns the BBJ 787?

The Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) 787 is a luxurious and exclusive aircraft that is in high demand among the elite and wealthy individuals around the world. Unlike commercial Boeing 787 planes, the BBJ 787 is customized and designed to meet the specific needs and preferences of its owner. So, who owns these magnificent flying machines?

The ownership of BBJ 787 can vary from individual owners to corporations and governments. Many of the world’s richest individuals and families own and operate BBJ 787s, using them for personal and business travel. These owners include renowned billionaires, celebrities, and high-profile business leaders who value privacy, comfort, and flexibility when traveling the world. Additionally, corporations and governments also own BBJ 787s for executive travel and official purposes, such as transporting high-ranking officials or conducting diplomatic missions.

Frequently Asked Questions About BBJ 787 Ownership

1. Can individuals purchase a BBJ 787 for personal use?

Yes, individuals with substantial wealth can purchase a BBJ 787 for personal use. They can customize the interior and amenities according to their preferences, creating a luxurious and personalized flying experience.

2. How much does it cost to own a BBJ 787?

The cost of owning a BBJ 787 can vary depending on the customization, maintenance, and operational expenses. The price tag for a brand-new BBJ 787 is estimated to be around $350 million, and additional expenses for customization and maintenance can significantly increase the total cost of ownership.

3. Is it common for corporations to own BBJ 787s?

Yes, many multinational corporations and large companies own BBJ 787s to cater to the travel needs of their top executives and key personnel. These aircraft offer a unique and luxurious way for corporate leaders to travel internationally for business meetings and events.

4. Are BBJ 787s used for diplomatic travel?

Yes, several governments and diplomatic entities around the world own BBJ 787s for official and diplomatic travel. These aircraft are equipped with high-end security features and amenities to ensure the safety and comfort of government officials and diplomats during international trips.

5. Can BBJ 787s be chartered for private flights?

Yes, some BBJ 787 owners make their aircraft available for charter flights when they are not in personal use. This allows individuals and groups to experience the luxury and comfort of flying in a BBJ 787 for special occasions or travel needs.

By providing valuable insight and information about the ownership of BBJ 787, individuals and entities can make well-informed decisions when considering the purchase or use of these exclusive aircraft. Whether for personal, corporate, or official purposes, the BBJ 787 continues to be a symbol of luxury and prestige in the aviation industry.

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