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Why did Eurotunnel change name?


The Rebranding of Eurotunnel

Eurotunnel recently announced their decision to change their name to Getlink. The rebranding efforts come as part of the company’s strategy to better reflect its expansion beyond its original tunnel business. Through this shift, Eurotunnel aims to position itself as a diversified and international group. While the new name may come as a surprise to some, there are several reasons behind this change.

The decision to rebrand Eurotunnel as Getlink aligns with the company’s broader ambition to broaden its scope of operations. Originally known for managing the Channel Tunnel, Eurotunnel has since expanded its services to include railway concessions and consulting services. By adopting a new name, the company aims to strengthen its positioning in these areas and communicate its innovative approach to transportation and infrastructure.

FAQs About The Rebranding

1. Why did Eurotunnel decide to change its name?

Eurotunnel, now known as Getlink, made the decision to rebrand in order to more accurately represent the company’s diverse range of services and international operations. The change is part of a strategic effort to position the company as a leader in transportation and infrastructure beyond their initial tunnel business.

2. What is the significance of the name “Getlink”?

The name “Getlink” reflects the company’s mission to connect people and businesses through innovative transportation solutions. It signals a shift towards a broader scope of operations and signifies the company’s commitment to facilitating connections across borders and continents.

3. How will the rebranding impact Eurotunnel’s existing customers?

Existing Eurotunnel customers will experience a smooth transition to the new branding as the change is primarily focused on broadening the company’s scope and enhancing its international positioning. Customers can expect the same level of service and reliability from Getlink.

4. What does the rebranding mean for Eurotunnel’s future plans?

The rebranding to Getlink paves the way for the company to expand its services and investments in transportation and infrastructure projects on a global scale. It indicates a strong commitment to growth and innovation in the industry.

5. Will the rebranding affect Eurotunnel’s partnerships and collaborations?

The rebranding to Getlink will not have a negative impact on Eurotunnel’s existing partnerships and collaborations. In fact, it may open up new opportunities for the company to forge strategic alliances with international partners.

6. How was the new name “Getlink” chosen?

The name “Getlink” was chosen through a rigorous process of strategic brand development that involved careful consideration of the company’s vision, objectives, and values. It represents the company’s dedication to facilitating connections and creating innovative transportation solutions.

7. What is the timeline for the complete transition to the new name?

The transition from Eurotunnel to Getlink will be a phased process, with the complete rebranding expected to take place over the coming months. Customers and stakeholders will be kept informed of any changes and updates throughout the transition period.

8. Will shareholders be impacted by the rebranding?

Shareholders of Eurotunnel will not experience any negative impact due to the rebranding. In fact, the new positioning of the company as Getlink may lead to increased shareholder value as the company expands its operations and investments.

9. How will the rebranding affect Eurotunnel’s employees?

Employees of Eurotunnel will be actively involved in the transition to the new brand, ensuring that they are aligned with the company’s vision and values. The rebranding will offer new opportunities for career growth and development within the expanded scope of operations.

10. What will the new name “Getlink” mean for the company’s marketing and communications?

The rebranding to Getlink will provide a fresh platform for the company’s marketing and communications efforts, allowing for more innovative and impactful messaging that reflects the company’s enhanced range of services and global presence.

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