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Why do trains have wires above them?

Why do trains have wires above them?

Trains have wires above them in order to supply electrical power to run the locomotives and the other electrical systems on the train. This system of wires and electrical supply is known as an overhead line or overhead wire. The wires are typically supported by a series of poles or gantries that are located on the side of the track.

The electricity that is delivered to the train through the overhead wires is used to power the electric motors that drive the train. This allows the train to move without the need for an onboard fuel source, such as diesel or gasoline. Electric trains are more energy efficient and produce fewer emissions compared to trains that rely on internal combustion engines.

In addition to powering the train’s motors, the overhead wires also supply electricity to other important systems on the train, such as the lighting, air conditioning, and signaling systems. Without the overhead wires, trains would not be able to operate efficiently or provide the necessary comfort and safety features for passengers.

Overall, the wires above trains are a vital component of the railway infrastructure, providing the necessary electrical power to propel the train and operate its various systems.

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