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Why don t fighter jets show on Flightradar24?

Why Don’t Fighter Jets Show on Flightradar24?

Answer: When it comes to tracking flights, Flightradar24 is a popular tool that provides real-time information on commercial aircraft. However, you may have noticed that it doesn’t display the location of fighter jets or military aircraft. This discrepancy is primarily due to two factors: the technology used for tracking and military operational considerations.

FAQs about Fighter Jets and Flightradar24

1. Are fighter jets equipped with ADS-B?

Answer: The Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) is a tracking technology that allows aircraft to broadcast their position and other data. While it is mandatory for civilian aircraft, not all military aircraft are equipped with ADS-B. Therefore, fighter jets do not transmit their location data to Flightradar24.

2. Why are military aircraft exempt from using ADS-B?

Answer: Military aircraft are exempt from using ADS-B for several reasons. One of the main reasons is operational security. By not broadcasting their position, military aircraft can maintain a tactical advantage and avoid being easily detected or tracked by adversaries.

3. How can fighter jets remain undetected?

Answer: Fighter jets employ various measures to remain undetected in combat or during sensitive missions. These can include flying at high altitudes, using stealth technology, employing electronic countermeasures, and relying on specialized radar systems that can detect and track other aircraft without providing their own precise location.

4. Can military aircraft be tracked by other means?

Answer: While they may not be visible on Flightradar24, military aircraft can be tracked using other radar systems. For example, military air traffic control centers have access to radar installations that can track both civilian and military aircraft within their designated areas of responsibility.

5. Is there any concern about displaying military aircraft on public platforms?

Answer: Yes, there are valid concerns about the public display of military aircraft positions. Since military operations often involve national security and sensitive missions, it is generally not desirable to disclose the exact locations of fighter jets or other military assets to the public.

6. Are there any limitations to tracking military aircraft?

Answer: Yes, tracking military aircraft can have limitations due to the operational requirements and nature of military missions. The military has the authority to restrict or limit the dissemination of real-time location data for operational security reasons.

7. Can civilian aircraft intercept military aircraft?

Answer: Civilian aircraft generally do not intercept military aircraft as it is a regulated practice that requires authorization from relevant authorities. Intercepting military aircraft is usually conducted by military units assigned for such purposes or in cases of emergency.

8. Does the absence of fighter jets on Flightradar24 affect air traffic control?

Answer: The absence of fighter jets on Flightradar24 has no direct impact on air traffic control operations. Air traffic control primarily focuses on managing civilian aircraft for safe and efficient operations.

9. Can fighter jets track other aircraft?

Answer: Fighter jets are equipped with advanced radar systems that enable them to track and identify other aircraft. These systems provide valuable information to the pilots and contribute to situational awareness during combat or surveillance missions.

10. Are there any ways for the public to track military aircraft?

Answer: Public access to real-time tracking of military aircraft is limited to specialized platforms that are made available by certain countries or organizations. These platforms often have restricted access and are primarily used for military purposes.

11. Is there any concern about false tracking information being displayed?

Answer: Yes, there is a concern about false tracking information being displayed on public platforms. To mitigate this risk, military aircraft often have communication protocols and encryption systems that prevent unauthorized entities from tampering with their tracking information.

12. Can fighter jets appear on Flightradar24 during peacetime?

Answer: In certain cases, fighter jets involved in peacetime activities such as training exercises or air shows may appear on Flightradar24. However, this is not a common occurrence as military aircraft generally adhere to different operational procedures and flight paths compared to commercial flights.

Keep in mind that the absence of fighter jets on Flightradar24 is primarily due to the different tracking technologies used and the operational considerations related to military aircraft. While commercial flights can be easily tracked by ADS-B, military aircraft employ different methods to maintain their operational security and tactical advantage.

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