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Why is IKEA Shipping so Expensive?

why is ikea shipping so expensive

Are you planning to purchase some new furniture or other items for your home?

IKEA has a strong reputation for offering quality furniture at low prices. You can purchase virtually everything you need for your home or office under one roof. If you don’t live close to a store, you can order items from the company’s website and have them delivered. However, you are likely to notice that the delivery costs can be quite high. 

So, let’s find out, ‘why is IKEA shipping so expensive?’

Why Shipping Costs Are So High?

It is very easy to order products from the IKEA website and have them delivered to your home or office. You can find thousands of options on the company’s site, and many are available at discounted prices. However, the extra cost of shipping can really bump up the price of your purchases. Let’s take a closer look at why Ikea delivery fees tend to be so expensive

Premium delivery methods

Because some furniture and other products are fragile, they need to be packaged and shipped carefully, which involves using bubble wrap and padding material to absorb shocks during transit. The extra time and care involved in the delivery process translate to higher costs, which are passed on to customers. 

It pays to make large orders

The shipping fees are calculated per order rather than per item. This means that you will be charged the same rate for an order featuring a dozen items as a single item. The flat rate for large items like sofas is $49, even if you order five sofas at the same time. 

Shipping costs not included

One of the main reasons IKEA can advertise such low prices is that the delivery fees are not included. This is one of the main areas where the company makes a profit. By raising the price of delivery, prices for products offered online and in stores can remain competitive. 

Accessibility and distance

The shipping calculator takes factors like fuel consumption and time into account. The farther you live from the warehouse, the more expensive the delivery fee will be. Extra care and effort are needed to access certain areas, which also drives up the fee. 

Accessibility and distance


This is an inventory management tactic that is used to control the number of times a product is handled during delivery. Each time an item is handled during the shipping process, there are associated costs. The risk of the item being damaged also goes up, which translates to higher delivery fees. 

Overhead costs 

The company has to bear the cost of products that are broken or damaged during transportation. They also make a loss when products are returned, and a customer requests a refund. The higher delivery fee is one of the main ways the company recovers some of these overheads. This makes it possible to continue to offer products at affordable prices. 

Exclusive items

Certain premium products have a separate delivery fee, which is usually higher than average. This is because these items have to be shipped carefully. For example, drivers may have to avoid certain roads to make sure fragile and expensive items arrive in perfect condition. This extra time and attention naturally translate to higher delivery fees. 

Tax and customs charges

Delivery taxes are charged by certain states. These fees can vary widely in different parts of the US. In some cases, goods may have to be delivered across more than one state border, which can result in several separate taxes. 

How To Save Money On Deliveries?

There are several ways to minimize the delivery charges when you order from IKEA. Most of these methods are pretty quick and easy when you know the trick. Let’s take a closer look at ways to cut delivery costs. 

How To Save Money On Deliveries

Consolidate orders

The shipping cost for orders is capped at $49, regardless of how large they are or how much they weigh. This basically means that the cost of having seven products delivered in a single order is the same as just one. Rather than placing several orders over a six-month period, it pays to plan your orders and consolidate them. 

Use the Click and Collect service 

This service allows you to order products from the IKEA website and arrange a time to collect them. This is a good way of cutting the delivery fee if you live reasonably close to a store. It takes around ten days for orders to be prepared for collection, and you will receive a confirmation email. However, you need to take your time and the cost of the gas you will use into account. 

Buy IKEA products from Amazon 

You can find a wide range of IKEA products on the Amazon website. There is usually a good selection, and are available at low prices. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can enjoy free two-day shipping on all your orders. Even regular customers can enjoy free shipping on orders valued at $25 and over.

Use free shipping promo codes

It is worth checking out the offers and promotions section of the IKEA website. In addition to impressive discounts, you can often find free shipping coupon codes. This is a foolproof way to skip the delivery fees altogether.

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Final Thoughts 

While IKEA is known for reasonably-priced furniture, it is no secret that their shipping fees are high. The order and delivery system is designed to reward customers for buying in bulk. Fortunately, there are several tactics you can use to avoid paying over the odds for one or two items. 

The best way to save on shipping costs is to wait until you are ready to place a large order. You can even invite family members and friends to add a few items to the order. By consolidating orders, the most you will be charged for delivery is $49.

Enjoy home shopping at your local IKEA store!

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